September 19, 2017

The Tri-State Fair

The fair came to town in September! I never went to the fair growing up because it was too far away, and too expensive, but here everything is more reasonable and I think it will become an annual family tradition. We went on a Monday night, so the crowds were light and the weather was beautiful. It was actually worked out perfectly because the next week Amarillo was hit with torrential rains that literally went on for days on end.

Monday was also a special school night where elementary age kids could buy a wristband for $20, granting access to unlimited rides. Sophie is technically not in school yet, but she's tall for her age and no questions were asked when we asked to get one for her. Since rides normally cost $3-4/each, it was definitely a money saver!!

It really was fun and Soph had a blast doing all the rides. I think she went on pretty much every thing  she was tall enough to ride. The food was also pretty good and we were able to eat well without too much hurt to our wallet. The only thing we could have done better would be to check the events calendar to see when the shows and rodeo were scheduled. We didn't do anything other than food and rides and, from what I hear, the rodeo is a pretty big deal so next year we'll plan accordingly.

There were only a few rides that Davey was able to go on without an adult, but he loved everything he was allowed to try

Lovin' the roller coasters

The kids adored the giant stuffed animals, but we thankfully made it home without any in tow

Lest you think she likes all rides, the swinging ship did scare her a little

Sophie took a photo of us at dinner. I had a BBQ sandwich with a cherry limeade, Dave had a foot long corndog, and the kids just ate chips. 

The Dragon Wagon was the roller coaster she wanted to do more than anything, but solo riders weren't allowed so she had to find a buddy. It looks like her little friend had the ride of his life - ha!

Davey spent most of his time like this, watching Sophie have fun from behind bars

With her first funnel cake! Sadly it was a bit overcooked and quite crispy, but she still thought it was pretty delicious. 

Still smiling even though it was well past bedtime

The petting zoo was surprisingly fantastic! Animals were roaming everywhere, and there were lots of different ones mixed in with the usual goats and sheep, like a camel, a giant tortoise, and even a zebra!

By the end of the night Sophie was starting to get a little lonely doing all the rides by herself, so I purchased a few tokens to ride the ferris wheel with her. We had nice views of the fair grounds and city in the distance - a perfect way to end the night!

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