September 30, 2017

Dog Show & Reptile Expo

Since we are new to the area, I've been periodically checking the calendar on the Amarillo news sites to see what sort of events are happening around town. We don't want to miss anything fun! In September I noticed that both the Panhandle Kennel Club Dog Show and the Tri-State Reptile Expo were being held at the Civic Center downtown. Perfect for our dog and reptile lovers!!


The dog show was a three day event, and there was no cost for admission. We went on a Friday morning and only caught a small portion of the show, but it was fun to see all the dogs be washed and groomed and Davey was ecstatic when he was given the chance to pet a huge Russian Terrier that resembled a fluffy black mountain. We watched a few "Best in Breed" competitions (Standard Schnauzers, Aussies, and Golden Retrievers), but mostly we just walked around enjoying all the different dogs. I had low expectations, but it turned out to be a pretty fun event!

Basenji dogs! I had one of these growing up (except Baxter was a  black tri-color, and not nearly as well behaved) so it was fun to see a pair of them at the show.

Aussies on display - the peanut butter colored one, second from the left, ended up winning

This Russian terrier was the only dog of it's breed so he won a blue ribbon :) 


This was right up Sophie's alley. There was an entry fee, but I was able to buy tickets during the pre-sale to save a few bucks and it was well worth it. She is convinced that one day we will have a pet lizard or snake so it was fun for her to see so many on display. This event will be back again next year and we will have to remember to mark our calendars. She wouldn't want to miss it!

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