March 29, 2016

Birthday Wish

We often take Sophie over to the play space at the mall to burn off some energy. Right next to the play area is a little train that she always wants to ride, but it costs $3/person so we've been telling her that maybe it was something special we could do when she turned three. On Monday we kept our promise and she got her birthday wish and finally got to take a ride on the Mini Express.

I rode with her while Dave hung out with the baby. She was so excited that we got to sit in the caboose!

Video: It's a little out of focus, but cut Dave some slack. He was filming in one hand, and pushing a stroller through a construction zone with the other. 

And since this was a birthday treat, we let her have a sundae as a bedtime snack when we got home. I stuck in a candle in and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her one more time. She chose to put on chocolate sauce, red and blue sprinkles and one jelly bean on her ice cream - delicious!

March 28, 2016

Easter Festivities

Saturday was the Draper city hunt at a local park. Dave took Sophie to the hunt, while I took Davey on his first grocery store shopping trip. Hundreds of people show up for the event and it gets a little crazy sometimes. The field is divided up into different age groups and Sophie was on the bigger end for her bracket, so she felt pretty confident despite the crowds.

She found her friend Paisley and they had fun talking before the hunt started

Utah Easter - sunny day, but still cold. Sophie found enough eggs to fill her little basket and then decided she was done and ready to go home. 

This year I decided Sophie was old enough to help dye eggs. She was involved in every step and helped me boil the eggs, mix the colors, and then do the dyeing. I had her take off her clothes for this activity, but she actually did a really good job and I had almost no mess to clean up.

We had a nice, quiet Easter Sunday with just our family. Sophie followed a jelly bean trail to her basket in the morning and then left with Dave for church at 9:00. I stayed home and enjoyed some one-on-one time with little Davey. After church we let her do a little egg hunt in the backyard and then we had a non-traditional dinner of soup, rolls, and jello. 

I had grand plans of getting a picture of the two kids together, but it didn't happen so they did their Easter pictures separately :) Here is Miss Sophie before church...

...and baby boy!

Sunny day for an egg hunt in our backyard! There are very few places to hide eggs, but she still had a great time, and the next morning we woke up to snow so the timing was perfect. 

Sorting out all her different treats. Not pictured are the peeps. She ate those as soon as she opened them. Next year she'll have to share this haul with Davey, but this year it's all hers (and mine). 

March 24, 2016

Sophie Turns Three!

Amid the excitement of Davey's arrival, Sophie turned three! Their birthdays will be just two days apart and I hope that doesn't cause problems in the future :) She had been looking forward to her birthday since December and was so excited that it was finally here. There is a princess calendar in her room that has been stuck on Snow White for almost two months because I told her it would be her birthday when it turned to Jasmine, so I had to wait until mid-March to change it. The morning she woke up to see Jasmine was a happy day!

Her actual birthday was on Saturday, but we celebrated on Sunday because she had another party for a friend on Saturday and I didn't want her to be confused. She would have loved to have a party with her little friends this year, but I didn't have it in me to put something together so we just celebrated with family. My parents came over, and so did Derek and Faye and my grandma Mimi. Her birthday wishes for this year were a balloon, having us sing to her and chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting. We also had her favorite meal of "cheesy noodles" for dinner. She is such a special girl and we love having her in our family - Happy Birthday Sophie!

Ready for a birthday breakfast of waffles with powdered sugar

For her birthday she got a doctor kit, two books, a shovel (she picked that out at the store), an Ariel coloring book, a mermaid for the bath and some beads to make necklaces and bracelets. Not pictured here is the entire container of beads scattered all over the floor after she flung them around with the shovel. I'm still finding them days later. 

Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles

We almost lost some hair to a candle, but she put it out just in time!

These cupcakes did not taste very good, but they were exactly what she wanted

At the party Davey was able to meet Uncle D and future Aunt Faye and his great grandma

March 23, 2016

David's Birth Story

Scroll down if you'd rather skip the story and just get to the pictures :)

Near the end of my pregnancy I was asked by my doctor if I wanted to schedule an induction date for this boy. I really wasn't sure about the whole process, but in the end I set a date for the 17th - two days before my due date. I have heard some horrible induction stories so I was a little nervous, but I was also ready to be done with pregnancy, and worried about this boy growing too big. I still had everything prepared beforehand in case he decided to come early, but like Sophie, he was set to cook until the timer went off.

It was a strange feeling to know exactly when I would be having a baby, but also kind of nice. I was able to get all my errands done, my house cleaned, work squared away, prepare Sophie for what was going to happen, take a shower, eat a nice meal, and get a good night's rest. It was also nice to never have to wonder if I was actually in labor and just show up at the hospital at the appointed time to get the party started.

We got called to come in at 6:30 am and were taken straight up to labor and delivery. I got settled in, met my team of nurses, and was started on pitocin by 7:30 am. The contractions started right away, but they weren't painful and I was able to relax and watch some tv with Dave until the doctor arrived around 9:00 am to break my water.

As soon as he broke my water the contractions started to become more intense and after about 20 minutes I called the nurse and said I was ready for the epidural. The process wasn't as smooth this time, but still worth every penny that insurance doesn't cover. This time my left side immediately went numb, but on my right side I only felt some tingling in my toes. Everything else felt normal. They had me lie on my side and gave me two extra doses to try and get the medicine to cross over. After an hour things still hadn't really changed and they were about to try something else, when the drugs finally kicked in. Hooray! Unfortunately my left side fully absorbed all three doses and was so numb that I couldn't move that leg for a few hours, but I'll still take that over feeling everything. 

At this point I was now dilated to a 5, and then quickly progressed to an 8, and then the doctor came back because I was likely to deliver within the hour. There were slight traces of merconium in my amniotic fluid so they called the respiratory unit up to be on hand in case he inhaled any during delivery. There were also a team of BYU student nurses at the hospital who hadn't seen a birth yet because it was a slow day at the hospital, so I said it would be alright if they all came in to observe. It was a full house! 

When it was time to start pushing it only took two contraction cycles before he was out. He came out with a head of dark hair and screaming! Respiratory quickly assessed him and determined he was fine, but while they were there they went ahead and performed the other newborn checks so all his screenings were completed right there in the delivery room and he never had to visit the nursery. The big surprise was his weight! I had a feeling he would be bigger than Sophie, and he did beat her out by a full pound, weighing in at 9 pounds, 2 ounces. I still can't believe I had a 9 pound baby in me that came out with only 2 pushes!

We had a super great nurse who took amazing care of me and baby David in the delivery room. She took this photo of us right after the birth with our new little boy. She brought him right over to me after he had been weighed and measured and helped me get him nursing right away. He nursed for a full 30 minutes right there in the room and hasn't really slowed down since. 

After we had both been cleaned up a little, we were transferred down a floor to our room. The hospital had made a few changes since I delivered Sophie there three years ago, in efforts to keep mom and baby together as much as possible during that first day. One of the changes was that they now do bath in your room instead of the nursery. She put towels down on my lap and I got to hold him during his first bath. He really hated it and made sure we knew how unhappy he was!

Hair washing went a bit better than the bath, but he still wasn't fully happy until he was back in a blanket in my arms

When they took his footprints his feet barely fit on the pad - that's my big boy!

My mom and dad arrived with Sophie around dinner time. At home she had told me that she didn't want to hold baby brother or see him at the hospital, so I was curious to see how she would do when she got there. First she ran to see me and Dave, but after that she decided she did actually want to see her brother and was very sweet and loving with him. She was fascinated by his face and fingers, and did agree to hold him on her lap if Grandmari was also holding her. 

We only spent one night at the hospital and Dave stayed with me in the room. Dave really enjoyed that March Madness also started on the same day so there was basketball to watch all day long. We could have stayed another night if we wanted to, but Davey passed all his tests and we were ready to get back to our own home and beds so there was no real reason to stay. Plus it's really hard to get any rest when someone is coming to check on you or the baby every few hours! 

Overall, this birth was a great experience and I have to say that I will choose being induced again in the future if it's an option. We are so grateful that everything went well with this pregnancy and delivery. We love this little guy so much and are so excited to have him in our family. I can't wait to watch him learn and grow!

March 22, 2016

David William Howe

We would like to officially introduce our little boy, who arrived last Thursday on St. Patrick's day. I'm still working on writing his story and sorting through the 200+ pictures of his first few days, but I did finish his announcement today. He has dark eyes and hair like his sister, and so far has been very easy going baby. We love him more and more each day and are so grateful to have him in our family!

He is named David after his father (Dave) and grandfather (my dad), and William after his other grandfather (Dave's dad) and uncle (Dave's brother Bill). He has a lot to live up too!

He was born on St. Patrick's Day and shares his birthday with his Uncle Bill, who passed away five years ago

March 13, 2016

39 Weeks

We hit the 39 week mark on Friday. I had my final doctor's appointment last week and everything went well. My blood pressure is awesome (100/70), he is measuring right on schedule, and had a nice strong heartbeat. I must have a comfortable womb though because Sophie was late, and brother is also showing no signs of coming anytime soon. I do have an induction scheduled for Thursday, so the end is near!

Overall I have been feeling good, and plan to work Monday and Tuesday of this week before starting my leave. I am scheduled to take 6 weeks of time off, and then plan go back in May to finish out the school year. My parents are in Idaho right now visiting my sister, and will be headed down our way to help with Sophie and the new baby. Over the weekend we also rearranged Sophie's room to fit a crib and a twin bed (more on that later), I finished cleaning my house, and we have all the essentials so now all we need is the baby. Just 4 more days!

My basketball bump. I'm only 5 pounds heavier with baby boy than I was with Sophie, but am feeling huge these days. I'm glad he's coming soon because I'm running out of things that fit!

With my sweet girl who wanted to have her picture taken too. We love her so much and are excited for her to become a big sister!

March 6, 2016

February Roundup

This will be a quick update, because February was a quick month. Grandmari came to visit for a few days to celebrate my Grandma Mimi's 87th birthday and it was fun to have her here, and to see my grandma a few times during the month. The rest of the month was spent preparing for baby boy's arrival. We are pretty much ready at home and at work, so I'm feeling pretty relaxed right now.

Now that we are ready, I've also been trying to spend as much time as I can with Sophie since her "only child" status will be expiring next week. She really is a good girl, and I know getting a brother will be a great thing for her down the road, but I do feel a bit guilty for what I'm about to put her through. We went to our usual places, but also went swimming at the rec center a couple times and the weather finally warmed up enough for us to visit a few parks.

One Sunday this month was our Stake Conference - always a joy with kids. This time we brought a couple cans of play doh and it kept her busy for almost 40 minutes. I actually got to listen to some of the talks!

We went to the farm twice this month now that the weather was warmer. It was our first visit since last fall and Sophie was so excited ride the ponies again. 

Sophie has become really good at playing by herself on a regular basis, a skill she's going to need when baby brother arrives.

One day she wanted to make a rocket ship from a box (something she saw on Daniel Tiger) so Dave got her a box and coloring it kept her busy for almost a week. Kids really do love an empty box!