February 19, 2017

Davey at 11 Months

This post is Davey's last update before his birthday. It's been a great year with this little guy and we love seeing his personality emerge as he gets older. He can be sweeter and happier than Sophie ever was, but he also has a major stubborn streak and can really be a pill sometimes. Out of sight does not mean out of mind, and if there is something he wants he will find a way to get it. He knows how to escape the bathtub, the bumbo seat, the stroller (if I don't do both buckles) and makes daily attempts to dive off the changing table. Last week he grabbed my phone off the counter and threw it on the ground, cracking the screen. It's a good thing he's cute because I have a feeling we are going to need to keep a watchful eye on this little guy once he starts walking!

Davey at 11 Months
  • 30 inches long and 23.5 pounds. He's put on a pound since last month, proof he's growing again!
  • Sleep has been better. He naps at 10 and 2 each day, and goes down from 7 pm to 7 am at night. I allow him one feeding around 4, and at that time I move him from the crib in Sophie's room to the pack n' play in our room. She wakes up pretty early, so it works best to move him in with us in the wee hours of morning so she doesn't wake him up later on. 
  • He loves to have his head and back rubbed, and will snuggle into you if you give him a good massage.
  • Learned to wave, and will sometimes do "so big". We are still trying to teach him how to clap. 
  • Is in to everything and loves to scatter things. His daily routine involves knocking over the stack of library books, emptying the kitchen drawers, pulling all the magnets off the fridge and checking all corners of the house for treasures we may have left within reach. Sophie is always yelling "brother found something tiny!" that we then go fish out of his mouth. 
  • Has started playing with Sophie for short periods of time and puts up with a lot of tough loving from her. 
  • Is very vocal and will sometimes imitate sounds we make, but says no real words
  • He is now eating about 4 oz of baby food and a bowl of oatmeal each day. It's been slow and steady progress. He also enjoys soup, corn, potatoes, pretzels, pizza crust, and yogurt. I'm curious to see what will happen when we give him some cake for his birthday next month. 
Just having a party in the mother's lounge at church, instead of napping like he's supposed to

He fell asleep folded in half the other day

Still just 4 little teeth, although I think he may be getting some more on top. It's hard to tell because his teeth come in soooo sloooow. 

And check out this crazy tongue trick! I've never seen a tongue move the way his does. 

February 16, 2017

Roses are Red

We had a very casual Valentine's Day this year. Sophie passed out treats to a few of her friends and Dave made us a steak dinner, but that was it. It was sweet and simple. I do like to take a "Valentine's Day" picture, however, so I have something to use for the February page of the calendar I make for our family each year.

I got a few roses at work from the Parent Organization and decided to just give them to the kids to hold. Easy enough, right?? It didn't go quite as planned, but I still liked the shots I got, enough that I couldn't pick just one to post, so here they all are:

February 14, 2017


Last Friday I picked the kids up at the babysitter's and then we stopped at the Curiosity Museum for some fun on the way home. I normally nurse Davey right after getting back from work, but since we were out, he had to wait a few minutes while I got Sophie settled in the art room. We went to find a bench, but be was being pretty fussy and was too distracted by all the chaos to nurse well, so I just gave up after a few minutes and decided to wait until we got home. 

At home it didn't go much better, but he did eat his oatmeal before bed, so I just put him down and figured he'd be better the next morning. WRONG! He did eat around 3 am, but then when he woke up the next day he started screaming and arching as soon as I even held in in the feeding position. He is normally a really good eater, so I was a little concerned, especially when he reacted the same way when I tried again an hour later. He's progressing with solids, but still not great and certainly not ready to go without milk, so I wasn't sure what to do if he was refusing to nurse. After a little banana he was happier, so I decided to just leave him alone and hope that later he would be hungry enough to quit the hysterics and just eat like normal.  

At nap he refused again, so I just put him down crying and then had to go pump because we had skipped so many feedings. I couldn't figure out what his problem was. At first I thought it might be teething, but ruled that out. He had a slight runny nose, but no fever or other indication of illness. It wasn't weaning, because we had been nursing 6-7 times a day this wasn't a gradual cut back, it was stopping cold turkey. When he woke up I gave him a bottle to see if it was the taste of the milk that had offended him, but he sucked it down in a minute flat and wanted more, but still wouldn't take it from me. He was on strike. 

Saturday ended up being a very long day.  He was needy, stubborn and hungry. I was confused, frustrated, and cursing the fact that my good pump was at work (terrible time to forget it) and only had a hand pump available. We were both short on patience, and high on emotions. I kept pumping, but didn't give him any more bottles because if he was going to be stubborn, so was I. He did end up eating double the amount of real food he had ever had in his life, but he was still well short of his normal calorie intake. The lack of nursing also meant I wasn't able to soothe him in the usual way and ended up having to put him to bed screaming and crying. 

My view most of the day

He cried himself to sleep for both naps and night

Now that it had been a full 24 hours, I was starting to get nervous. I had read online that strikes can last from just a couple days to weeks, and I couldn't go on like this for weeks. I was hoping that when he woke up for his night feeding he would be too tired to remember he was on strike and things would go back to normal, but he remembered and was quite possibly even madder than he had been in the day. He would scream and push at me if I even held him on his back. After an hour of battle, I fed him some oatmeal in a pouch, gave him a little water in a cup, then dropped him back in his bed. I tried to sleep, but couldn't. 

On Sunday morning I was drained, but determined to break the strike. The morning feeding went terrible, and so did the next feeding, and around lunch I was starting to wonder how we would get through church with a baby that refused to eat. Then Dave had the idea to try the shield we had used for awhile with Sophie when she was a newborn and having a hard time nursing. Amazing, I knew right where it was even though it had been in storage for 3+ years and gave it a try. I put it on my finger and then put it in his mouth and he started sucking furiously right away. It was a good sign. I put it back in his mouth and then turned him towards me and he kept going! It was amazing! I took it away and he freaked out, so I put it back. This was a good start and we would figure out the next step from there. 

Turns out it only took a couple more sessions before we were back to normal. At church I took him into the mother's lounge after Sunday school and he nursed for a good 30 minutes (normally he's a speed demon done in 10 or less) and then drifted off to sleep in my arm. He hasn't napped at church for a couple months, so this was another miracle. We stayed there for the rest of church and just rocked and rested and felt happy to be together again. 

I still don't know what caused the strike, but I'm grateful we were able to get through it and that it only lasted 36 hours. My heart hurts for those poor mamas that have to fight this battle for a week or more. We are going to be leaving on a trip without the kids in a few months, so I know our nursing days are numbered, but I'm glad we're not at the end of the road just yet and can enjoy the time we have left. 

And, on a side note, look at those lashes!! He sure is going to make all the girls jealous someday. 

February 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Point Fun

Awhile back we met up with two of my cousins at the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. Their boys are right in between Sophie and Davey age-wise, so it's a fun little crew. Henry absolutely loved Sophie (and her snacks) and she was so sweet with him. It gave me hope that she might eventually  start treating Davey like a friend instead of a pest. It was a fun morning. I always like seeing my cousins and the kids were really well behaved, especially the two that weren't mine :) 

Sophie loved being the "big girl" on our outing and had fun leading the two boys around (although she wasn't a very good driver and kept running poor Peyton off the sidewalk into the snow). While we were walking she said, "Look mommy, my hands are full of kids!"

The ice cream parlor gives free cones to kids 3 an under so we stopped for lunch and a treat after the museum. They were out of soft serve, so our crew got upgraded to the good stuff and were pretty happy about it!

After a month of bitter cold and endless snow storms, we finally caught a break in the weather, so a few days later I took my kids back for a visit at the farm.  It was still pretty chilly, so we only lasted about an hour, but it felt so nice to be outside after so much time indoors. 

Sophie was really excited to get on a horse after being told "no" to the circus pony rides the week before. She named this horse "Browner."

They milk the cows every afternoon and let the kids take a turn too if they want. The girl who went first wasn't able to get any milk out, but Sophie walked right up and got two squirts right in the bucket!

February 6, 2017

The Hair Shave

I first trimmed Davey's hair back when he was about 3 months old to try and even things out and let his bald patches catch up. Several months later his hair had really filled in, and and he was starting to look a little scruffy, especially on the back of his neck. Time for a haircut!

I got out the clippers, and chose a short guard for the back and a longer guard for the top. Sadly, they were both blue and I accidentally grabbed the short guard first. When I saw how much hair was coming off I knew I had messed up, but there was no going back so I just shaved his whole head. Now he looks like a little army man, but at least it should grow back quickly and next time I will be more careful!!

The before and after

The clippings - instead of just trimming the top a bit, I ended up cutting off 1 to 2 inches. Oops!

February 4, 2017

January Roundup

After the festivities of Christmas, January usually passes by slowly, but not this year. We came back from Utah and then left the next weekend for a quick trip to Idaho, and then went down to Provo the next day to house-sit for my aunt. I figured out that over a 32 day period, we only slept in our own beds for 5 nights. We also did not attend our home ward for church for 6 consecutive Sundays (travel, my parents ward in Washington, travel, baby blessing in Idaho, my brother's ward in Provo, stomach flu), which meant Sophie did not go to primary for the first time until the last week of January. She is missing nursery, but has good teachers, a fun class, and I;m sure will adapt quickly.

We returned to Utah just before my Lambert grandparents left so we were able to see them at a cousin dinner. There are 9 great grandchildren now (with 2 more on the way) and all but two of them are boys so Davey is in good company!

Sophie has gotten REALLY into games and is always asking us to play with her. Our collection of kid games is pretty much nonexistent, so we've been trying to adapt what we have to her level, which makes things interesting sometimes, but she is catching on quickly!

Some daily shinanigans

My little loves before church

The Jordan World Circus came to town a few weeks ago and we got tickets from Groupon for just $10 each. It's several levels below Barnum & Bailey (the sharpshooter kept missing, a horse ran away, the juggler dropped things), but it was perfect for our family. The only hiccup was the half time intermission. The audience is invited down and they have several animal "experiences" available for purchase. Sophie was heartbroken we wouldn't pay $10 for her to sit on a pony. 


I need to be better about writing these down when they happen, because I've already forgotten almost everything except Sophie telling us she doesn't like white meat (chicken), just pink and black meat (steak). Don't we all...