June 26, 2016

Family Swim Night

The kids are both napping right now (a rare treat!) and we are leaving town in two days, but looking at pictures is more fun than packing or cleaning.... so here goes a blog post so this time can be classified as "productive" instead of "lazy".

Last night we all went down to the neighborhood pool after dinner. We've been swimming a lot in the last couple weeks, because that's pretty much all you can do when it's 100 degrees out, but this was the first time we could all go together. It was so nice to have two adults so one of us could swim with Sophie, and one of us could take care of Davey. We had also bought some pool toys at the dollar store (so bath toys could stop pulling double duty) and Sophie was excited to try them out. The best part was we were the only ones there! On a warm Saturday night! That's pretty much a miracle :)

My little fish

This was Davey's first time in the pool. He is too little to wear sunscreen so he normally watches from the shade on the side, but since we went in the evening this time he was able to get in. He was happy for about 5 minutes and then decided he was done. 

Feeling better now that he's warm and dry - look at that belly!

Video: At the end we had Sophie race Dave a few times to wear her out before bed. At the very end of the video, right before I cut it off, she says "Daddy, I have a wedge" :)

June 20, 2016

Davey at 3 Months

Davey turned three months on Friday and is still growing like crazy! He's got some healthy chub to him, but most of his size is length. He's grown over 5 inches since birth and is starting to move into 9 month clothing. Semi-official stats are 26 inches long (99%) and just over 15 pounds (75%). At least he's still on the charts!

Since Sophie and Davey were both March babies it's hard not to compare progress and milestones. They are similar in a lot of ways, but he did come with his own unique set of virtues and challenges. It's been fun watching his personality form and I can already tell he's going to be an active little boy like his sister. He is a fantastic eater and sleeper, and doesn't spit up nearly as much as Sophie did.  Our biggest struggle right now is that he will not take a binky and can only be soothed by eating, which makes car rides, church, restaurants, etc.... a little more difficult. We'll be driving up to Seattle next week and I have a feeling we are going to be making lots of stops.

Davey at 3 Months
  • He has still been sleeping well at night and gets up once between 3 and 5 am to eat and then is normally back down until morning. His naps are still up in the air, but he had been taking a 2-3 hour afternoon nap on most days. 
  • Sophie liked to slowly rotate in circles when you put her on the ground at this age, but he is a master inch-worm. He will scoot in a straight line across the floor or his bed until his head crashes into something. 
  • He is always very happy in the mornings, and right after a feeding. We love his big grins and little laughs.
  • His hair that he lost after birth is really growing back in on top and is still dark. I love petting his soft little head. 
  • Wants to put everything in his mouth. He loves to chew on blankets, burp clothes, clothes, or anything else that comes within range. If he can't grab something with his hands, he will dive down with his head to reach it. 
  • I know it's probably terrible to let your baby watch TV, but he really loves cartoons and they keep him engaged for about 30 minutes in the morning. We have to be out the door by 8:30 each day, so it's been really helpful to have both him and Sophie watch a show while I get get dressed and pack lunches for all of us. 
  • Does not like loud singing, which has also made church a bit difficult
  • He poops A LOT, which the doctor said could be a mild food allergy. She didn't recommend doing anything at this point, though, because he has been growing fine (or more than fine), hasn't had any skin reactions, sleeps well, and is overall a happy boy. For now we are just going through lots of wipes and desitin. 
I put him in 9 month jammies a couple weeks ago and he fills them out just fine

Starting to look a little big in his bath seat

Two month shots = sad boy for a couple days

Big smiles

Chewin' on a blanket

Taking one of his good naps. I can tell he's getting older because this post has only one sleeping picture. Before it was almost all sleeping pictures and just a few of him awake. 

I put him in the Bumbo chair the other day and was surprised by how well he did. I had to wedge his fat little bum in, and he has really enjoyed sitting in it while I work in the kitchen. It's so nice to have a place I can set him down from time to time!

Love that dark hair growing back in!

June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016

We celebrated Father's Day twice this year - once last week when my poor mom brain got my dates mixed up, and of course today.  Last week Sophie picked out some ninja turtle cereal at the store to share with him for breakfast (it tasted as gross as it looked) and we had the biggest clearance steak I could find for dinner. For dessert we had his favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Before church today on real Father's Day

I couldn't ask for a better husband and father than Dave. He always puts family first and is a natural with kids. Wherever we go he attracts a group of kids who want to play with him. He does the dishes every night, and lately has been cooking the dinner too! I've also always appreciated how he supports me in my work. He has been staying home at least once a week (sometimes more) since Sophie was born and she absolutely loves her day with daddy. One time we asked her why she loved daddy and she said it was because he was "so sweaty" - such sweet sentiments :) We sure love Dave and all he does for our little family!

June 8, 2016

Sophie at Three

Sophie turned three in March (I'm a little behind) and oh, how we love this girl! She tries our patience on a daily basis, but is also so full of light, love and happiness. She is curious about the world, loves to run errands with me, dances anytime a song comes on, and will eat anything if it comes with a side of cheese. She loves ninja turtles just as much as princesses, would love to someday have a pet snake, lizard and dog, and can spin in twirly dresses forever without getting dizzy. She is one of the slowest eaters I know and it takes her literally forever to finish a meal. One of her greatest struggles is balancing her emotions, and everything is either very happy or very sad. She has a tender heart and we love her sweet, and sometimes crazy personality.

Her well child check up was at the end of May and she is thriving! At her appointment she was 39.5 inches tall and 35.5 pounds. She continues to ride the 90th percentile curve and the doctors estimate she'll end up between 5'8" and 5'10", meaning she will probably pass me up by the time she's done with elementary school. We were working with her on the alphabet before the baby came along and she can recognize about a third of the letters and sings her own version of the ABC song. Preschool is probably going to be another year out for her, but she is very social and we know she will LOVE it when she finally gets to go. She can't wait for Davey to grow bigger so they can play together and is so excited for him to move into the crib in her room so they can have a sleepover every night. We know she will be an amazing sister!

Sophie at Three
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Favorite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesy noodles, and yogurt
  • Her best friends are Sydney and Hudson (my former coworkers twins), Paisley, and Ellia (neighbors)
  • Her favorite princesses are Rapunzel and Ariel, but for some reason she hates Belle
  • Watches pretty much any show on Disney Jr and Nick Jr, but her favorites are Lion Guard, Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Bubble Guppies, and Paw Patrol
  • Loves to go to the library, grocery store, Thanksgiving Point, aquarium, and playground
  • Her dream vacation is either to Disneyland or the beach
  • At night she always asks me to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Dave gets to sing "A Child's Prayer"
  • When she grows up she wants to be able to stand on her head

June 6, 2016

First Swim of Summer

Our neighborhood pool is now open for the summer and last Friday we had a swim party with friends. We have a good group of kids Sophie's age in our ward, plus quite a few babies for Davey to be friends with down the road. I'm so glad I was off work that day so I could take the kids! Afterwards we all came home and took naps together. It was such a fun day and we can't wait to get together again soon.

Davey chilling in the lounge chair - I dipped his toes in for a minute, but there wasn't any shade so he mostly observed the fun from the sidelines

An attempt at a group photo. We didn't take it until the end so naturally some kids refused to sit down, some were crying, and some kept falling in. Oh well. Not pictured are a couple of the big kids and the 5 babies. 

My little mermaid

Make a big splash!

Shopping Spree

My family loves getting a good deal, so naturally thrift stores are one of our favorite places to shop.  Today was an especially exciting day because I had a coupon for 75% off kids clothes at Savers and I went crazy! I only picked up a few things for Sophie since I already have clothes put away for her, but Davey needed an entire fall/winter wardrobe so I really stocked up. Apparently no one is looking for long sleeve clothes and pants when it's 90 degrees out so I was able to find lots of good stuff. The only area where I fell short was pajamas, but buying all this filled up a whole punch card so I'll be able to go back for round two sometime soon :)

A new record for longest receipt!

Davey's Haul - 31 items for $15.75

Sophie's Stuff - 4 Items for $3.25

June 4, 2016

May Roundup

May was another busy month for us, but things are slowly starting to wind down and we are just a few weeks from our summer trips. At the beginning of the month I went back to work and the kids started at a new babysitter. Dave received a teaching award from the Department of Management at the U, and had to defend his dissertation proposal, In the middle of the month we traveled to Portland for my brother's wedding, and then cam back and packed up again for Provo, where we spent 10 days at my aunt's house while she was out of town.

Random Pictures from May:

Dave taking care of business in the morning. It's been a challenge to be out the door for work by 9:00 am every morning, but we haven't been late yet!

My big boy. It's amazing how much he changes over just a month. These pictures from the beginning of May don't even really look like him anymore. 

Sophie with some of her neighborhood friends

Enjoying the trampoline at my Aunt Susan's house

Davey Boy

Sophie Girl

Chilling after a day at work

Happy napper

Big eyes in the morning. One of Sophie's favorite things to say is "wow! brother's eyes are HUGE!"

Rainy day fun

Picnic at the park

I also wanted to start keeping a record of some things that Sophie says/does because she's at such a funny age and I don't want to forget these moments:
  • One night she had an accident in her bed, but we didn't find out until the morning because in the middle of the night she changed her pajamas, put all her dirty blankets and animals in the washer, and then took a quilt off the rocking chair and laid it over the wet spot on her bed. We weren't thrilled about the accident, but we were pretty impressed that she was able to take care of things herself!
  • We were watching playoff basketball and during the Golden State/Oklahoma City series Dave commented about how this might be the first time he ever supported the Thunder and Sophie said, "Daddy, you shouldn't cheer for Thunder. Thunder is dangerous."
  • After using a q-tip to clean up some stray nail polish on her finger she told me, "Wow! That q-tip was magical!"
  • One night Sophie asked Dave to "decorate" her in jammies. She meant "dress",