March 31, 2019

March Roundup

 We survived March! With all the kids celebrating birthdays this month it almost felt like a second Christmas. I also made a trip to Utah to see my grandma, we all drove out to Oklahoma City for Spring Break, cousins from Oregon came to visit us, and the one week we had nothing going on was when everyone was hit by strep.  There was never a dull moment! Here are a few other things that happened in March:

The zoo had camps for toddlers every Friday this March. We met our friends there on "Tiger Day" and Davey proudly wore his tiger shirt. 

The kids helped decorate a cardboard giraffe that the keepers then placed in the tiger enclosure as an enrichment activity. The kids like watching the tiger take it apart!

Davey also made a tiger puppet

Charlie is big enough to ride in the car cart now!

Checking out a bird nest we found on a walk

There are no parks near our house, but the accounting office just around the corner has a nice river of rocks. We walked over one afternoon and the boys were happy there for an hour!

Davey pretended his arm was a crane and he slowly made this "building" out of rocks. It's still standing a few weeks later and he loves to look for it out the window of the van every time we drive past. 

We got tickets to a little circus that was coming to Amarillo, but when we showed up at the fairgrounds the place was deserted. I guess their contract had been cancelled, but they never bothered to notify anyone. The kids were super disappointed, so we redeemed a Chuck E. Cheese Groupon we had been saving for a rainy day, and they had a blast!

Davey and his best buddy Jaxon

Charlie has been standing on his own for a month now, but this was the first time I got it on camera. He is also talking a few steps and will be walking in no time!

The boys got these dino hoodies from Aunt Liz, and luckily Charlie finally grew into his before Davey's got too small so they could be matching :)

He has the happiest eyes

March 27, 2019

Dropping Like Flies...

On Monday morning I woke up feeling horrible. I was feverish, my head ached, and I had the worst sore throat ever. I told Dave I was sick and immediately booked an appointment at the Urgent Care near our house. Dave dropped Sophie at school, and I took the boys with me to the clinic. The doctor did a strep test that came back positive and also told me that I had an ear infection. I was relieved to hear it wasn't just a cold I'd have to wait out for days, but I also felt terrible because I was pretty sure Charlie was sick as well, and had been for a few days...

Charlie hadn't been eating well (unfortunately that's common for him), and had also been running a fever and not sleeping well, but we had dismissed it as teething (bottom teeth are coming in) or a reaction to the vaccines he had received just a few days before. Now I was almost positive he actually had strep and been suffering for a few days. Poor baby! I booked him an appointment with the pediatrician and Dave took him in that afternoon. Results came back positive for strep and also an ear infection, so we started antibiotics right away.

Now that two of us were confirmed strep, we knew it was likely the rest of the family was sick, or would be soon. Davey and Sophie already had well-child checks schedule for the next day, so we had the pediatrician run a strep test during their visit, which not surprisingly came back positive. Luckily we were able to catch their cases early and start antibiotics before symptoms hit. Sophie still had to miss a day of school, but she didn't complain at all about having to stay home and watch tv all day.

Dave, as the last one standing, decided to go get tested just to be safe. He came back negative, but his throat was red so it may have just been too early to test. Either way, the doctor also prescribed antibiotics as a preventative measure because it was only a matter of time before he would be sick with all the germs floating around our house.

Luckily we all were feeling great again a few days later. Hooray for modern medicine!

Poor sick Charlie. On Monday he and I laid around the whole day while Davey watched several hours of Netflix. Dave came home as soon as he was done teaching since I was a useless parent that day. 

Antibiotics and painkillers for five! Giving Charlie his medicine was a struggle. Amoxicillin has to been taken on a full stomach, preferably with a priobiotic, and he does not like to eat on a good day, let alone when his throat is raw. We had to hold him down and force feed him yogurt in a syringe, followed by the medicine, twice a day for 10 days. It was not pleasant, but the drugs sure helped him start feeling better fast. 

Sophie drew me this "Get Well" picture

March 24, 2019

Cousins come to visit!!

The Hindmans came to visit us this March!! For Spring Break their family took a road trip through Texas, and started things off here in Amarillo. We were definitely not the grandest stop on their itinerary (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston), but hopefully we were the best company :)

The kids were so excited for cousins to arrive. Even though I told Davey they would be coming late at night while he was sleeping, he still went outside to check for their car about 50 times that day. Once they were here it was a nonstop party. The kids played hard (with reasonable amounts of fighting) during the day, and then stayed up late talking in their rooms at night. I'm so glad they were able to spend some time together!

I wasn't the best at taking photos of all of our activities, but on Friday we went to the Cheer Gym for open play, then Amy and I went to lunch while the dads watched the kids, and then we did pizza and swimming at WT that evening. On Saturday we did a hike at Palo Duro canyon and then had dinner at the Big Texan. On Sunday we had a big cinnamon roll breakfast, and then had to say farewell until summer when we'll meet up again in Washington. 

Pizza party before swimming!

There was a big thunderstorm that evening, severe enough that the tornado sirens started going off. This photo was from a friend, but drove this road and stopped at this light on our way home from the pool right as the storm was starting and this exactly what it looked like. 

The storm brought a ton of rain, thunder, lightning and hail, but luckily no tornadoes. 

The next day was beautiful and luckily the canyon wasn't directly in the path of the storm so we were still able to go for a hike!

We made sure to get at least one photo of all the kids, even if some of them (ahem, Jack) weren't wanting to be part of the photo :)

The kids had a great time running all over

Jeremy and Dave took the big kids (minus Levi) on a hike up through a cave. They all did great on the way up, but got a little lost on the way down when Sophie and Will took over as the guides. Luckily the dads realized and were able to course correct, but not before getting pretty muddy. 

Sophie and Will, our brave explorers

Davey trying to keep up with the big kids

Jack eventually made peace with the fact that he wasn't big enough to walk and had to ride in the backpack

Luckily I can still carry Charlie pretty well in the front pack, although he is starting to gain weight again, so I probably won't be able to for much longer!

Most of the trail was clear, but there was some mud from the storm the night before that we had to work around. The kids did a good job avoiding it for the most part, but we still had to power wash all our shoes at the end of the day to get them clean again. 

Thanks for a great day Palo Duro!

Waiting for dinner at the Big Texan. We got there early, but it's a popular place so we had a short wait. The weather was nice so we took some menus and sat on the benches outside. 

Charlie was in charge of the buzzer

Our food was delicious, as always, and there were three people tackling the 72 oz challenge that night! Sophie and Anne left their seats about every 5 minutes to check their progress. Sadly we left before they finished so we'll never know if anyone was successful...

March 19, 2019

Sophie is SIX

Our Sophie is six!! I can't believe how much she has grown and I'm already starting to have visions of her as a teenager, and then going off to college. Time passes so quickly! I was worried that going off to kindergarten would change her, but she is still our girl who loves snakes, insects and skeletons as much as rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. She is a puzzle master (like her mom) and a socializer (like her dad). She is great at making friends and hold her own in her primary class of all boys. Animals and swimming are her greatest passions right now, and she is really hoping that we will find baby turtles on our beach trip this summer, and I hope her wish comes true!

Sophie is the last of our March birthdays and she waited very patiently for her turn. I gave her the option of celebrating a few days earlier with Davey so she wouldn't have to wait, but she chose to hold out until the 19th. The boys and I brought cupcakes to her class and then we opened presents later that night. We love you Sophie!!

Opening gifts - for her brithday she received a couple craft sets, a board game, some Hatchimals and Adooribles, a pet care set, and a...

BIKE!! And it doesn't even have training wheels because she was taller than the maximum height for all the bikes that came with training wheels.  Hopefully we can get her riding it this summer.

For her birthday dinner we had steak, jello, strawberries and salad

I was at YW the night of her actual birthday and missed cake :( This picture was of her with a cupcake from her primary teachers a couple days before turning six. 

Sophie at Age 6
  • Sophie is 4 ft tall (87%) and weighs 50 lbs (76%). She is tall, fast, and strong! She is often a head above everyone else her age and so far has done well at any sport she has tried. 
  • She has loved kindergarten and has become an excellent reader this year. Her writing and math skills have also developed a lot and she was accepted into the Gifted & Talented program through the school district. 
  • She is a perfectionist in many things, but cleanliness is not one of them. Her room is always messy and sometimes I can't even open the door. No white tornado genes in this one...
  • Her brothers both adore her and she is usually very patient and kind with them. We have high hopes that her big sister abilities will continue developing and in a few years she will be able to start babysitting for us!
  • She loves drawing, swimming, dance parties, all animals (especially reptiles) and snack foods. 
  • When she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian and a mom. 
  • Her favorite color is sparkly gold, and purple is now a close second.
  • Her favorite song is "What Does the Fox Say?" and she listens to it every night before bed.

March 18, 2019

Cinergy Birthday Adventures

In lieu of birthday parties this year, we let the kids each pick a special activity to do with us or a friend. Sophie had wanted to go to a movie, but when we were at the theater buying tickets over Spring Break, she saw the "Sky Walker," an elevated obstacle course and immediately decided on that has her birthday activity. 

We measured her at home and found she would just barely meet the 48" height requirement. She was so excited and looked forward to going back all week! We made reservations (which surprisingly only cost $4) and on her last day as a 5-year-old, Sophie conquered the Sky Walk. She was so brave and we were so proud of her!

In front of the new Cinergy Horse. Amarillo is the American Quarter Horse capital, so there are horse statues at local business all over the city. The kids love to look for them. 

All harnessed up to go! I went along with her so she would have a guide, and because I also love this sort of thing and was thrilled that she picked it as her special activity. 

Up in the air ready to start - the two girls that went up before us chickened out and went back down, which made Sophie feel extra proud that she did the whole thing without falling off or getting too scared. 

We were given 15 minutes to explore the ropes course, which had about 18 different obstacles, including a zipline. Only one person can be on an obstacle at a time though, so I could not be with Sophie other than to help her step back on to the platforms in between challenges. She did all on her own!

Since Davey was too little for the main attractions at Cinergy, he got to play Jurassic Hunter with daddy. He used his lives very quickly, but enjoyed every second fighting back dinosaurs.