April 18, 2010


On Saturday we went curling with some friends and a bunch of people from the two Sammamish wards. We were actually lucky to get any pictures at all because the "back-up" batteries that I brought were apparently used batteries that made their way back into the supply rather than the garbage can...oops!

After the initial awkwardness of learning how to hold everything and push off without falling over, it was really fun! The sweeping part was actually pretty cool too - I had no idea how much of a difference it made.

I was on a team with Dave and my parents against two couples we know from Dave's work. For the first few rounds, the score was really close - we traded a point here and a point there. But then with some skilled lucky shots, our team was able knock out all of blue's rocks (the curling stones) to get five of our rocks in the house (the scoring circle)!

Final score after 7 rounds: Red team 12, Blue team 4.

April 11, 2010

Project Snowman

All winter long I have wanted to build a snowman and last night we finally got around to it! I think this might be the skinniest snowman I have ever seen - I'm actually surprised he didn't fall over before we finished.

After we finished the snowman, Dave went over to some trees and started working on a secret project. He wouldn't tell me what it was, despite my pestering. Finally he revealed this masterpiece - an alternate head. This one had hair!

We took off the old head and put on this new & improved version. Ta-da!

April 10, 2010

It's been awhile, but we're back!

On Friday night we went up to the cabin after several weeks of being away. Lots of new snow had fallen and there was a bit of work to be done before we could even get into the driveway. Dave and I grabbed our stuff from the car and took it inside to start making dinner, while my dad stayed out to start clearing things out with the snow blower.

April 7, 2010

Did you rub it all in honey?

While mom and I were sitting on the beach waiting for the boys to get back from snorkeling, we watched a little girl put sunscreen on her dad's back. When he asked her, "Did you rub it all in honey? Did you get my shoulders?" it was all I could do to contain my laughter.

He sure is going to have an awesome burn pattern!

April 6, 2010

Visiting Grandma Lambert

Our flight home from Maui was supposed to have a one hour layover in San Jose. A month before the trip, however, we found out that the connection from San Jose to Seattle was canceled and we wouldn't be able to catch a flight home until the next day. Since my Lambert grandparents live nearby, we thought it would be fun to spend the night at their house and add a second "mini trip" to the end our Hawaii vacation.

We were able to play some games with my grandma, Dave made us bunny-shaped pancakes (we spent Easter on the plane), and then we picked some oranges from my grandma's yard to take home with us - mmmm!

We are pretending that Dave is making an "I love oranges so much that I am licking my lips" face - not closing his eyes and sticking out his tongue.

Love you grandma - thanks for having us!

April 5, 2010


Last week we were able to travel to Maui to spend spring break with my family at the beach! It was a great, much-needed vacation for both of us. The trip was a little like Groundhogs Day - we would snorkel in the morning, sit by the pool, read, boogie board in the afternoon, play games at night, then wake up and do it all over again the next day.

Snorkeling at Black Rock. Dave was normally the first one in and the last one out of the water. He loves diving down to search for creatures hiding in the rocks. This year we saw several eels, but no turtles :(

Warming up in the hot tub after snorkeling. (Derek is the body floating face down in the water in front of my dad)

Mom trying to force Derek to take a breath.

Riding some waves!

This is probably one of my favorite photos from the trip - Dave was soooo happy to have his picture taken.

Eating out at Leilani's Restaurant - one of our favorite places. We we able to see some whales spouting from our table and enjoyed being near the water for the sunset.

Thanks for the fun trip family!