August 31, 2018

August Roundup

August was a return to normalcy after our weeks of travel and fun. Sophie started up school, Dave led a negotiations training for Pantex (a nuclear assembly plant) and then went back to teaching, and the boys and I fell back into a routine of walks, grocery shopping, and visits to our favorite places. August also marks one full year of being in Amarillo! We have now seen all the seasons and are feeling a little more at home. I can't say it's paradise here, but I do like it more than when we first arrived, so I guess things are looking up.

Rainbow over our house after a summer storm

Sophie with baby Davey in August 2016 and again with baby Charlie in August 2018

Dave was in charge of a ward "Back to School" breakfast at the church. He invited a firetruck and police car to attend, which were both very popular!

Hopefully this is the only time any of these three are ever in the back of a police car

A way to keep them from fighting, or Sophie spilling water on the middle cushion, or both!

Two new things we found at the Discovery Center - a lightning ball and a tornado machine

Sunday afternoon naps

Fun at the mall playground after school one day

August 23, 2018

Davey's Sleep Struggles

Davey started to have troubles sleeping while we were traveling this summer. He HATED going to bed and would start crying about it when it was still only breakfast, and night was hours away. It was a dramatic battle whenever bedtime rolled around, which was so hard because he used to be so easy to put down. Some milk, a song, say good night and that was it! Now it took multiple attempts that always ended in crying and screaming. 

Then while we were at grandma's house, he started climbing out of his pack n' play - nooo! Dave would just sit outside his door for an hour each night until he finally fell asleep, but then I would find him wandering the house at 2 am playing in the toy room, or trying to get into the refrigerator. Since we were traveling, we didn't have options for door locks or moving him to a toddler bed, and just toughed it out, hoping he would go back to normal when we got home to his own room and crib. 

Sleeping in the hall at grandmas. I found him early in the morning on the carpet, so I made him a little bed so he could be more comfortable.

Well, he didn't. Bedtime was still a battle, and now he would climb out and go into Sophie's room at night. Sometimes it woke her up, or sometimes she would just find him in her bed or on her rug in the morning.  I eventually found a door lock for lever handles (the door monkey - it's genius!!) and was in the process of ordering bunk beds, when he suddenly started sleeping in his crib again. 

Crying about sleep - it was a daily struggle

Sleeping on his crib mattress at home. This didn't work any better, so we just put it back in his crib. 

It was a rough couple months, but it looks like we won't be making the crib-to-bed transition yet after all. We moved his nap earlier (noon instead of 2) and I think that has helped him feel more tired at bedtime, and I think the novelty of climbing out just wore off. He has been going down so much easier, and still climbs out on occasion, but the door monkey keeps him trapped in his room until we go get him in the morning. Hopefully when we do eventually move him to a big bed it goes smoothly since we've already worked through this period of independence and exploration.

And now things are going better! Sleeping, in his bed, without a struggle. I took these on two different days, but he has identical sleep position :)

August 22, 2018

Sophie Looses Another Tooth!

Sophie lost her second tooth, another one from the bottom, at school. We had read the Fancy Nancy book about loosing a tooth several times, where Nancy gets a little tooth necklace from her teacher, and Sophie was excited for that to happen to her too. Unfortunately her story had a different ending, and instead of going into a necklace, her tooth was put in a paper towel and thrown out :(

She was pretty disappointed, but actually handled it quite well. We wrote a note to the tooth fairy to explain what happened, and it must have worked because the next morning she found a $1 bill under her pillow.

Her new smile, and one of Davey too, because he wanted to show off his teeth as well

August 15, 2018

Sophie Starts Kindergarten!

Sophie is off to kindergarten! I can't believe we aren't going to have her around anymore (it's full day), but we know she is so ready for this and is going to have a great year! Dave will be dropping her off in the mornings on his way to work, and I'll do pick up in the afternoons since we live 0.1 mile from the border of the bus zone. Her teacher this year is Ms. McCready, which is going to take some practice since Sophie currently calls her "Mrs. McGreeny." She was nervous for her first day, but came home feeling good and with news that she had already made two new friends.

We got back in town the day before school started. We went down to the office first thing that morning to get her registered and drop off her school supplies. She is going to Sleepy Hollow, home of the "Horsemen."

Dave and I both went with her on the first day to drop her off

Good luck and have a great year Sophie!!

August 14, 2018

Summer Fun at Grandma's House

After our three weeks in Seattle, we flew back to Dallas and then stayed with the Howes for another 10 days before heading home to Amarillo. As always, our time there was full of friends, family, food, and me once again forgetting to take a photo of the kids with their grandparents. Grandma was even nice enough to take them on a special outing to CooCoo's (an indoor playland) and Chick-fil-A. Next time I will remember!!

Grandma was on an adventure in North Carolina at the beginning of our trip, so we sent her silly photos to let her know we missed her

Davey had a few very early mornings while we were visiting, so I took him outside because at least it's cool enough to play at that time of day

Sophie really loves these Mystery Mosaic coloring books at grandma's and completed several while we were there

We went to Lockhart Smokehouse with Greg because I was craving brisket, and it didn't disappoint!

Grandma brought blueberries home for Davey because she know they are his favorite

Swimming at grandma's neighborhood pool is always a fun, especially when Dave is there to make things more exciting!

One morning I braved the drive to downtown Dallas with the kids (and no Dave) to meet up with friends at the Perot Museum. They had a wonderful time!! The kids are old enough to remember each other now and are always so excited to see each other. This is the only picture I took from our visit (I had my hands full), but Sophie loved this purple heart geode. 

I went out with the girls one night for a pedicure and movie, and Charlie tagged along too! Our pedicure was not the best (over an hour waiting, then a rushed job) and Ocean's 8 was nothing special, but it's always nice to get away with these ladies!

 Time to head home because kindergarten starts in just two days!

August 7, 2018

Charlie at 5 Months

Charlie turned 5 months while we were traveling and life was crazy. Now that things have settled I can post about this happy, chunky boy! Last month he became a pretty stable sitter, moved up another clothing size (12 months now 😳), learned to use his hands to grab anything and everything, and smiled at every one he met. He is a perfect baby 95% of the time and we love him to pieces!!

Charlie at 5 Months
  • No check up this month, but by our scale he weighs around 18 pounds, which is double his birth weight! He is big enough that I can barely carry him in the infant car seat, and I normally just leave it in the van now. 
  • He drools like crazy, but there is still no sign of teeth poking through just yet. Most days I have to change his shirt 2-3 times because it gets soaked through, even with a drool bib. 
  • The other kids were able to start sitting at this age, but as his 5 month mark approached, Charlie didn't seem like he was even close. But then just a couple days later he figured it out and is now a pro!! He loves to be plopped down with a bunch of toys to wave and chew on - I think it makes him feel like a big kid! 
  • I have seen him roll both ways a couple times, but that's it. He's still a bit too chunky and flipping over is hard work. 
  • He is starting to fall into a bit of a nap routine, although the number, time, and duration are still all over the place. Haha. It's not his fault though. As the third child his schedule is always being disrupted by siblings, appointments, errands, and school pick up. 
  • His naps may be unpredictable, but his nights are still amazing. He goes to bed somewhere between 9 and 11 pm, but once he's down he will sleep 10 hours straight without a feeding. I've only been up with him in the night a couple times over the last few months. Angel baby!!
  • Thanks to his quick hands, he had his first taste of ice cream and licorice. 

First time sitting on his own!

Look at how solid those thighs are!


Using his new sitting skills to admire the handsome baby in the mirror

This balloon was a favorite for a few days

We bought him a walker after returning from vacation because he LOVES to be in a standing position. At first he could only make it go backwards, but now he's figured out how to manuver better and rolls all around the house.