March 25, 2013

Still working on a post...

We are home, settling into life as a family of three and doing great so far. I keep meaning to work on a blog post, but I seem to spend most of my free time (the few hours I do get) staring at her. How could you not??? Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to it...

March 19, 2013

Sophie Howe

Sophie arrived early this morning. She has lots of dark hair, chubby cheeks, and has so far been a very sweet, mellow baby - we are in love. More pictures and her story will be coming soon.

March 17, 2013

Officially Late

As of today our girl is officially late and the waiting game continues. She is happy, so I am happy, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. I am seeing my doctor again on Monday and am hoping he will have some good news for us.

I grabbed this little dress at a clothing swap a few months ago - it would have been a little big, but I thought for sure she'd be here in time to wear it for St. Patty's. I guess she had other ideas, so this will have to do...

March 13, 2013

Taco Belly

My growing belly has caught the odd crumb here and there, but yesterday was the first time it took the brunt of a spill. I was opening a package of taco seasoning (apparently very badly) and it exploded all over me. Amazingly enough my belly caught it all - nothing made it to the floor!  I'm just glad it was dust, and not something like boiling water. I am wondering if this will give our little girl an affinity for spicy food...

March 8, 2013

39 Weeks

The end is near! Or at least I hope it is. I am now counting down the days, instead of weeks, and can't believe that she will be here any day now! So far I haven't had a single contraction or any other sign that labor is imminent. Right now she seems content to just hang out until her due date. I am not super comfortable, but overall feel really good.

I am still working full time at my school and am grateful that the bathroom is literally 10 steps from my desk :) Right now my plan is to work through next Friday, one day before my "official" due date. We'll see if I make it that long... I leave every day wondering if I'll be back in the next morning.

March 4, 2013

The day I got a flat tire

A few weeks ago, on my way home from work, I got a flat tire - not an ideal situation for someone who is 37 weeks pregnant. The car in front of me suddenly kicked up an object that was grayish-black and about the size of a brick. I had about one second to respond and managed to avoid it hitting it head on, but it still hit my rear tire. It lost pressure immediately and I pulled off to call Dave for help.

As you can see from the picture, the impact put a good size hole in the tire and dented the rim

Normally when something like this happens I get pretty angry at the situation, but this time I just kept thinking of how it could have been so much worse. In hindsight, I am grateful that:
  • It was a beautiful day - a little chilly, but no rain, snow, or wind
  • I was able to keep control and avoid a collision with another car
  • I was already in an exit lane next to the ramp so I could pull right off the freeway instead of having to navigate across 3 lanes of traffic to get to the shoulder  
  • I was only 1 exit from home and Dave was not at school so he was able to come to my rescue really quick
  • That Dave knows how to put a spare tire on a car
  • My mom was visiting at the time and got dinner ready so there was food waiting for us when we finally got home
  • We have two cars so Dave and I were able to work out a way to still get to work and school while our poor Focus was getting repaired.
  • Our insurance will cover the claim under our comprehensive policy so we only have to pay the $100 deductible instead of a $600 bill!