April 30, 2015

April Roundup

April flew by! We enjoyed our Easter holidays, conference, our trip to Texas, and are now looking forward to summer! My school has only 19 days until the end of the year and I think I'm looking forward to the break as much as the kids. Until then, here's what we've been up to this month:

Painting with water on the pavement - always a favorite

First experience with brownie batter - she LOVED it!!

Mommy and Sophie before church

Sophie made herself this bed on a storage tub while I was sorting through her clothes. This girl also just went through a growth spurt and I am realizing that all the 2T clothes I got her for summer are not going to fit. Time to go shopping!

Upside down crazy hair

Orienteering at Sugar House Park with Uncle Derek

April 22, 2015

Burp in Bed

Sophie rarely awakes in the night needing help, so it surprised me to hear her crying around 2 am. I went into her room and found her and her bed covered in vomit. This was her first time throwing up, and I'm grateful we made it two years without her ever getting sick. She stopped crying as soon as I came in and told me, "Sophie coughing...Sophie burp in bed...bed yucky, blankies yucky, Sophie yucky." Poor thing - it was a sad scene.

I scooped her up and put her in the bath to clean her hair, face, and arms. Dave came in to see what had happened and took over bath, while I stripped and cleaned her bed. I was worried about how she would do without her blankies for the rest of the night (historically she has been pretty upset when they go in the wash), but she seemed to accept that they were messy and needed to take a bath too.

Since she was pretty confused and scared by the incident and not ready to go back to sleep right away, I sat and rocked her for almost an hour. I wasn't thrilled about the early hour, but I did enjoy having her on my lap, snuggled close. She is getting so big and we don't get to cuddle as much as we used to.

Sophie woke up this morning feeling ready to play blocks, dance, eat breakfast and go to the aquarium so I'm hoping this was a one time thing and not a stomach bug!

Feeling a little tired, but happy this morning!

April 18, 2015

April Snow Storm

Our winter this year was very mild. We only had snow on the ground 2 or 3 times, so an April snow storm was a fun surprise! Monday was a beautiful spring day with temps in the 70s. Tuesday was still warm, but in the afternoon huge winds swept through Utah bringing tons of dust, debris. On my drive home the road was littered with branches, boxes, parts of billboards, etc... and police were pulling over semi's and trailers, who were not advised to go around the point of the mountain because of winds. It was crazy!

Soon the snow started and by the time I left for work on Wednesday we had close to 4 inches on the ground. It continued falling throughout the day and Sophie had so much fun playing outside. She had a big smile on all day and would have stayed out until dark if I had let her. On Thursday, the weather did another 180 turn and everything melted away. It's sunny and warm again, but we have good memories of that one fun day!

Watching the snow fall on Wednesday morning

I took Sophie outside for a little while before work. I tried to make her a snowman, but the snow was very dry and fluffy and I had a hard time getting it to stick together. 

Loving the snow!

After work I took her outside again and the snow had completely changed. It was dense and sticky and perfect for a snowman! I was able to roll it right off the grass into big snowballs, just like you would see in a cartoon. 

Mommy and Sophie with our snowman. He was pretty big and I can't believe that less than a day later all of this was completely gone. 

April 17, 2015

Spring Break in Texas - Part Two

We've been back in Utah for a week now, so I decided it's probably time to post the second half of our trip:

THURSDAY: Today was supposed to be stormy, but we decided to test our luck and spend the morning at a park. It was a great decision - the rain never came and Sophie had soooo much fun there. I wish we had a park that awesome near us. The best part was we randomly ran into Cindy and Liam there so Sophie had someone to play with!

That night we took advantage of having available babysitting and went to a movie. We saw Insurgent and I didn't love it. The majority of the movie was needlessly depressing and brutal, but it was nice to have a night out. 

FRIDAY: We went to the Perot Museum in Dallas with Liz, Grandma Howe, Cindy, Lincoln and Liam. I was able to go for free with my Thanksgiving Point membership - an added bonus! The engineering section had tons of hands on activities that the kids loved. It was an amazing museum. and we only saw maybe a quarter of the exhibits before the kids got tired/hungry and we called it a day. 

Testing to see if our structure could withstand an earthquake and it did!

Sophie loved these remote control robots

And I just had to include this picture because her face cracks me up :)

SATURDAY: Today the adults + Jack went to an escape room while the little kids stayed back with a sitter. I told Dave before we left that I thought having a zombie in the room was dumb. What was the point? Why pay a guy to dress like a zombie and be in the room with us for an hour? Well, now I understand. This zombie earned his money and made the whole experience WAY more intense. He was constantly lunging for us and made it so much harder to keep track of clues and solve the puzzles. With just a little help, we escaped the room with 2 minutes to spare, and lost only 2 of our crew to the zombie. Go us!

That night we met up with a group of friends at the Palmer's house. It was a fun night of dinner, games and chatting. We're always sad we only get to see everyone a couple times a year. I didn't take many pictures, but I did get this one of Sophie and Grayson, who is only a few weeks younger. They would be good buddies if they lived closer!

SUNDAY: This was our last day in Texas. We went to church and Sophie did great at the strange nursery, and I enjoyed getting to attend the other meetings for a change (I'm the nursery leader in our ward). Sophie wore her Easter dress, but I forgot to take a picture :( After church the whole family came over for dinner, and then we ate some delicious ice cream cake to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday, which is next week. Sophie started crying uncontrollably when everyone left to go home. I thought she would be relieved to finally have some space and quiet, but apparently she loved her cousins more than I thought. Luckily we will get to see them again in a few months at the beach!

MONDAY: Unfortunately good prices for flights don't always equal good schedules, and we had to fly out at 6 am on Monday. Sophie handled the early wake up like a champ and even managed to take a little nap on the plane. She is such a good traveler. Our flight got in early enough for me to go home, change, and then head to work - straight back to real life. We are so glad we could make the trip and so thankful for our family and friends who made it such a fun week!

April 9, 2015

Spring Break in Texas - Part One

This week is my spring break! While researching summer airfare to Texas a few weeks ago, I happened to find some really great rates for this week so we booked a flight and flew on down to Dallas. Unfortunately Sophie was just two weeks past being able to fly for free, but it was amazingly nice to have her in her own seat instead of on our lap. She is getting big and it would have been a tight squeeze to share a seat with her. We flew out at 8:00 pm, so I had hopes that she would sleep part of the flight, but she stayed awake the whole time. Fun for her, not as fun for us.

Once we arrived it's been a near constant party and Sophie seems to have reached a point where she actually enjoys, rather than tolerates her cousins. They are finally all old enough to play with each other instead of just stealing toys and pushing each other around.

SUNDAY: Easter and Conference! Family came over for both sessions and then we had a delicious dinner together. Sophie went on a pre-hunt by herself in the morning, and then we hid the eggs again and she did a second hunt with her cousins.

Finding an egg that was hidden way under a pillow

At first the cousins were a bit overwhelming so she enjoyed some snuggles with grandma

But then warmed up and did an egg hunt with everyone between sessions. 

After Conference the little kids went over to the park to burn off some energy while the adults made final dinner preparations. 

After dinner grandma took everyone upstairs to play to while we cleaned up. 

MONDAY: We went to Top Golf with the adults and cousins who were too little for school. For the first round we could aim at any target to score points and I got second place! For the second round we had to hit different targets in order from closest to farthest. Since I can't hit the ball hard enough to get the farther targets I let Sophie take my shots. Dave also met up with friends later for a night of zombie killing on the Xbox. 

TUESDAY: We met the little cousins at a nearby park for some fun on the playground, a walk, and then a picnic lunch. After naps the whole family met up at a Mexican restaurant for a yummy dinner, and then off to a a field of bluebonnets for pictures of the grand kids. I've been told they are not as plentiful this year, but I thought they still looked amazing! Amy took a bunch of pictures I can't wait to see how they turned out. I took just a few of Sophie and managed to get a couple good ones. 

WEDNESDAY: Dave got up early to play Frisbee golf with his brothers and we enjoyed a special breakfast of donuts at home - thanks Liz! Lincoln and Liam slept over the night before and were able to play with us all day while Cindy was working. It was a fun day! There was lots of laughing, playing, chasing. and luckily not too much crying. After everyone got off work we were introduced to the "Chipotle Miercoles" dinner tradition. Yum!

Look how big these two have gotten! Sophie and Liam in 2013 and 2014. 

April 4, 2015

Draper Easter Egg Hunt

This year we decided to take Sophie to the city Easter Egg Hunt at Galena Park. I was expecting crowds, but the turnout was beyond crazy. There were kids everywhere and it was SUPER windy. I started to get worried Sophie wouldn't be able to get even one egg without getting trampled.

Luckily they had the field divided into age groups. We took our place at the 2-3 age group, but while we were waiting for the countdown to start, we saw the 4-6 age group just beyond suddenly stampede for the eggs. It was CRAZY! Then our age group followed suit just a few seconds later. 

Waiting for it to start

Dave lifted Sophie over the crowd and plopped her down in a semi-open area. She was able to quickly grab 6 eggs before we extricated her to safer ground. 

On our way out we met some princesses! Sophie was a little stunned from the chaos of the egg hunt, but was able to say hello to Sophia, Cinderella, Merida, and Snow White. 

Once we got home she was thrilled to discover her eggs each had a tootsie roll inside!