February 27, 2014

My Little Helper

Sophie contributed two items to the dishwasher while we were cleaning up dinner tonight. Can you spot them? 

And this is why we take her shirt off for dinner - she's a good eater, just not a dainty one

February 24, 2014

Saturday at Snowbird

On Saturday I got to go skiing for the first time in two years! I missed all of last season because I was pregnant, so it was so fun to get back to the mountain. Derek and Brodie also joined us. It wasn't a perfect sunny day, but the snow was good and it wasn't freezing cold.

I was a little worried about how I would do because I am so out of shape, but I actually skied pretty good. I was able to keep up with the boys and only had one double eject, falling face plant. We did 13 runs, and Dave and I didn't call it quits until 20 minutes before closing time. So fun!!

At the top of the Gadzoom chair

And while we were skiing, Sophie was having a great time with Grandmari, who was visiting for the week

February 20, 2014

Sophie at 11 Months

Sophie turned 11 months this week! Her big accomplishment this month was learning how to walk. She is cruising everywhere now and has really enjoyed the new height perspective and the ability to carry stuff around from place to place. I have recently found Wii remotes in a kitchen drawer, lids to some of my Tupperware in the garbage can, and our TV remote in the laundry. Sometimes I feel like she is systematically finding all the weaknesses in our baby proofing :)

Photo attempt 1 - it only took her a few seconds to rip the sticker off her shirt, and after I took the sticker away she took the bow out of her hair

Photo attempt 2 - this time I had Dave to help distract her, and I was able to get a decent picture before she wandered off. I am not much of a photographer and have always been happy with my little camera, but Sophie is starting to convince me that an upgrade may be necessary in the near future....

Sophie at 11 Months
  • 28.5 inches and 20.5 pounds
  • Her first two molars are coming in on the top and we have added "brushing teeth" to the bedtime routine.
  • She will eat almost everything we put in front of her, but her current favorites are cheese, kiwi, and mashed potatoes. She also loves to drink water from her sippy cup and I'm pretty sure she would drink until she popped if we let her.
  • Has recently become attached to one of her baby blankets. I am not sure when or why it became "special", but she loves it. I just went out and bought a second similar blanket so we have a backup.
  • Loves to look at books, especially if they are the lift-the-flap kind. She is so happy to read with us, or by herself. Unfortunately she still tries to eat board books every now and then so I have to keep my eye on her.
  • Overall has a very happy disposition, but she has developed a dramatic side and can really bring on the tears if her feelings are hurt. She gets very sad if you take something she was looking at, walk past without acknowledging her, or if she is not adequately fed. 
And some other pictures from the past couple weeks:

Checking her bib pocket to make sure she gets every last bite

Walking to the mailbox with daddy

Taking advantage of a few minutes of sun to get a picture of her before church

And my little monkey emptying the dishwasher

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Cute picture of my cute girl, who by the way, is walking for real now. 

February 8, 2014

Afternoon at Scheels

After I got home from work on Friday, we wanted to get out of the house so we took a trip to Scheels. I had been there a year ago with my mom and sister, but Dave had never been. I was once again amazed by how big that place is! We had plenty to do even though we couldn't ride the ferris wheel (Sophie is not tall enough). 

We started our trip by looking at the fish - Sophie was mesmerized

We let her get out of the cart for a closer look

Then we went upstairs and Sophie watched us play some mini bowling

She also watched us take aim at the shooting range - she was a good third wheel on this date

And I will brag a bit and say that I won both the bowling and shooting - go me!!

Such a cute third wheel :)

And checking out the big bear before heading home

There was also lots of food that we didn't try because dinner was already cooking at home. The prices were pretty reasonable so next time we visit I think we'll make it dinner and a date. I'm sure we'll be going back soon since it's so close to our house!

February 6, 2014


I feel like Sophie is going to take off running any day now. She stands all the time and is now able to take 10-15 steps before falling down. It's been so strange to suddenly have her appear in the kitchen next to me and and see her just standing there. Ahh! I'm not sure I'm ready for this next phase, but ready or not, here she comes!

She's been taking steps for almost two weeks now, and I keep meaning to take a video but she sits down and starts crawling every time she sees me. Today I finally managed to get a short clip of her, but unfortunately she's not very happy because I was holding her blanket hostage. What a mean mommy.

And all this walking has been wearing her out. Tonight she was soooo tired, and after fussing for awhile, she finally crashed on our bed. She was just like a rag doll - you could roll her, pick her up, turn the lights on and off - she was dead to the world. Love this sweet little girl.

February 2, 2014

We are the Champions!!

Oh what a great night!! Seattle is normally the definition of mediocrity when it comes to sports, but now we are Superbowl Champions!! And it wasn't just a win. It was, as my dad would say, a whooping. I am so proud of my hometown!!

We had Nat, Brodie, and Derek over for the game. Party planning is not one of my fortes, but I did make a 12th man flag, put up some streamers, got blue and green tableware, served up BBQ ribs and baked potatoes, and of course some Skittles :)  Brodie also made a celebratory Seahawk cake that we ate after the game. Great food, great people, great game!! GO HAWKS!