October 31, 2013

Howe Pumpkin 2013

This year I almost didn't get a pumpkin carved in time for Halloween. As of this afternoon the pumpkin we got at the patch on Saturday was still sitting happy and whole on the front porch. Knowing I had only a few hours until trick-or-treaters started showing up, I threw a bunch of stuff on the floor to entertain Sophie and broke out the knives.

 I cut, cleaned, and carved this pumpkin in only 30 minutes! I originally wanted to carve "HOWE" next to the pumpkin tower, but after Sophie got her fingers stuck in the VCR (yes, we still have a VCR) I decided to speed things up a little and went with just a big "H" instead. Because I was going so fast there are also some structural issues and I had to use a few toothpicks to hold it together, but overall I am quite proud of how it turned out!

And one more picture of our cute little chicken :)

October 30, 2013

Ward Halloween Party 2013

Tonight we went to our ward Halloween party dressed as farmers with our little chicken. We even dressed up Sophie's binky by using some yellow construction paper to turn it into a beak. Everyone thought she looked adorable. I thought we looked pretty cute too :)

It took Sophie a little while to adjust to her costume... She had a hard time crawling with the chicken feet on, and we could barely buckle her into her car seat to get to the church. 

Howe Family Farmers at the party

Wearing daddy's hat after we got home

October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Point Farm

The weather was beautiful on Saturday so we took Sophie to a neighborhood pumpkin farm. It was a funny little farm with a few rows of pumpkins in a field, some tractors, a corn maze that was really more of a corn path, and a hay ride through the owner's yard. It was the perfect for us, however, because it only took about 30 minutes to do everything and all the activities were free :)

On the tractor with mommy

On the tractor with daddy

In the corn path with mommy

In the corn path with daddy

October 24, 2013

This girl is on the move!!

Sophie has really perfected her crawling and when properly motivated, can move pretty fast! I find myself saying "where'd she go??" all the time now. I feel like I stop to do something and she is suddenly in the other room. I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't discover the stairs for at least a month....

She still struggles a bit when going from the carpet to the tile - it's pretty slippery so she normally abandons hands and knees and ends up just pushing herself around on her stomach. She is also working on learning how to go from crawling back to sitting. At this rate, I'm sure it won't take her too long to figure it out!

October 23, 2013

Growing Up Fast

A few nights ago I heard rustling on the baby monitor after we had put Sophie to bed, so I went in her room and found her like this: "Ta-da!! I learned to pull up on my crib mom!"

So I called Dave upstairs, and we got her out of bed so he could lower the mattress. Sophie thought it was super fun to go to bed and then wake up again to play. While she was crawling around on the ground in her room, she discovered the tipped over laundry hamper:

October 21, 2013

Dog Lover

Last week my mom and Jobe were visiting. Sophie loved Jobe and would get very excited every time we helped her pet him. She spent the week slowly chasing him around, wanting to be right next to him. We were surprised by how tolerant he was - good boy Jobe!

Crawling into Jobe's bed

Trying to share Jobe's food - she really loved his bowl and we would often find her scattering his food around the kitchen 

October 20, 2013

Sophie at 7 Months

Sophie turned 7 months yesterday! She has changed sooo much in the last month, the biggest change being learning how to crawl. She started out with an inch worm/army crawl and progressed to real crawling in just a couple weeks. She is now always on the move and is really enjoying being able to chase down what she wants, especially if it's not something she's supposed to have. Dave and I are quickly learning how to baby proof a house :)

Sophie at 7 Months
  • Has started solid foods, and so far we have not found anything she will not eat. She opens her mouth wide, waves her arms and goes, "mmmm, mmmm" while eating. She eats solids twice a day, and nurses about 6 times a day.
  • Still has no "stranger danger" and seems to like anyone who will pay attention to her. Today she crawled over to a man in Sunday School and started playing with his shoes. He picked her up and she happily sat on his lap for the rest of class. 
  • Loves to play with paper, sweatshirt strings, cords, baby food lids, phones, remote controls, and door stops (the "boingy" kind). 
  • Has begun to show more interest in reading and especially likes touch-and-feel books and books with pictures of babies. We have started making weekly trips to the library to pick out new books. 
  • Is still very attached to her binky. We lost it last week and are now using the back up. I tried to buy her some new ones, but she spits them out, so we are now keeping very close tabs on the one we have. 
  • Will not win any awards for sleeping - she went from waking up just once at night, to waking 3-5 times, which has been quite frustrating. Our goal this month is to see if we can help her learn to sleep better. 
At the fall pumpkin display we found during our trip to Home Depot on Saturday - afterwards she had hay stuck to her whole body, including her bottom inside the diaper :)

October 12, 2013

Big Girl (Almost)

My school is on Fall Break right now, which means I had Thursday and Friday off work and got to stay home with my baby girl. Even though we didn't do anything special, I really enjoyed having these extra days with Sophie. We went to visit a friend and her cute new baby, saw a bunch of my extended family at a baby shower for my cousin, cleaned the house, went for walks, decorated for Halloween, and spent time reading and playing.

We also went to the grocery store, which was so much more enjoyable on a Thursday mid-morning than our normal Saturday trip. I let Sophie sit in the cart for the first time, instead of her car seat. She really liked it at first, but by the time we were back in the dairy section she was starting to lean a bit, and eventually fell all the way over. After several failed attempts to get her to sit upright again, I took her out and carried her. Silly girl. I guess it's back to the car seat next time.

Happy girl in the produce section - I love my little shopping buddy

October 10, 2013

Finally Some Real Food

Even though Sophie is almost 7 months old, she still hadn't started any solid foods. Nursing was going great and she was growing tremendously well on breast milk, so we just weren't feeling any pressure to make any changes to her diet.

On the other hand, she was very interested in everything we were eating, then she started waking up hungry every three hours at night, and when I found her eating wipes a couple days ago, I took it as a signal that this girl is ready for something more substantial.

So tonight we introduced her to sweet potatoes, and I would say she's a fan!

October 6, 2013

My Other 500 Children

Sophie hasn't realized it yet, but she's not an only child. Over the summer I acquired 500 other children when I changed positions at my work and moved from the front office to the computer lab. I am now a teacher!

Students in kindergarten to 6th grade rotate through computer lab each week, and I am proud to say I know 98% of their names - there are a bunch of kindergarten girls that all look the same to me who I am still trying to sort out. Most of the students also know my name, although on a daily basis I am still called teacher-teacher, Mrs. Howie, Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Ho, or Mrs. Ashby (she is the music teacher and sometimes the kids get us mixed up).

My only teaching experience up to this point had been for primary, so it's been a learning experience! There was no computer class last year, and there is no official computer curriculum, so I get to "write the book". This has been hard because all the weight is on me to create fun, informative lessons, but it has been nice to have complete flexibility to teach what I want.

I have also been surprised by the wide range of ability - some kids have had no computer experience and try to use both hands to move the mouse, while some of their peers are signing into Facebook the minute I turn my back. Why would a 6 year old have any interest in Facebook???

Despite the challenges, however, I do enjoy this new job. Each day it gets a little easier as the students and I learn and grow together. I love working with the kids, and their enthusiasm makes it all worth it.

The computer lab - 30 trusty old XP desktops

October 2, 2013

The last few weeks...

We have been staying in Provo at my aunt's house for the last two weeks while she is out of town. It's been a nice change of scenery and I've enjoyed having a shorter commute - only 5 minutes!! Unfortunately it makes Dave's drive up to Salt Lake longer, but we are still enjoying our time back in Provo. Here are some things we've been up to:

Sophie's 6 month visit - she loved the paper on the exam table and had torn it into several pieces by the end of our visit. Unfortunately they were out of the combo vaccines so this poor baby got 4 shots, and has to go back for 3 more this month :(

Playing with daddy - I love this new smirk smile she's been doing lately

Riding the little scooter in the gym - I sat her down and she grabbed right on to the handles so I gave her a ride

Chilly BYU football game vs. Middle Tennessee - BYU won!

Sophie in the "eskimo" suit I picked up at a clothing exchange. She looks absolutely hilarious when we put her in it, but it sure keeps her warm!