February 24, 2013

Dino Date

We bought a Groupon for two passes to the Museum of Ancient Life and dinner at Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point. Since neither of us had school/work on Presidents' Day, we took our Groupon and went on a date!

We were probably the oldest people there, other than the parents there with their kids, but we still had a great time. We took our time and looked at every display and did all the little interactive activities together. After spending a couple hours at the museum, we made our way over to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice dinner.

It was a fun date, and probably one of the last times we can go out for a long time without having to worry about a babysitter!

Encounter with a dinosaur

Celebrating a belated Valentine's Day

My blackberry lemonade - it was soooo good and I got at least three refills

February 14, 2013

Valentine's 2013

We are going on a "big" date courtesy of Groupon over the holiday weekend, so we kept our Valentine's day pretty low key. Dave woke up early and made me pancakes before I left for work (he is the best pancake maker ever), and then I made him a heart pizza for dinner. Happy Valentines Day!

I was actually quite proud of my pizza! I struggle to draw a good heart on paper, so I was pleased that I was able to mold the dough to look like something other than a blob.

February 8, 2013

35 Weeks

We're approaching the final countdown! Only five weeks to go, unless she decides to make an early appearance, which babies in my family tend to do. I'm not planning on her coming early (just so I don't drive myself crazy if she comes late), but we're going to have everything ready just in case.

I'm a split personality these days.  When I think about how much I still want to do at home, or as I prepare for maternity leave at work, or when I visit the diaper  aisle at the store then I think "please stay in!! I'm not ready!!"

But then when I can't sleep or sit comfortably, or when I wish yoga pants were suitable work attire, or when I think about holding her and what she'll look like (I imagine dark hair that curls when it gets longer and dark eyes) then I want her right now.

At my appointment this week my doctor told me I don't have to worry about having a 10 lb baby - phew! She is measuring on the petite side for now, but still feels big to me!

Her bed is ready and waiting! We don't have the space to set up a formal nursery or even a crib, so she'll bunking with us in a pack-n-play until we get a bigger place (hopefully) this summer.