March 27, 2017

Sophie at 4 Years

Time for Sophie's annual update! Our sweet girl turned four years old this March and is growing taller, faster, smarter, and more amazing every day. She often tries our patience and makes me fear for the teenage years, but she is also incredibly loving, thoughtful, and kind. She has been a great sister to Davey and loves to try to make him smile or laugh. I can often hear her talking to him in their room at night and, even though they are supposed to be sleeping, it makes my heart happy to see their relationship growing.

One part of her that has really grown this past year is her fantastic imagination. Her favorite things to pretend are restaurant, doctor, camping, shop owner/customer, and pet/trainer. If an animal is every involved in one of the games, then her go-to names are either Diamond or Jewel. With my work schedule she doesn't get a lot of time with friends, but I love it whenever she has the chance to play with someone her own age, who understands her "vision" of how these games are supposed to work. Dave and I try, but sometimes we have a hard time keeping up.

Love you Sophie girl!!

Sophie at 4 Years
  • 42.5 inches and 39 pounds. She's grown three inches since last year and continues to ride the 97% curve. She's wearing size 5/6 clothing, mostly for length. It looks like this girl is going to be able to spike a volleyball better than I ever could when she gets older.
  • Favorite foods are still anything involving cheese, although she also loves yogurt, bread with butter, strawberries, and steak. 
  • Favorite colors are purple, green, red, and gold. 
  • Her tears come on full and fast at the slightest thing, but she is learning to work through her emotions, take deep breaths, and move on. 
  • Favorite shows are anything on Disney Jr. or Nick Jr. She also loves Moana, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Ariel. 
  • Still loves her blankets "Purple" and "Pink," and her little stuffed turtle. 
  • She loves to do crafts, although has never shown much interest in coloring. She also prefers numbers to letters, but her alphabet is coming along and she is able to write her name with help.
  • Preschool will start next fall, but until then she is enjoying Primary at church and swim lessons at the rec center. 
  • She loves board games, mazes, puzzles, and I-Spy type activities. 
  • When she grows up she wants to be a doctor for people and animals. 
So full of confidence! I hope the world is ready for this girl!

She gave up regular naps months ago, but wears herself out and will often fall asleep in the car or will tuck herself into bed during quiet time.

Her primary class a few Sundays ago was about animals. She still loves cold-blooded critters and I was not at all surprised when she chose to draw a crocodile as her favorite animal.

With squeezy cheese - her new favorite "food"

One day at the store she saw this and just HAD to have it. I said "no" several times, but she wore me down and we got it as a special treat. It turned out to be disgusting and she only ate one bowl. Lesson learned that you can't always just something by the packaging :)

She LOVES helping out with everything right now - cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc... We are trying to involve her as much as we can while she has such a willing and eager attitude!

I had a decades day at work and Sophie loved my hippie glasses

March 24, 2017

Davey at 12 Months

Davey is one! It's been a great year and I'm both a little sad, and relieved, to be writing his last monthly update. I never want to miss recording these little moments in time, and for some reason I feel stressed until I get it everything written. With Sophie I've learned how quickly time passes and I just want to make sure I don't forget anything about Davey at this age.

Right now he is an absolute joy. Not all his moments are golden, but for the most part he is the happiest little guy. Just say his name and he'll give you one of his big, cheesy smiles. He loves to be held, snuggled, tickled, and kissed. He often bursts into tears the second I put him down, and yet other times I can barely hold him because he's desperately trying to fling himself out of my arms so he can go exploring. He's still a momma's boy, but lately some of his favorites are sitting on Dave's lap in the mornings, and playing with Sophie. She's been really sweet with him (if we don't count door finger smashing incident) and he just adores her.

Davey at 12 Months
  • 23.5 pounds at 30 inches. He really hasn't grown much over the last 6 months, which is both a relief and a concern. He was HUGE as a baby, and is now just average size, which is fine. He had to level out at some point and we will just watch him over the next few months to make sure he doesn't slow down too much. 
  • Has 4.5 teeth. Tooth #5 is about half way out and #6 has just barely broken through the gums. He's a pretty grumpy teether and his teeth take forever to erupt, so we could be in for some long weeks over the next few months as his smile fills in. 
  • He is finally coming along in the food department and now eats a couples things of baby food, a bowl of baby oatmeal and some table food each day, in addition to nursing four times a day. His new favorite food is chicken. 
  • Is still napping twice a day, but lately has been taking longer to fall asleep each time, and at night, so I think we are going to starting phasing out that morning nap. Sigh...
  • Has recently started spending the entire night in his crib, instead of coming in with us in the mornings. He still gets up to feed, but now I take him back to Sophie's room and it's been working out ok. 
  • Is extremely vocal and babbles all day long. If you ask him any question, he'll reply "yah", but his only real words are "mama," "dada," and "bubba." He also has a very piercing shriek if he's feeling really passionate (or angry) at the moment. He can be pretty loud in his crib too, but either Sophie doesn't mind or somehow sleeps through it all. 
  • This month he learned to stand independently, but is still not taking steps. He also learned to clap, give high fives, transfer items between containers (his favorite game), turn on the radio on  my alarm clock, and hit. He loves to hit people and thinks it's hilarious. We're not thrilled about it and hope he'll grow out of it before he gets much older.
  • Loves cars, balls, and anything with a power source.
More pictures of Davey from this last month:

With the spring flowers

Not sure what caused this face, but it's proof he's not always smiling

So happy to be outside

My master of disaster - he loves, loves, loves to dump out the puzzles. I think they will be finding a new home shortly. 

He's great a standing and can cruise along furniture like a pro. I'm guessing walking will be a month, maybe two, away though. He prefers moving with speed, and right now crawling is the fastest mode of transport. 

He loves the dishwasher and, if it's open, will be there to remove the plates and sample the silverware and utensils. I pull him off that door all the time and hope that we move out before it breaks. 

March 22, 2017


I'm behind on the blog.... March has been a busy month with trips, and birthdays and parties and I have about 8 posts started that I just can't seem to find the motivation to sit down and finish. So instead of working on those tonight, I thought it would be easier to just write about an ordinary day, like today.

My morning started around 4 am, like always, when Davey woke up for his feed. He still doesn't sleep through the night, and at this point, I don't really feel like forcing it. He waits for me in the crib with his yellow blanket, squeals when I come through the door, and then I whisk him out as fast as I can before we wake up Sophie. After we're done, he goes right back down in our room. It works and I figure he eventually get there once we move and he's got his own room.

A few hours later I woke up to thunder. It's been so warm and dry the past couples weeks, and this was the signal that rain and colder temperatures are finally returning. There were a few loud booms, and I lay in bed waiting to hear one of the kids cry, but they slept right through. When Davey did eventually wake up for the day, I pulled him into bed with us, where he spit up two minutes later. Morning over.

After we stripped the sheets, started breakfast and got ready for the day, we left for Curiosity Museum. Wednesdays I work from home, so this is my day each week to do things with the kids. I've been meeting up with my two cousins and their kids about once a month and today was one of our play dates. There were 5 bus loads of kids there on field trips, but we kept to the toddler areas and were able to avoid most of the crazy crowds. In fact, Davey had so much fun playing that he skipped his morning nap and didn't even turn into a monster. Once we made it home around 12:30, he went right down and slept for close to three hours.

While he slept, Sophie helped me make some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then she went out to play in the backyard while I cleaned up and put fresh sheets back on the bed. I joined her out back when I was finished and she made me several rounds of dandelion soup, grass salad, and stick sandwiches. The rain kept threatening, but never came so we stayed out all afternoon and then Davey joined us when he woke up.

Sampling some chalk. I can't imagine it tastes good, but it's not toxic (I checked) so I let him have it for a few minutes before I took it away. It still baffles me that he sought this out, but refuses bananas. 

Later we had Davey's one year well child visit. Last time we found out he had low iron, so I was curious to see if our efforts had paid off and his levels had come back up and they had! He's still on the low end, but within a "normal" range now. We also found that his weight is holding steady in the 75%, but his height has really slowed down. For his first 9 months he was almost off the charts, but now he's just average. Higher iron levels should help him bounce back, but it has been nice to not have him going up a clothing and/or diaper size ever few months. He's already wearing 18-24 month clothes and that's big enough for me.

Just waiting for the doctor to come in.

After the visit we came home to make dinner, and then it was off to bath. The kids love their bath and only get out after an hour because the water's gone cold and it's time for bed. We had them down shortly after 7, and then the rest of the evening was ours to work and relax. We played some Mario Kart, cleaned up the house and then I got some projects done for the school while we watched "The Help." It was a good day. 

And now that I've been lazy, I might feel up to finishing those other posts tomorrow. Be prepared, a blogging storm is coming! 

March 20, 2017

Birthday Party #3

We had family in town from both sides this March, so the parties just kept coming! Our final celebration was on Sophie's actual birthday with the Howe family before they had to fly back home to Texas. I made a cupcake for Davey and a regular cake for Sophie. Eventually they will probably want their own parties, but right now it's fun to have join birthdays and celebrate together. Happy 1st and 4th birthdays to my kiddos!

Birthday Buddies

I'm not sure how much cake made it in Davey's mouth. I'm pretty sure most ended up on his face and the floor. Sophie practically inhaled her piece and then asked for seconds :)

March 19, 2017

A weekend with my boy

After much thought, I decided it would be best if Davey and I stayed behind from the Moab trip. I love southern Utah and haven't been to Moab in over a decade, but Davey was a bit under the weather and long hours in the car and lack of naps is not the recipe for a happy boy. A weekend at home sounded better than dragging a clingy, snotty, grumpy baby through the dessert, because that wouldn't be much of a vacation no matter how beautiful the backdrop. 

Plus it was nice to have some one-on-one time with this kid. I'm physically with him all the time, but most of my mental energy is taken by Sophie and he's normally pretty happy on his own, so he rarely gets anyone's full attention. He did miss her though. He enjoyed spending time with me, but was sad his partner in crime was missing. He wandered around looking for Sophie and checked her bed several times to see if she was still sleeping. It was a fun reunion when she returned a couple days later - he was so excited to see her! 

I still had to work on Friday so he went to the sitter's house, but on Saturday he was my errand buddy. We did laundry, went to the grocery store, gassed up the car, dropped off some donations, ran to the post office, cleaned up the kitchen, mowed the lawn and still had time to play ... it's amazing how efficient you can be with one kid removed from the equation.

Later I took him over to a park to enjoy the sunny weather. I also brought my camera for some practice and to take a few shots of my birthday boy exploring. He's always pretty smiley and makes a great model :)

The Moab crew was headed home on Sophie's birthday so we made a cake while they were gone. He enjoyed having a taste of the batter. This picture is not his best look, but I laugh every time I look at it. Love that silly face!

Race Weekend in Moab

We had some Howes come to see us in Utah this March! It was a reprise of last year's trip - skiing at Snowbird, and then a road trip south to Moab to hike around in the redrocks and run the Canyonlands half marathon. This year the group expanded to also include Dave's mom and sister, the rest of Tim's family, and Dave and Sophie! Last year our group had to stay behind because I was a due with a baby any day and didn't want Dave to be that far from home, so I was glad he could go along this time. 

Bluebird ski day at Snowbird

Grandma and Liz took the 5 kiddos to the aquarium while the adults were skiing

Some Mario Kart Wii before bed

Morning of the road trip was also Davey's birthday and St. Patrick's Day! Sophie made some green pancakes with rainbow sprinkles for our breakfast. 

Group photo in our green before they hit the road

Sophie was thrilled that grandma and cousin Lincoln got to ride in her car

The hotel had a great pool, which is all this girl needs to be happy

The overlook at Dead Horse Point

The runners/walkers on race day. Only Greg had been training for the half marathon. The others did the 5 mile and rocked it!

Can you tell Soph had no mother for hair combing on this trip? :)

She LOVED climbing around and hopes we can go back for another adventure before leaving Utah

Quick stop at Arches National Park before driving back

March 13, 2017

Birthday Party #2

We went up to my grandma's house on Sunday for a family birthday celebration. My parents were in town visiting, the kids had their birthdays coming up, and my Uncle David also has a birthday in March so it was a good excuse to celebrate. There was a group cake and my grandma even got a gift for each of the kids - a bath toy for Davey and a Moana magnadoodle for Soph. They are so spoiled!

Opening gifts

With my almost birthday boy

Thank you Mimi - we love you!

And while we were visiting I took Davey out to the yard to meet Scary Frog, an old friend from my childhood. Sophie also met him a few years ago when she was a baby. 

March 12, 2017

3...2...1... Blast off!

Sophie got a stomp rocket for Christmas that she had been dying to play with, but we had to wait for the weather to warm up and the ground to dry out first. After a few nice days in a row, I thought it should be safe so we took it over to the high school where there would plenty of space, and she had a blast! The rockets are also supposed to glow in the dark, so maybe next time we'll have to try it at dusk. I see this getting lots of use over the years!

This girl knows how to jump!

Dave and Sophie both burned some energy chasing and gathering the rockets

Davey was happy to just sit and watch, but after a while he started to feel left out. We moved him a little closer so he would feel included, but the temptation to grab and eat rockets was to great so he got pushed to the side again. Sorry buddy :(