January 31, 2019

January Roundup

I know a lot of people feel like January is a long, dreary month, but we've had a great start to our new year and can't wait to see what comes next! We're back  into a good routine at home, and Dave is sailing along nicely at work. We are enjoying the new 2-hour church schedule, although we're still working to figure out the best way and time to implement the new Come Follow Me home study program. Here are a few other "goals" each of us has for the near future:

Dave - complete the Insanity workout program, tackle a few home projects

Mel - declutter, organize and decorate our house, plant a garden, start "mom school" with Davey

Sophie - become an independent reader, eat more foods, learn to ride a bike

Davey - make the switch from his crib to a big boy bed, eat more foods, POTTY TRAIN

Charlie - learn to walk, move out of our closet and into Davey's room, eat more foods (sense a theme?)

And here are a some pictures from January:

Gas prices were at the lowest we've seen in a long time earlier this month!

We are still going to the library every Thursday for the music program and book check out, although roles have reversed. Charlie is now the one who is all over the place (like getting stuck in the book shelf) and Davey is the one who sits calmly while I gather books. 

A sweet moment between these two! It doesn't happen often, but I love it when they can find a way to exist next to each other peacefully for a minute.  

Family game night. Davey is still a little young to understand most games, but he loves to be involved and Sophie has learned to just let things go when he breaks a rule or goes out of turn. 

I took the big kids to a slime activity at Michael's on Saturday. Each kid got a bag of slime to make into a snowman and then decorate. They loved it and by the end their snowmen were covered in beads, pom poms, and glitter. 

Surviving Stake Conference. Sophie found a friend and joined her family, and we had Davey's two friends join our row. It was chaotic, but we made it through!

After watching Marie Kondo on Netflix I've been on a cleaning rampage! Our house wasn't really messy, but when we moved in a lot of stuff just got put in closets without being organized so I'm trying to go back through and make sure we are only keeping stuff we need, and storing it in a way that we know it exists. 

I also have gone through and refolded all the clothes for myself and the kids using her methods. I'm not sure how long our drawers will stay like this, but I do like how everything fits in so nicely and you can see every piece at once. 

I told Sophie that she was two big to ride double with her friend Emery, but they proved me wrong - these girls are two peas in a pod!

At the cheer gym with the boys. Davey built a castle out of foam blocks that other kids kept trying to knock down. It was really frustrating for him, but we eventually got it built up to his standards and then he knocked it all down. 

Sophie colored this in kindergarten for Martin Luther King day. I have loved her artwork lately.  

We had temps in the 60s all week, then were hit by a small snow storm over the weekend, and then on Monday it was all the way up to 73 again. Amarillo sure has wild weather!

Like all babies, Charlie is now fascinated by the dishwasher. Time to keep the knives in the back!

Building humongous towers with Davey on a cold day

My phone is full of pictures of Davey sleeping in strange places now that he refuses naps. He always seems to give in every 3-4 days and I often just leave him where he is, or sometimes I'll carry him to his crib. 

It had been awhile since we had eaten lunch with Sophie at school, so we brought her a special meal of Top Ramen, apples, crackers, and chocolate milk. 

Our library check out receipts keep getting longer and longer. I'm pretty sure we are one of their best customers. This last time the lady even noticed that I had upgraded my book bag to a larger one.  

We made our first trip down to Lubbock to attend the temple (photo by Sophie). It was last minute decision, but we are glad we went even though it was an exhausting trip. We left at 6 am to drive down, dropped the kids at the Stake Center for babysitting around 8:15, went over to the temple for a 9 am session, picked up the kids around 11, went to Costco for some shopping and lunch, and then returned home to Amarillo around 3. 

Our house was hit with stomach flu. I was the first to get sick, followed by Dave, and then Davey. It was a rough 24 hours. At first we thought it might have been food poisoning, but then we heard that several other families in the ward also got sick, so we must have caught it from church :(

Davey has become a puzzle master! He is able to do most 24-piece puzzles on his own now.

Charlie is a master of destroying puzzles left on the ground :)

January 20, 2019

My Two Little Fish

Sophie started swim lessons right after we got back from our holiday travels. I was going to wait a few weeks to get back into a normal routine before adding more to our schedule, but her best friend Emery was the only one registered for the class, so we signed Sophie up as well. It made our life crazy for a few weeks, but swim lessons are so worth it!

Sophie is a very good swimmer, and while we still keep on eye on her around water, she has all the skills to stay safe. Right now her lessons are helping her to improve her dive (which is coming along!) and learn strokes. The strokes are challenging for her, but she stuck with it and is making progress. She was also able to retrieve dive rings 9 feet deep this time! Maybe she'll join swim team some day!

Davey also had his first swim lesson. My friend's son dropped out of the level 1 class, and since the spot was already paid for, the aquatics manager let Davey take his place. He did just one real lesson (the teacher didn't show up the second time) and had fun jumping in and splashing around. It was a good trial run. He wants to go back and do more,  but I think we will probably wait for him to get a little older, and better at following directions, before we sign him up for real.

Davey was so excited to finally be allowed to go to lessons. He brought Captain America along to help him be brave.  We also got out his special new swimsuit. It's for our beach trip in August, so it's a little big, but it sure made him happy to wear it!

Can you believe his teacher would ditch this cute little fish? He was so excited to get in, but then had to just sit and watch from the side. Luckily another instructor swam with him for a few minutes after the other lessons finished up. 

January 8, 2019

Charlie at 10 Months

Charlie is 10 months old now, which means this will be one of his final monthly updates. His first year has just flown by and it's been so fun to watch him grow. This is the first month where I feel like he's more kid than baby - his personality has become stronger, he's got a mouth full of teeth, he's started pulling up on everything, and he always wants to be in the mix with the other kids.

He is still really struggling in the eating department. Nursing accounts for 95% of his intake, which is not sustainable, but we are trying hard. We've tried pureed food, mashed food, finger food, warm food, frozen food, spoon feeding, pouch feeding, letting him feed himself - you name it, we've tried it. And sometimes we find something that works, but inevitably it only lasts for a day or two and then we are back to just nursing. He has recently started to take a bottle, however, which he hadn't done since he was just a few weeks old. He also has developed a love for the baby yogurt drops, which have no nutritional value, but may pave the way for success with other finger foods. I've put him on a one week trial and if we don't see improvement then we will schedule an appointment with a feeding therapist. Come on Charlie!!

Charlie at 10 Months
  • Charlie weighs about 20 pounds, which is the same as his 6 month weight. I've been watching him closely because of his food aversions and while he hasn't gained, he is holding steady instead of losing weight. 
  • We know he is growing up, even though he's slimmed down because his clothes keep getting smaller. I've put away all but a few of his 12 month clothes, and most of his wardrobe is size 18 months now. Still in size 4 diapers.
  • He got a couple more teeth on the top, which brings his total to 6. I don't see any coming on the bottom right now, but he's started drooling again like crazy so they may not be too far off. 
  • He is an absolute terror if you attempt to change his diaper before feeding him. He screams and rolls, and tries to fling himself off the table. Food should come first in his opinion. 
  • He also throws very dramatic tantrums if you take something away from him. Substitute items are not acceptable. He will rage and not stop until the original item is returned. 
  • He loves his family, loves to be held, and loves to snuggle and chew on his blue blanket. 
  • He says "mama" when he is sad or tired and is so close to saying "uh oh". He also likes to growl, blow bubbles, and babble. 
  • His favorite tricks are waving, shaking his head, opening drawers, and hammering. Just today he started cruising around a bit with his walker.

 Crazy bath hair

Standing to look out the window

His mouth full of teeth makes him look so much older!

Charlie got a bloody nose in the night after we got back from our trip. It freaked me out to find him covered in blood, and I was so relieved to see that it was just a nose bleed and that he had not been mauled. We suspect it happened because Amarillo is so much drier than Seattle and Dallas. This photo was taken after I had already cleaned up his face with wipes and then put him in the bath to wash off the rest. 

I accidentally buckled Charlie into Davey's car seat one day. He's getting so big that I didn't realize anything was wrong, except I couldn't figure out why the buckles were so loose. 

Sucking on pretzels. I'm not sure he ended up really eating any of them, but putting them in his mouth was a step in the right direction. 

Just scattering the pieces of a puzzle. His siblings are slowly starting to learn that if they don't want something bothered, they need to keep it up high. 

He had fun crawling on all the mats when we went to the cheer gym recently

Taking a nap snuggled up with his blanket "Blue"

January 6, 2019

The Fourth and Final Christmas

Christmas just kept coming for us this year! After we returned from our travels the kids were able to finally see what Santa left at our house while we were gone. They had been looking forward to this moment for a few weeks and were not disappointed! This was the first year we had to delay gifts and I'm glad it went over well since it will likely happen almost every Christmas. 

Sophie got her CD player and has been listening to music nonstop ever since. She has taken over the roll of house DJ and makes sure there is never a quiet moment in our house. 

Davey got the Sea Patroller boat! He was thrilled when we showed him that the little Paw Patrol vehicles he got for Christmas a couple weeks ago could ride inside the boat.

Charlie didn't ask Santa for anything this year, but has loved this Spin Again toy that was left for him. The big kids have also had fun with it and love helping Charlie load the spinning discs on the stick. 

January 3, 2019

Christmas in Seattle - Sophie's Ski Day

On New Years Day my dad and I took Sophie to try the magic carpet at Summit West. She had been looking forward to this moment and was eager to start practicing. She had been on skis before just to slide around, but this was her first experience on a real slope and she did great!!

We borrowed a training leash from my sister that my dad used to hold her back until she learned to control her speed, and after a few runs on the magic carpet she was ready to tackle the chairlift. She actually wanted to ride it all by herself and it took some convincing to let Paco go with her. She is so brave!

On her very last run she also decided she was ready to ditch the training leash and bombed it to the bottom, stopping on her own before my dad or I could catch up. Living in Texas will make learning more challenging, but she's off to a great start. Hopefully we'll be able to get her to snow every couple years so she can keep advancing. I'm looking forward to the day when she can be my ski buddy!

January 2, 2019

Christmas in Seattle - Cabin Fun

During our Christmas trip we were able to spend a few nights up at the cabin in Snoqualmie pass. Dave and I used to spend a lot of time up at the cabin while we were living in Seattle, before we had kids. I have great memories of weekends up there doing puzzles, reading books, playing games, taking hikes in the summer and skiing in the winter. Being there with kids is a totally different experience, one that is quite the opposite of peaceful and quiet. I will admit there were a few moments I wish I could have made them vanish for a short time, but this season of toddlers, yelling, and mess will pass.

The kids did have a blast. We drove up in the dark the first time and put the kids right to bed, and when Davey woke up in the morning he was so surprised by the snow and kept calling everyone over to go look out the window. We took them sledding in the driveway and ate lots of fresh snow cones while we were up there. Living in Texas they will probably not see tons of snow, so I'm sure our Christmas trips to the cabin will be something they look forward to in the future!

Enjoying the beautiful scenery as we drove up the pass

Arriving at the cabin

Playing cowboys in the loft

Adventuring out into the snow

Sledding in the driveway

Two happy kids, and one kid who did not want to take a photo

On our second trip Sophie went up a day before us so she could spend one last night with Anne, who was leaving in the morning. They played games, ate snow cones, and then had a sleepover in the queen bed. 

My mom watched the kids while Dave and I went snowshoeing in the woods behind the neighborhood. I had forgotten how fun it was and had a great time!! We also went with Brodie and his two dogs and it was fun to watch them bound through the deep powder. 

With my Charlie

We did a little photoshoot with Charlie and Briggen. They were so confused about what was going on, but sat through it very patiently :)

Snow cones!! One of my favorite treats that I look forward to every time we visit. My personal favorite is a blackberry/peach combo.

With my mom and sister in our matching flannels. We look tired because it's New Year's and we are too old to stay up until midnight :)

On New Year's day we went skiing in the morning. There wasn't any new snow, but the conditions were still good and after not skiing for a couple years due to babies, I was just fine it wasn't a big powder day. 

I also got a puzzle done while we were up there

We let these munchkins take a bath together. Even though Charlie has slimmed down a lot, he's still got some chunk in his thighs. 

Farewell cabin - we wish we could have stayed longer!