September 28, 2011

Fall Colors & My Colors

I haven't posted in a while... my laptop had a minor problem that I had just been living with for the past 6 months, but since my warranty expires in October I finally decided to send it in for repair. So I packed it up in a box, put it in the mail and said goodbye.

And now it's back!

On Monday my school had a half-day, and the staff went up to Sundance after the kids went home. We rode the chairlift up to the top for a picnic and some team building. It was a gorgeous day and the trees were just starting to change colors - so beautiful!

Earlier in the week, the staff had all taken personality tests and were given a 20-page profile based on the results. It was very comprehensive - my personal style, how I interact with others, how I make decisions, my strengths & weaknesses, what value I bring to a team, my communication style, suggestions for development, what motivates me, how to manage me, etc...

I didn't agree with some of the results, but I was surprised by how accurate most of the profile was!

Some parts were great to read:  Melanie is logical and analytical, an ingenious think and long-range planner, and good at anything that requires rapid reasoning. She is a good decision maker and thinks clearly under pressure. Melanie shows loyalty to others and is a pillar of strength for those around her... 

Other parts were a little unnerving: Melanie dislikes being told what to do or how to do it. Her tendency to detach herself from her emotions allows her to retain objectivity, but can make her seem somewhat inconsiderate towards both herself and others. Melanie could benefit from being more open about how she is feeling...

It also gave you a summary of your "color" composition. My strongest "color" was red - competitive, determined, strong-willed, & purposeful. I am the only "red" at the school.  My lowest color was yellow - sociable, dynamic, enthusiastic & persuasive, but that's ok because I married a yellow and we make a great team :)


September 7, 2011

Called to Serve!

My little brother Derek got his mission call today! Since my siblings and I are all in Provo right now, we went over to Helaman Halls tonight to watch him open it. We had mom with us on Skype, but it was exciting to be there in person for this:

Please pardon the quality of this video - it's all I've got for now. There were others there with cameras so I hope to have some pictures soon.

Teresina Brazil!

Elder Lambert will report to the MTC on January 28th. He is the first (and potentially only) missionary to serve from our family, so we are really excited for him!!

September 2, 2011

Get off the couch & get your head in the game!

Lately Dave and I have had some trouble keeping busy at night. We've just been sitting around looking for somthing fun to do. 

Problem solved. This fall we are each going to play on four intramural teams. I'm playing women's soccer, women's volleyball, women's flag football and co-ed kickball. Dave is playing kickball, men's ultimate frisbee, men's flag football, and men's volleyball. Yesterday I got out the calendar

Behold our schedule for September - 25 games in 23 days

There are also 8 more games in October, and then the extra games for playoffs. Are you tired just looking at this? I am. We're not exactly in tip-top shape right now so this should help out. The next month will bring the end of sitting around, several loads of laundry, more showers, hopefully no injuries, and lots of fun!