April 26, 2016

Scales and Tails

On Monday night we took our girl who loves cold-blooded critters to see some snakes and lizards at Scales and Tails. Their main business is bringing animals out for shows, parties, assemblies, and other events, but a few times a week they have open hours at their warehouse where the public can come in and see and handle some of their animals. It's like a really strange pet store....

We were the only people there for a while and Sophie had a great time looking around and was thrilled to pet/hold whatever they showed her. Towards the end of the night they fed some of the larger animals, which was neat and slightly scary at times. Alligators are pretty lively when you start to wave a chicken leg over their head! Sophie was fascinated by it all and stood right up front during the feedings. My younger self would have been appalled to see all those little mice and rats become dinner, but it didn't seem to bother her at all. It was fun to watch her see these animals she loves so much!

She was really disappointed she wasn't old enough to hold the tarantula, but she did get to handle several small snakes, a flat little turtle named Skillet, and hold a python on her shoulders. 

Petting Twinkle Toes

This is Gatorade, and he stared at me eerily for several minutes

Video: Meeting Sausage the Skink

Face to face with Hydro the water monitor, the second largest lizard species in the world

My little snake lover

And one of Davey, because even though he came too, he felt left out of this post

April 24, 2016

Blessing Day for Davey

David William Howe was blessed last Sunday at church. My mom made the dress that Sophie was blessed in, so I thought it would be special if Dave's mom made the outfit Davey would be blessed in. She did an amazing job and even made the little tie that I asked for - he looked so handsome!

My Little Man

We were lucky to have so much family in town to celebrate with us. My dad, my father-in-law, my grandpa, Brodie, Derek and Jeremy were able to be in the circle, and my sister Natalie wrote down part of the blessing, which is great because I don't remember anything from Sophie's blessing and I'm a little sad about it. Afterwards we had a brunch at our house. Dave and my mother-in-law made an egg, cheese, sausage and hash brown concoction in the crock pot that everyone really enjoyed - a Pinterest success!

Me and my boy

The Howe Family

The Great Grandparents

The Lambert Family

A fruit rainbow made by my mom. We also had cinnamon rolls, the egg casserole, and juice - yum!

Getting help from dad with his tie

And just for fun we also took a picture of him in the blessing outfit worn by my dad as a baby. It was a little see through, but I'm guessing my grandma didn't have to worry about covering up a Mickey Mouse diaper back then :)

April 23, 2016

Whirlwind of a Weekend

Last weekend was crazy (in a good way) for our family. We had so many events happen in just a few short days, which is why it took me a few days to find time to blog about it.

First we had Dave's parents and sister fly in on Friday morning. Sophie went with Dave to pick them up at the airport, and from that moment didn't let grandma out of her sight until they flew back to Texas on Monday. She loved having all the attention! Davey also enjoyed the company and seemed surprised to be put on the ground after they left, since he had pretty much been held by someone for three days straight.

On Friday night we had a surprise retirement party for my dad. He didn't know my mom had planned a dinner, or that my two sisters and their husbands had traveled from Washington and Oregon to be there. It was so fun to have the whole family together! And since the Howes were babysitting, Dave and I went to see Jungle Book afterward at the theater right by our house. I thought it was good; Dave thought it passed time.

On Saturday I had a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law Faye. She and my brother will be getting married in just a few weeks - so exciting! While I was at the shower with Davey, the Howes, Dave and Sophie visited BYU, the new Provo temple, and went to lunch at Brick Oven. Sophie thought their pasta bar was pretty amazing!

On Saturday night I had a dinner down in Orem for my Grandpa and Grandma Lambert's 80th birthday. It was great to hear so many stories and celebrate with them! Before the party we went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. I was only able to stay for a short time before I had to continue on, but the rest of the family had a great time. Right now is the Tulip Festival so there are beautiful flowers everywhere. They also had a bouncy castle and slide in the children's garden that Sophie enjoyed. 

Video: Sophie wanted to roll down the hill, but didn't like the way grass tickled her so she decided to hitch a ride with Dave :)

Sunday was my mom's birthday, and we also blessed Davey at church. Afterwards, we had a small gathering at our house with some refreshments. It was great to have so much family with us this time. I'm going to do a separate post about his blessing day soon. 

On Wednesday, after all our company had left, we went to a baby shower for my cousin's baby due in June. It was fun to spend more time with my grandma and some cousins, and of course Sophie enjoyed having some cake. We also saw Grandma on Thursday at my aunt's house in Orem, and will see her and my grandpa again at the wedding next month. 

April 20, 2016

Davey at 1 Month

We made it through the first month! As far as babies go, I would give him an A-. He's not one of those miracle babies that sleeps through the night from birth and never cries, but he does sleeps well, is happy when he has a full tum and a dry bum, and fairly patient when he wants something. He loves to eat, snuggle, stick out his tongue, go for walks, and has been a great addition to our family. We love this little guy!

Davey at 1 Month
  • 23 inches long and somewhere between 10-11 pounds
  • Wears 3-6 month clothing
  • LOVES to eat and rarely goes more than 2 hours without asking to nurse.
  • Makes good eye contact with us now, and has starting making happy sounds instead of just grunting.
  • Has a strong neck and can support his head for short periods of time. He does well with tummy time and we've seen him roll from his stomach to his back more than once. 
  • Sleeps pretty consistently from 10:30 pm to 7:30 am, waking up to eat around 2 am and 5 am, sometimes more, but never less :)
  • Will tolerate the binky, but only as a distraction. It brings him no comfort and he normally spits it out a few times before accepting it. 
  • He's already caught 2 colds (one from Sophie, one from somewhere else), and it's sad to hear his congested breathing and little coughs.
  • Has short little eyebrows that stick straight up when he is mad. 
  • Is starting to enjoy bath more and now only cries when I take him out to dry him off. 
  • He seems to enjoy Sophie's presence, even when she is a bit too close and talking very loudly in his ear.

April 14, 2016

Life in the Slow Lane

We've had this little guy for almost one month and things are honestly going really well. My days are full of feedings, diapers, laundry, cleaning, and loving on two kids, but I am enjoying my time at home. I'm a little sad about my leave ending in 2.5 weeks, but I do have more time off this summer to look forward to. We've been loving the spring weather and have been trying to venture out at least once a day. Of course it takes forever to actually get out the door (which has me worried for 9 am church), but it really helps all of us to do something, even if it's just a neighborhood walk. I'm still holding my breath for things to get more difficult, but as of right now I'm staying afloat!

As much as I don't want to always compare everything about him to Sophie, it has been a different experience this time around. With Sophie the first 6-8 weeks were a daze. I remember being so, so tired. It was a challenge to find time to shower or even eat lunch. She was a night owl and I spent countless hours up with her when she just wouldn't sleep. Davey has already settled into sort of a schedule and will sleep for a couple longer stretches each night. We have some 3 am parties now and then, but I do make it to bed most nights.

Sophie was also very particular about nursing. She was a good eater, but liked to be held a certain way, and I had to coax her into latching where this boy jumps right on and will literally eat until he throws up if I don't cut him off. Right now I feel like the only limit on his ability to sleep longer at night is his crazy appetite. He has passed the 10 pound mark and is already starting to outgrow size 3 month clothing.

And now lots of pictures! These pictures span only 8 days, but it's crazy how much he changes and grows from week to week. We are blessing him this weekend and are excited for him to meet his Howe grandparents, and to see my parents again. He has changed a lot since they were last here!

Very suspicious of the camera...

Bath is still not a favorite - he spends the whole time either crying, or thinking about crying

I never really co-slept with Sophie, but have done it a lot more with Davey and I think it's helped both of us get the rest we need. He loves to lay next to me and we've had some good naps together. 

He started out a couple feet from me, but always ends up snuggled at my side by the end


And of course a few of Sophie.... Other than being a bit emotional at times she has handled the transition pretty well. She still isn't interested in physically interacting with him (she told me the other day that she didn't need to hold him because she did that last year), but is concerned about his happiness and anxious for him to grow up so they can play together. 

April 7, 2016

Room for Two

A week before I was due, we rearranged Sophie's room to make space for her new bed. Ideally we would love to just have a third bedroom to use for the baby, or guests, or an office, but since Dave is almost done with school, we decided it was better to just make it work. It's not worth the process of moving and paying more rent to gain another bedroom for just a year. I also decided that I'm not going to bother changing any of the colors or decorations. I'm pretty sure Sophie would have a problem if I got rid of any of her stuff, and that brother won't mind the pink :)

It was a little sad to move her out of the crib since it was the last vestige of babyhood for her. She'd already given up diapers, binkies, the high chair, sippy cups, etc... but still had the crib. We knew it wouldn't be a hard change, though since she had already been sleeping in a regular bed every time we traveled and at the babysitter's house.

Before photos are on top, and the new arrangement is below. I was actually surprised that we were able to make it all fit. We lost one set of plastic storage drawers, and the rocking chair had to move in front of the closet, but we were able to keep everything else and still have some floor space for her to play.

Looking into the room

View 2

View 3

The bed is one that my parents brought down from Washington. It was my mom's bed when she was little, then mine when I was growing up, and now it's Sophie's!

For the first few naps and nights she did great and stayed in her bed until we came to wake her up. Then about a week in she discovered that she could get out and wander and for a few days I was really worried that naps were going to be a thing of the past. She would take all her books off the shelf, dump out her toys, get a million kleenexes, cry because she wasn't covered, etc... One time she unrolled a whole roll of wrapping paper that I had been keeping under her bed, and another time we found her in the hall trying to advance the laundry because she heard the washer finish it's cycle. Luckily the novelty wore off after a few days, and we are now back to "good" Sophie who sleeps like a log.

April 5, 2016

March Roundup

What a month!! We have a few events scheduled in April, but nothing that can compare to March. We will welcome the reprieve though! The new baby, Sophie's birthday, and Easter have already been documented on this blog, but we also rearranged Sophie room (other post coming soon), we had Dave's family visit, my family visit, doctor's appointments for me, appointments for the baby, got our taxes filed, took care of some car repairs, sun, snow, and the list goes on...

Some random photos of March happenings:

Making the most of "mommy and me" time before brother arrived. Sophie was thrilled that she still fit in the baby water table at the Curiosity Museum.

Sophie is not much of a snuggler, but she seemed to enjoy my belly pillow the last few weeks of my pregnancy. 

In a rare moment, Sophie fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep after we carried her inside. 

Greg, Tim and Cindy came up to Utah from Texas for a weekend of fun! Dave took them to Brighton for a day of skiing/boarding and then they stayed one night at our house before heading to Moab for more fun. Dave would have joined them down south if I hadn't been so close to my due date. 

The kids with my parents. We got to have them here for almost a week and a half!

While my parents were here my dad, Dave, Derek and Faye went to a NIT basketball tournament game. BYU won this round to advance to the final four, where they sadly lost to Valparaiso. We also had lots of snow and Dave was able to spend a day boarding at Snowbird, Powder Mountain, and Solitude. 

Our first outing after baby was to the Thanksgiving Point with some other moms from the ward. Since things went well, I took Sophie to lunch afterward. With the help of ranch dressing (white dip) she is finally starting to eat some "kid" foods like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and hamburgers which makes eating on the road so much easier.