July 23, 2010

On the road, back to Provo

All packed up and ready to hit the road! We're going back to Provo pretty much the same way we left - trailer & trunk packed full and my bike duct taped to the roof of the car. This time around we are minus one couch and plus one sister, who desperately wanted to get back to Provo to see her friends, so we found space to take her with us.


We make really bad time pulling the trailer, especially over the mountain passes, so we had planned to take two days for the drive. Once we were actually on the road, though, the need to "just get there" overrode everything else (hunger, antsy legs,tiredness, etc...) and we ended up driving straight through.

Right now we are settling into our new place, which feels huge compared to our last apartment (I could plug the vacuum in by the front door and vacuum the whole house without ever having to use a different outlet). It's really not that big, but since this place has another bedroom, a hallway, a kitchen that can fit our table and an oven that can fit a pyrex pan, it feels like we've really upgraded!

We still have a few things to find, including a couch, a desk, and a dresser, although I think Dave is really enjoying his temporary license to keep his clothes on the floor :)

July 21, 2010

Farewell Seattle

Before our move, we took a trip downtown to meet a friend who works in the Columbia Tower, the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

The weather was cloudy in the morning so we were afraid the views wouldn't be that great, but the skies started to clear just as we got there. The observation deck is on the 75th floor and the views are amazing! It was still too cloudy to see Mount Rainier, but we had a good view of the city and the water.

 If you're ever visiting Seattle, take a trip here. The Space Needle is more tourist-friendly, but it costs much more and doesn't offer nearly the same view.

The Columbia Tower
Looking south towards the stadiums and the port
Looking north - the Space Needle is so tiny!

The Wells Fargo Center where I worked

After we got back, we went down to the lake to ride the wave runner. This is one of Dave's all-time favorite things to do and we are really going to miss it!

July 19, 2010

Redheads Unite!

This Saturday, right here in Sammamish, I helped to set the Guinness World Record for most natural redheads gathered in one place. The previous record was 250 - the official count on Saturday was 901! It was pretty awesome to see so many redheads in once place. You can read more about the event here.

With Natalie and Derek, my redheaded siblings (we still love you Amy!)
The crowd of redheads
World record holder - oh yeah!
Two guys with awesome hair

July 9, 2010

Mariner's Game

I've been lucky enough to get tickets to three Mariner's games from work this year - too bad the Ms aren't having the greatest season... It's still been a lot of fun though. This game was against the Yankees and there was a good crowd at the ballpark. We got to sit in a suite and enjoyed the great seats and plentiful food!

The Mariners gave up the winning run in the 9th, but we left in the 8th when it was still tied so in our minds it wasn't really a loss cause we weren't there to see it happen :)

July 5, 2010

First day of summer

Hooray for sunny days! After the rain on the Fourth, a sunny end to the holiday weekend was great. Since we had work off, we went up to the cabin with the family. Dave and I took Jobe for a long walk while up at the cabin and found this great outlook over Keechelus Lake.

I LOVE Washington!

July 4, 2010

Fourth of July - Northwest Style

There is a saying in the Northwest that summer doesn't start until after the Fourth of July. This year it proved to be true. Our Fourth was wet and cold, but that didn't deter us from celebrating!

My family has a tradition that every year we take our boat to the south end of Lake Sammamish where we tie up with some friends where fireworks are launched from a barge out on the water.

We almost decided to cancel this year due to bad weather, but decided that a little rain never hurt anyone.

Mom and I waiting on the dock in our coats and hats

Typical Dave - immune to cold and loving life in the backseat (Mom and I were up front out of the wind)

Enjoying the fireworks - one of my favorite parts about this show is the incredible reverberations you hear from the fireworks echoing off the surrounding hills

July 3, 2010

2010 Lake Sammamish Kick-Off

First time down to the lake this year!  Until just recently, the dock was still underwater from all the winter rain... you could say summer is having a bit of a slow start here.

Today was still a bit cold - wetsuits, warm water showers, and sweatshirts were required - but we had a great time. I water skied and wake boarded and Dave tried the wake surf.

Back from my first water ski of the season!

Dave playing around on the wake surf

It was also Jobe's first time out on the boat for a ski trip - he was a bit nervous but seemed to have a good time