February 28, 2010

Oh Beautiful Day!

Fabulous skiing (& snowboarding) this weekend! Down low conditions weren't that great, but the upper chair broke through the cloud ceiling and we spent the rest of the day under clear, sunny skies.

Riding the chairlift with my dad - Dave was riding up with Derek a couple chairs behind. I love Dave because he can tackle a double black run, but still hasn't found a way to get off the chairlift gracefully :)

Dave has come along way with snowboarding since we first met and it's been so fun having this hobby to share.

I only wish I had gotten a picture of Dave after his spectacular face plant/head-first tumble... unfortunately he didn't want to sit on the hill with snow in every crevice while I dug the camera out of my pocket, Maybe next time!

February 21, 2010

As I write this, it's almost 60 degrees outside...

Dave and I would like to file a complaint. The weather this winter has been too nice. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I am not sure how to cope with these warm sunny days... Where is the cold? Where is the moisture? Apparently Tim and Cindy stole it when they moved down to Texas :)

As season pass holders, Dave and I are anxiously waiting for temperatures to drop and the clouds to roll in. The mountains are a little too bare for our liking. Nightly blizzards would be awesome. Snow just once a week would be good too, especially on Friday nights, but we won't be picky...

In the mean time, you'll find us on the mountain each weekend (cause we've already paid for it!) sun, rain or snow. Hopefully next week will be the latter.

February 19, 2010

Happiness is being in Seattle on a sunny day...

Ahhh... such nice weather we've been having! Just 10 degrees warmer would and it would feel like July instead of February.

This is where I ate lunch this afternoon. If I hadn't been wearing a skirt, I would lie on the table like that man - soak up some vitamin D!

February 18, 2010

Good Morning Mt. Rainier!

Coming into work early in the morning isn't as bad when it looks like this outside - gosh I love it here!

February 11, 2010

Solving Life's Mysteries...

Have you ever wondered why a grapefruit is called a "grapefruit" when it looks or tastes nothing like grapes?

Thanks to the back of Dave's instant oatmeal pacakge, now I know it's because they grow in clusters like... grapes!

Still to figure out: Why does the logo for Brown Bear Car Wash have a yellow bear? Whe doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? And why do the bottoms of Dave's shirts always roll up in the washer, making them a PAIN to iron?

February 8, 2010


On Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at Kneaders with my sisters Amy and Natalie. We all ordered the cinnamon french toast - delicious!

While this is not a flattering picture of either of us, there is a good story connected to this moment:

Earlier a piece of french toast fell off my fork onto the ground. I grabbed a napkin, swiped it up and left it on the table. When we were cleaning up to leave, I noticed the napkin with the floor-bite was empty. It was then I realized that Dave, having eaten all of his french toast, decided to use the floor-bite for the picture. Too bad no one told me. Does the 5 second rule apply to restaurant floors and food covered in syrup?


February 7, 2010

Quick trip down to Utah

This weekend we returned to Provo for a couple days. While there I was able to see my sisters, Amy and Natalie, and Amy's new baby Anne.

Anne and I were both having trouble with sticking-out hairs that day :)


She was such a good baby while we were visiting. We hardly ever heard her cry, and she is starting to stay awake for longer periods of time. I'm glad we got a chance to visit and see her before she starts getting big!


On our trip Dave and I also learned that we can fit on a twin bed. I had my doubts, but we actually slept pretty good and no one fell off the edge in the night. Thanks for putting us up for a couple nights Amy & Jeremy!