June 10, 2012

Bash, Smash, Crash!

Last year we went to the Bluffdale Demolition Derby and had a great time, so this year we decided to go again with some friends from our ward. The derby was great, but unfortunately it was pretty chilly and I was very glad that I had changed from shorts, t-shirt and flip flops to jeans, sweatshirt and shoes. Brrr!!

Dave did not change and had to use the emergency blanket from our car for warmth :)

The cars I chose to cheer for this year didn't do so well and in the end Dave had three cars in the winner's match and I only had one. Here's what happened to my poor car "Skinny" (he fought bravely and died quickly):

There were 21 cars total, and the #12 station wagon didn't look like much, but ended up winning it all. Even more impressive was the Bluffdale Lions Club car. For five dollars you can buy a raffle ticket and enter a drawing to become the driver of the Lions car. The guy that won the raffle placed in his heat, advanced to the winner's match, and went home with second place and $1,700 in prize money!

June 1, 2012

Another Day, Another Deal

Today Dave and I went to Holdman Studios at Thanksgiving Point to use another LivingSocial deal we bought a few months ago. Today's activity was making glass flowers!

We were surprised by a couple things:

First, the flowers we got to make were much bigger than what I was expecting. I thought we'd get to go home with a little tiny blossom, but the flower was the size of my palm and the stem was as long as my forearm.

Torching the stem of Dave's flower to make it round and smooth

Second, each flower only took about 7 minutes to make from start to finish. We got to choose two colors, and then using glass heated to 2250 degrees and a combination of spinning and pulling, a molten blob suddenly became a flower - it was very cool!

Our flowers have to cool slowly over night and we will probably pick them up early next week. While they were hot it was hard to tell what color they would become, but in the end mine should be green and Dave's should be blue. I can't wait to see what they look like!