August 29, 2013

Sweet Child of Mine

I sure do love this baby. I love her big dark eyes and chubby cheeks. I love the huge smile she always has on her face when she wakes up in the morning.  I love that she is getting bigger (as long as it doesn't happen to quickly) and I often find myself suddenly wanting to just scoop her up and snuggle her. I am so glad she is mine.

Sophie in the backyard earlier this week

August 24, 2013

Sophie at 5 Months

Another month has gone by and I find myself thinking when did my baby get so big?? It's still amazing to me how fast babies change at this age. Looking back over the last month Sophie has grown and learned so much. She continues to be a very happy baby, and in our new ward at church we are known as "the parents of the cute baby that smiles at everyone." She has recently made friends with some of the neighborhood kids, who frequently come over to ask if Sophie can come out so they can push her in the swing. We love her so much!!

Sophie at 5 Months
  • Is 26 inches long and weighs almost 16 pounds
  • Rolls like a champ and can no longer be left unattended on the bed or couch
  • Sleeps 12 hours at night (10 in her own bed and 2 in ours) with one feeding
  • Will try to grab anything that comes into her reach, including toys, clothes, phones, remote controls, keys, hair, the dinner plate, etc... 
  • Favorite activities include being outside, shredding paper (junk mail is her favorite), smiling at anyone who will look at her, and playing with daddy
  • Has two teeth on the bottom! They came in at the same time about two weeks ago. She does not, however, want me to take a picture of them
  • Is still exclusively breastfed, which has been a challenge at times now that I am back at work, but we have worked hard to make it work!
  • Is very close to sitting independently - she can do it, but still topples from time to time so I only let her sit if she's on something soft

August 11, 2013

This One's for Daddy

Dave is out of town right now. He left on Friday to attend the Academy of Management conference in Orlando, where he will be presenting on Monday. This is our third night Sophie and I have spent together and we are missing him, and I am sure he is missing us.Good luck tomorrow Dave!

Enjoying the toy buffet! Sophie likes to sit in the Bumbo while I work in the kitchen. I put random things on the counter by her and she will grab them one by one. After they have all fallen off, I put them back up and she will go through the line up again.

Looking at herself in the mirror in our bathroom

On Saturday we went up to Salt Lake to visit my grandma. While there I took Sophie down to the backyard to meet "Scary Frog", a frog I used to be afraid of when I was little - I guess she is braver than I was

Swinging in the front yard

Enjoying daddy's side of the bed on Sunday morning

Sitting up like a big girl

All tuckered out

August 8, 2013

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Fish!

My youngest sister Natalie got married to Brodie Fish on July 26 in the Salt Lake Temple. The Lambert girls are all married now! Natalie looked beautiful (as always) and we were excited to officially welcome Brodie to the family!

I was a bridesmaid with my sister Amy

It was a long, hot day and Sophie did remarkably well - she got passed around to all the relatives, kept her dress clean, and never had a meltdown!

The Lambert Family

With cousin Anne in their matching flower girl dresses

Dancing with Daddy

The Howe Family

Congratulations you two!!

Photos by Andrea Brionne Photography

August 4, 2013


Sophie's new favorite activity is sucking on her toes. She always enjoyed watching her feet kick around, and was thrilled to discover that she now has the coordination to grab them and put them in her mouth. As soon as you lay her down she curls up, grabs her toes, and starts sucking away. It does make diaper change, putting on clothes, and keeping blankets on her in bed a little more challenging, but it's so fun to see her learn and grow!

August 1, 2013

Fun with Cousins

While I was in Washington my sister Amy was also in town with her two kids Anne (3) and Will (1). Anne was especially interested in “helping” me take care of Sophie. At the end of the trip I got to wrangle all three of these cute kiddos for a couple days while my mom and sister were running Ragnar – it was an adventure!

I found Sophie like this during one of her naps – Anne’s explanation was “I was helping her be comfortable”

Anne helping with Sophie's bath - I let her pour water and comb Sophie's hair. Sophie needed a bath because she had a blowout and while I was taking off her dirty clothes Anne and Will found some whiteboard markers and colored on themselves. You can see some of Anne's artwork on her arm :)

Will wasn't too sure about Sophie at first, but had warmed up to her by the end of the trip

In their navy and white coordinating outfits (unplanned) after church