February 24, 2011


The last of the Lamberts, my brother Derek, will be starting college this year and yesterday he got his acceptance email to BYU. Hooray! 

Four siblings attending BYU is great, but even more impressive are the 22 grandkids in a row from my mom's side that have all gone to BYU. Derek will contintue the tradition as number 23. Way to keep the legacy alive!

One more reason to rise and shout? The four Lamberts will all be living in Provo next school year. Fun times ahead!!
  • Derek - Freshman
  • Natalie - Junior
  • Amy - Graduated, but supporting husband and second year law student Jeremy
  • Melanie - Graduated, but supporting husband and second year MBA student Dave

February 23, 2011

Mmmmmm ... caaaaake

Tonight BYU beat Colorado State, but more importantly they scored more than 80 points which earned everyone in attendance free Magleby's cake - rich, chocolaty, delicious cake. Mmmmmm!


February 19, 2011

Life without TV

A couple weeks ago our TV starting acting strange. It would randomly turn off, and then turn back on a few seconds later - not desirable, but we could live with it. Then it started happening every 30 seconds. Now we were beyond our tolerance limit and decided to call a repair man.

They came and replaced a part, after which our TV worked for one day and then died; Nothing but black screen.

It took us a week to get a repair guy back to our house (scheduling is a beast when you're both gone all day). After messing with the TV for a few minutes, our repair guy determined that it needed to be taken back to the shop for further investigation.

And so we have been without for almost two weeks now - a real hardship, I know. I don't think I realized how much the TV was on until it wasn't:

No Wii
No movies from our collection
No movies from Redbox
No MoTab Sunday morning
No Planet Earth Sunday evening
No TLC while I iron
No Brady Bunch while I make dinner
No Law & Order re-runs while we eat dinner
No Bones on Thursdays
No Fringe on Fridays
No Food Network at night
No sports - which prompted us to buy tickets from a scalper to the BYU vs Utah game since they stopped taking All sports passes and we had no TV to watch from home

Instead we have been playing games, getting ahead with homework, cleaning out the house, organizing photos, reading, listening to music, going to bed on time, or even EARLY.

So it hasn't been all that bad. But I will be glad when it comes back :)

February 17, 2011

Skiing with the Fam (minus Nat who was sick)

This weekend my family came down to Utah for a ski trip. My mom watched baby Anne while Amy, Dad, Derek, Dave, and I spent two days on the slopes at Snowbird. There hadn't been any new snow for a few days, but the weather absolutely gorgeous - sun out and blue, blue skies!

Action shot of me; There are no action shots of Dave because he is not patient enough to wait for a photographer to ski to the bottom and get the camera out :)

Hiking Mt. Baldy - here we took our skis off and hiked up part of the mountain to reach terrain not accessible from the chair lifts. Quite an adventure, but it really wore me out!

On the hike up Mt. Baldy you pass this sign. Note the last warning - it comes in to play later

After the hike you had to ski across the mountain to get to the good snow. Somewhere along this traverse we lost Dave. Here I am at the end of the traverse ready to go down.

>>Short Story Break<<
After skiing down the softest snow of the day, we paused to watch a few skiers jump off some nearby cliffs. Then to my horror, I realized that the guy on the next cliff over was Dave. Dave's cliff was narrow, steep, and I could see no easy, medium, or hard way down. So he took of his board, choose what looked like the least rocky/treey path down and prepared himself for a slide. If I hadn't been so worried about the outcome of said slide, I would have taken a video. So you'll just have to imagine an orange blob tumbling off a cliff at great speed with a snowboard careening close behind. Luckily both the board and the boy came out of it with minimal damage - phew!

On the Cirque, looking for the least scary way to drop into Great Scott

Amy taking a break while we wait for the lost brother to show up
No trip to Snowbird is complete without a couple passes through Mini Miners Camp - sort of a snow roller coaster through the trees, complete with wood cut outs of a general store, train station, old men with pick axes, and a graveyard. It's designed for small children with short skis, but we still enjoy it as big kids.
On the chair with my cliff diver - thanks for taking up this crazy sport! I love doing this with you!

February 13, 2011

A Passionate Sixth Grade Boy Speaks to His Love

On our most recent trip back to Texas, Dave's mom brought out boxes of old school work that she had saved for each of her kids. It was hilarious to look the at grade reports (Dave rocked at kindergarten), the artwork, and read through stories they had written.

In Dave's box we found these two gems, and since Valentine's day is just around the corner I thought I'd share:


We googled the first line and found that the assignment must have been to write a poem based off The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, but I personally like this version better.  I still can't decide what my favorite part is - the hike/bike date, the famous picture of a dove, playing in a meadow, or the 20 lb bag of gummi bears. What a funny kid, and what lucky girl I am that he's mine :)

February 10, 2011

Tribute 3

The contents of this post have been on my mind for the past week, but I didn't know quite how to put what I have been thinking into words. But since Tribute and Tribute 2 have now been written, I guess now it's my turn. Without further procrastination, here is "Tribute 3":

On Saturday, January 29th, we got word that Dave's oldest brother, Bill, had passed away. His passing was completely unexpected and the kind of news that no one is prepared to receive.  How could this happen? What do we do now? We went and got Liz, the only other Howe here in Utah and spent the day together, while the rest of the family gathered at home in Texas.

We went through the day in shock and then when the night came, so did the overwhelming sadness. It was one of those nights where you sleep with the Kleenex box between your pillows and then throw the used tissues over the side of the bed onto the floor because you just don't care.

But a few days later we were able to fly back to Texas to be with family. How thankful we are for understanding professors and employers who made it so easy for us to just get up and leave right in the middle of the week. And how thankful we were to make it there without any delays to our trip - crazy, crazy weather down there!

Snow in Plano the day of the service

Although we wished we were there for a different reason, it was a great trip.  It was so good to see family that we hadn't been able to see over Christmas. So good to cry and laugh about all the good memories we had of Bill. So good to be reminded over and over again of blessed we were to have known such a generous, funny guy that loved his family and friends above all else. It was a chance to receive confirmation that Bill was gone from his body and gone from this world, but also a reminder that he is not gone, that families are eternal and we will see him again.

One night Dave mentioned how sad and strange it was that our kids would never know Bill. I agreed. And I'm not sure exactly how it all works on the other side, but I hope that now that Bill is done with his time on earth, he might have some time to spend with our kids before they start journey here. Because Bill truly was a fabulous uncle - the best a kid could ask for.

We'll miss you Bill.

The Howe Family, February 2011