December 25, 2017

Christmas Morning 2017

Christmas morning was wonderful! I'm pretty sure Sophie was up around 5 am, but Santa has delivered her stocking to her room and the little treasures inside kept her plenty busy until we came down at 7 am to see her. She showed us everything she got (chapstick, nail polish, a toothbrush, activity book, Pez dispenser, bandaids and some Pet Shop ponies) and then we went to get Davey.

He, of course, had no idea what was going on, but was thrilled with all the gifts and didn't even know what to look at first. Each present opened was his new favorite thing ever. From us Davey got some magformer blocks and a building plane/boat/car toy, and Sophie gave him a Rescue Bot Transformer. From us Sophie got some Palace Pet Legos and the Mini Mixie aquarium, and Davey gave her a bonus pack of Mini Mixie girls. Hopefully we didn't spoil them too much since they also received lots from both grandparents and cousins!

After looking at Santa gifts, we opened presents to each other, and then let the kids play with all their new stuff until cousins came over later that afternoon. Once they arrived we had had one more round of presents before digging in to a delicious prime rib Christmas feast. It was a very, Merry Christmas indeed!

In addition to their stockings, Santa brought them each the toy they had asked for (Hatchimals & Batman), a new Christmas book, and a surprise!

Sophie kept telling us how thrilled she was with the Hatchimals because she was expecting only 10, and Santa brought her 14 instead! She immediately started breaking them out of their eggs by stomping on them because she didn't have the patience to warm them in her hand. Davey was also excited to see that Batman came with a jet pack that shot little projectiles. He went around shooting people all morning, saying "Pew Pew!"

I sat by the fire most of the morning and it was wonderful. I tried to get a picture with the kids, but they wanted to get back to their toys. Can't blame them!

Davey snuggling with Aunt Liz after all the presents were opened. He really loves her and finally started saying her name on this trip instead of "no" or "bee."

December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year, which was just about perfect. We had a slow morning, and then went with Dave's parents to church for the Sacrament Meeting Christmas program. There was lots of good music and the kids got to see Papa sing in the choir. One hour church is also a great thing when you have small kids. That afternoon we played, and ate way too much food, before getting in jammies and preparing for Santa to come. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

We took some pictures before church that only sort of worked out. At least we tried. 

After church Sophie and I worked on a gingerbread house together. I did the frosting and she placed the candies. And ate lots of them too :)

Her plate for Santa included cookies, chocolate muffin, root beer (since that's what Santa said he wanted), and carrots for the reindeer. 

Davey was very intersted in the carrots and decided to sample a few. Later he spit out a big pile of mushed orange on the kitchen floor.

Sophie wrote a note requesting that Santa leave her stocking by her bed so she could look at it after waking up. Davey also wanted to leave a note, although I'm not sure what it said...

Snuggled in bed with visions of Hatchimals dancing in her head

December 20, 2017

December Fun

So many fun things happen during the month of December! I feel like we always have a full calendar, which was a good thing! Here are some of the holiday season activities we kept busy with:

ADVENT CALENDARS: I didn't get out all our Christmas stuff this year, first because I didn't really know where to put yet in the new house, and second because we would be leaving in just a few weeks to go back to Dallas. I did get out the advents though, and Sophie really loved them this year. I found a cute countdown calendar in the Target dollar aisle that had a different activities each day and Sophie really enjoyed them, especially the mazes. The other big hit this year was the Berry Merry Christmas from my childhood. Each day you move the bear to a different place in the house until he finds Christmas.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: We drove over to the town square to look at their light display and Davey was enthralled! It was his first time seeing lights this season and he kept saying "Woah! Awesome!" I was able to get my phone out to record the last part before he stopped. Video link.

MAKE IT SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PARTY: A family in our ward owns a party business and for their Christmas event they let each of their daughters invite a friend to come along, and Sophie was chosen to go. She had a great time making crafts (notice the lovely gingerbread she's holding below) and meeting a bunch of characters. Her favorite, of course, was Moana, but she also made sure to take a picture with Batman to show Davey.  

 CANDY CANE LANE: There is a neighborhood nearby with a street known as "Candy Cane Lane." The houses on both sides go all out with their decorations and lights. We went over one night to walk the lane and enjoy the Christmas spirit!

LETTER TO SANTA: We almost forgot to write a letter to Santa this year, but saw a station in the reptile house at the zoo during one of our visits, so I helped Sophie spell out the words for her wish list and then we put it in their "official" North Pole mailbox. 

WARD CHRISTMAS PARTY: I only took this one photo of our party, but it went pretty well. The YW were in charge of decorations, which meant I got to help them put everything together at one of our weekly activities. Sophie also went up to join the Primary in some songs. She missed the two Sundays leading up to the party, so she didn't know the words very well, but didn't let that stop her. And Davey was just there for the food. He loves sweets and especially enjoyed the cupcakes. So much that it stained his face pink :)

December 15, 2017

Christmas Lights at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens

One of the fun parts about the first year in a new place is discovering new local events and activities! Utah had so many great things to do at Christmas time, but we were able to find plenty here in Amarillo as well. I actually made a whole list of different things happening in the area and we only made it to a couple, but we still have lots of years left to try the rest.

One thing we did manage to fit in was a visit to the Botanical Gardens to see Santa and enjoy their light display. It was a cold night, but we went pretty early so we were able to see everything pretty quickly before the crowds got big. Everyone had a great time and this is something we will definitely try to come back to next year!

Enjoying the decorations while waiting in a short line to see Santa

Davey loves Santa, but the actual moment of meeting him was a bit overwhelming. He did not like sitting with Mrs. Claus and was very relieved when the photo was done and he could get down and enjoy Santa from further away. 

Davey saw this projection of Santa leading music on the wall later and was mesmerized

We brought some cocoa and Vanilla Wafers for snack and it did a great job warming up our little Sophie, who was starting to feel cold.

Beautiful lights on a cool, Christmas night!

December 14, 2017

Christmas at Sonlight Preschool

One of the things that we've enjoyed about being in Texas is how everyone still celebrates holidays without all the "political correctness." We had a big sign at the entrance to our neighborhood, put up by the HOA that said "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" and at preschool Sophie spent an entire week learning about "N" is for "Nativity." There was also a day when Santa came to school to visit the kids and take pictures, and the school also put on a Christmas program that we were able to go see as a family.

Sophie's preschool class (these are photos of photos, which is why the quality isn't great)

Sophie's picture with Santa. She told him that she would like the little Hatchimal Eggs and a suprise for Christmas. He told her that, despite all the stories, he actually likes root beer with his cookies instead of milk. 

There were almost 50 kids, ranging from 2-5 years in the program. They sang eight songs, which I thought was pretty ambitious!

After the program with her cookie

December 13, 2017

28-ish Weeks

I haven't been that great at documenting the weeks of this pregnancy, but I think that's to be expected for a third child. Or maybe I haven't been taking photos since I rarely wear something other than sweats these days :) Things have been progressing, though, even without documentation. 

Around mid-December I entered the third trimester and am now in the home stretch. Sleeping has been difficult, but I have no major complaints other than occasional heartburn and increased difficulty shaving my legs (good thing it's winter). Baby is still doing well and seems to enjoy taking up as much space as possible. His favorite position is to lay diagonally with one end up under my right rib cage, and the other down near my pelvis. He is also very active, and I've never had to worry about kick counts because it seems like he is always moving, all day long. 

I talked to my doctor and sadly they will not induce here. I was hoping to set something up since I had such a good experience with Davey's induced delivery, but they said it won't happen unless there are concerns about the baby or mother's health. I am hoping that maybe my history of big babies (Sophie was 8 lbs, and Davey was 9 lbs) might qualify me for an induction down the road, especially since baby is already measuring on the larger side. Not having a set date will make arranging child care more difficult, so right now our finger's are crossed that everything will work itself out. 

At my 24 week check up

The new pack-n-play I got off Facebook Marketplace for baby to sleep in. Some lady heard from her friend that new puppies like play pens, which turned out to be horrible advice, so we got this basically new crib for cheap. It will go in our master closet, which we are going to use as a nursery until the boys are old enough to start sharing. 

I had my glucose tolerance test at the beginning of December and passed on the first try this time! I was so glad I didn't have to do the three hour test this time around like I did with Davey. I also got my Rhogam injection for my negative blood type, which is never pleasant, but hooray for modern medicine. 

At my 28 week appointment that took FOREVER. We were there for a little over TWO hours and I was not prepared with enough snacks or entertainment for the kids. It was a bit rough. Never again will I intentionally schedule an afternoon appointment. 

December 3, 2017

Girl's Trip to Vegas

On December 1st I flew out to Las Vegas for a girl's trip with some of my roommates from freshman year at BYU. I was only gone for 48 hours, but it was so nice to trade some of my time as "mommy" for time with good friends. Thank you to Dave for holding down the fort that weekend!

Our hotel (Carriage House) was just one block off the trip and so perfect! It was quiet, had no resort or parking fees, and had nice, double rooms with a kitchen so we didn't have to go out for breakfast. Their pool was also under construction at the time, so we were able to use the Marriott's rooftop pool next door instead!

We chose Vegas for this trip because it was pretty central to Texas (me), Utah (Paige & Heather) and California (Breanna). And there are also so many fun things to do there! We had a hard time deciding how to use our time, but did a great job fitting in as much as possible. I don't know why we waited 13 years to do this - the next trip will have to be sooner!

We had no real plans for our first night, but Paige saw a sign for a benefit concert while leaving the airport and it had an amazing line up for just $75! They got tickets and Breanna was even able to change her flight to arrive earlier to make it there for the concert. We got to see performances from Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and a few others! 

At night we relived our college days by playing Rook

On Saturday we had a lazy morning at the hotel and then went to get pedicures. The place had really interesting decor, but they did a good job and it was a very relaxing hour. Afterwards we went to a buffet lunch, and then saw Wonder - great movie!

Our dinner that night was at Sugar Factory and our big splurge for the trip. We ordered just a few appetizers, and then went all out on dessert. I ate an entire fondue service by myself and it was so good!

After dinner, and all the chocolate, we felt like a walk might be nice and we strolled down the Strip to the Bellagio fountains. It turned out to be quite the trek and when we got there we realized we were only a few blocks from our hotel, but our car was over a mile the other way the restaurant. It was so tempting to just leave it there, but we went back even though we were pretty worn out.  Next time we will have to consult the map better!

November 30, 2017

November Roundup

I feel like I say this every time, but November was another busy month! We fit in a lot of activities, in addition to our Thanksgiving trip. The weather here in Amarillo has still be really nice, but it's finally starting to look like winter could be around the corner and soon it will be time to put away the shorts. Here are some notes and photos of some things that happened:
  • Davey started climbing in and out of his high chair, learned to locate airplanes and the moon in the sky, and became obsessed with robots and pew-pews (guns). 
  • Sophie was the Letter Detective at preschool and we had to find objects that started with the letter "H" for her to share in class, she discovered "Where's Waldo" books and became quite good at them, and learned how to do Color-by-Numbers. 
  • Dave and I finished the second season of Stranger Things and it was fun to have something new to watch each night. I also got called to serve as the YW secretary in the ward instead of Relief Society instructor. Our group of girls is small, but good and I like the presidency that I am serving with. 
On a walk with my buddy while Sophie is at school. We miss her, but it's nice to have some time together twice a week before baby brother joins us. 

Sophie was super excited to bring home the proofs from her preschool picture day. There were four photos, and this was the best one. I didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't ordering any, but I did take a picture with my phone for remembrance sake. 

This is how he shows us that he is thirsty and would like a drink. We actually don't even use the fridge dispenser because we have a separate filter instead, but he seemed to know what it was for anyway. 

Davey got the stool and brought it over to the counter all by himself to try and steal some cookies

I thought we were past the age of blowouts, but he had a major one at Walmart and had to finish our shopping trip without pants. 

Trip to the library - the new wagon from grandma has been very handy!

I have no idea where this photo is from. I found it on Dave's phone and thought it was cute though. 

Someone has been waking up too early lately...

Candy Land has been one of Sophie's favorite games lately, especially since Dave introduced the element that the winner gets a real candy at the end. 

I got this cute advent tree of Amazon on Black Friday and the kids have had a great time with it. We started putting the ornaments on in November as a countdown to leaving for Grandma's house instead of counting to Christmas Day. 

Another Black Friday find...We were actually not planning on getting a tree at all this year, but it seemed very Grinch-like to have nothing so I got this little 6 ft tree at Target for $30 and we'll upgrade some other year. Davey quickly started removing ornaments and even broke a couple that I thought were kid proof, so I put most of our good ones straight back into storage where they will probably stay for many years until we're out of the toddler phase.