March 31, 2015

March Roundup

I can't believe today is the last day of March! It was a busy month and we are looking forward to April. My Spring Break is just around the corner, and we took advantage of some amazing airfare prices and booked a last minute trip to Texas. We are so excited to see family and friends!

Dave took his comprehensive exams a little over a week ago. We are still waiting for results, but he thinks things went well. My job is never boring and brings new surprises every day. Today's surprise was watch found in a boys toilet, delivered to me in a paper towel. Awesome. And Sophie is simply the best 2 year old a mother could ask for. She plays hard, sleeps hard, and makes me laugh every day.

March Pictures:

The potty has arrived! My mom came to visit for a few days and brought a potty from my sister's house for us to borrow. I'm not planning to start training for real until summer, but she's interested so we're letting her take the lead. She has used the potty (successfully) four times now!

My birthday girl. Hopefully I will get around to posting a 2 year update sometime in April.

Car party! Sophie climbed in the front seat after I got home from work one day and happily played up there for an hour. I am constantly amazed by what she finds entertaining. 

Blankie love

Dropping pebbles in the storm drain - boy do we know how to have fun!

The other day Sophie told me she needed some sunglasses, and when I asked her what kind she said "girl glasses". We found these beauties at Walmart and she LOVES them. 

We've enjoyed some summer like weather the last few days and have been soaking up the sun. A cold front is supposed to move in tomorrow and it'll be back to pants and coats for us. 

Gathering treasures - we have curated quite the collection of pine cones and airsoft bbs on our walks around the neighborhood.

March 21, 2015

Name that Tune

Today we sat Sophie down for a round of Disney "name that tune." She loves to watch Disney Sing Along tapes, and we listen to Disney music in the car so she has become pretty familiar with these songs. My favorite part of this video is how big her eyes are while she's thinking about each song. She was clearly taking things very seriously!

March 19, 2015

Sophie's 2nd Birthday Party

Sophie turned TWO today! I'll do a separate post on her two year stats later, but wanted to share some pictures of her party. It was a small gathering that we had before her actual birthday while Grandmari and Uncle D were visiting. We got her a birthday donut (one of her favorite treats), stuck in candles, sang "Happy Birthday," and then opened some presents.

Oh how she loves presents! She knows what wrapping paper means and her eyes light up when she sees a gift. Thinking it would be better to spread the fun out over a week, we let her open a few presents each day rather than everything all at once. This was maybe not the best idea as she has now become a sweet, yet spoiled little monster who keeps asking for "more presents." We know now that making presents appear day after day for almost a week was the wrong expectation to set. Oops!

She was able to blow the candles out by herself!

Digging in to her donut

The Birthday Gang

Opening presents

We gave her a Minnie Mouse shirt, a stick horse, and fruit cutting set

March 18, 2015

Bye Bye Bink

Sophie has always LOVED her binky, but a few months ago she started chewing on it, and by chewing I mean completely mangling the thing. The first time she destroyed her bink was right before our Disney trip (bad timing for a transition), so I replaced it with a fresh one. The second time it happened, however, I knew it was time to say goodbye so two days ago we cut off the whole tip and threw it in the garbage.

For how attached she was, I'm surprised at how well she is adjusting. She has been sad for her lost "friend," but has stopped asking for it and is going down for nap and bed without complaint. One step closer to becoming a big girl!

March 15, 2015

Princess Party Fun

Yesterday Sophie went to a princess birthday part for her friend Peyton. Peyton is the daughter of her babysitter, and Sophie absolutely loves her. She is like a friend, a cousin, and a sister all rolled into one. I went along with her to the party since she was quite a bit younger than the other guests. This morning I asked her if she had fun at the party and she said "oh yes." The highlights for her were meeting Elsa, and wearing a Belle dress - she thought both of those were pretty special!

The party started with some mini-makeovers for the girls. Sophie had her nails painted pink.

The pretty princesses - we don't have any princess dresses so Sophie was thrilled with the Belle dress that Peyton let her borrow

The moment Elsa and Anna arrived - Sophie was a little awestruck

Playing games with Anna and Elsa

At one point Elsa asked her what her favorite animal was and after a lot of thinking, she replied "Cinderella"

Happy Birthday Peyton!

March 14, 2015


Sophie is my helper and buddy on Saturdays. We always make a grocery run on Saturday mornings, and then we go do something fun. Today the plan was a trip to the park, but it was super windy outside so we went up to play in her room instead. I'll admit that sometimes her games can be tedious, but I'm making an effort to "savor the moments" and today we had a lot of fun.

First we cleaned her bathroom to get ready for Grandmari's visit. She LOVES it when I let her help and so I put her to work on the mirror. Maybe in a few years she'll be able to take over some chores for me :)

Anytime we play in her room she asks me to get out her baby seat. She loves to try and do the buckles, but it's getting harder and harder to snap them closed. Stop getting so big baby girl!

Then we played blocks. "Play blocks" is probably one of her favorite things to do. We do it every morning when she wakes up, and after breakfast, and after nap, and after dinner, and during bath, and before bed...

Next we played another favorite game - "go night night" She very lovingly tucked in her animals and made sure they were all cozy. 

Then she decided she needed more friends, so she got up and grabbed every stuffed animal she could find and found some more blankets. I told her that if she was going night-night, then she needed to close her eyes, which she did :)

Oh how I love her

March 10, 2015

Photo dump

This post is mostly a photo dump with bits of narrative mixed in here and there. Some pictures are from my phone, and some are from my camera. I have decided to devote more time to learning how to take better pictures with my camera, specifically pictures that are really in focus. So many are slightly blurry, and I love them anyway, but I could do better. Sophie is not an easy test subject because she moves around like crazy, but practice makes perfect, right?

My baby will turn two next week. Sometimes I wish I could keep her little.

On Friday it was "Dress Like a Pirate" day at my school - argh!

On Saturday we went to the farm again. Sophie ran back and forth, bringing one blade of grass at a time to feed to this horse. He was very patient and gentle with her. 

My two favorites

Oh Sophie. The other day she told me she loved me "a little much" (normally it's "sooooo much") because I made her go to Costco with me when she wanted to stay home with Dave. Although she was really angry with me, it made me laugh to hear how she expressed it. 

The nice weather has meant lots of time outside. I took her to a nearby playground with a big sandbox and she had so much fun building piles and digging holes. She had sand in every crevice when we got home. I bet she is going to love the beach when we go this summer!

Construction has started on I-15 that is supposed to last until Fall of 2016. Yuck. So far our commute has only been a few minutes longer than normal and I hope it stays that way. Sophie is a pro in the car, but I've started bringing some books to make the trip more enjoyable for her. 

Today was so incredibly nice. Although I'm still mourning our lack of snow this winter, I will never complain about a day like today. After work I took her down to the little play area by our house. We met the neighbor's cat there, who Sophie is always excited to see. It's a very friendly (and tolerant) cat that doesn't mind some Sophie lovin'.

Tonight we had a tub incident (I thought of you Janie). I thought she might need to go, so I asked her over and over again if she needed to get out and use the potty and she always said no, and then she pooped. She immediately scrambled to get out of the tub and said "shower!" and took off running for my room. Even though it had been awhile since the last incident, she knew pooping in the tub equaled a trip to the shower. The little stinker. 

March 3, 2015

It finally snowed!

Today it snowed, which was pretty exciting because we've had almost no snow this year. It was clear and dry when we got up, but after breakfast we noticed some flurries that soon turned into a storm. Sophie desperately wanted to go outside and build a snowman, and against my better nature I got her all bundled up and took her out to play even though I was still in pajamas and hadn't done anything to get ready for work.

Our funny little snowman - his head was so small I had to stick the carrot in pointy-end first so it would fit

After about 10 minutes I cut our playtime short because we really had to get ready to leave, especially since I knew the roads would be bad. It was not a fun drive into work, but we made it without incident and were only 15 minutes late. 

The sun came out later in the day and melted all the snow. Roads that were completely covered hours before were now bone dry, and we cruised all the way home. Luckily there was still a small patch of snow left in front of our house for Sophie to play in when we got back. She happily tramped around until I made her come inside because I was cold. I'm glad we got to have some fun in this short-lived storm!

Daddy and Sophie having a "snowball fight". It was a pretty one sided fight because she never really figured out how to throw back. Dave would throw snow at her and as soon as he was out, she would walk up and hand him some more.