September 30, 2012

One of those days...

Last week I had one of those days at work.... the kind where when I get home it takes me several minutse to tell Dave everything that happened because so many things had happened (most of them bad). It started off like any other day, but by the time I went home I had dealt with kids that:
  • Were sick with the stomach flu (my personal favorite)
  • Were sick with strep throat
  • Were sick with pink eye
  • Needed a change of clothes because they fell at recess and soaked every piece of clothing they were wearing
  • Needed a change of clothes because they dumped lasagna in their lap at lunch
  • Needed a change of clothes because their pants ripped not in the back, and not in the legs, but in the front, you know where (the poor boy was so embarrased to tell me this)
  • Needed a change of clothes because they didn't make it to the bathroom in time (the poor girl was not at all embarrased to tell me this)
  • Needed a change of clothes because they got a massive bloody nose at recess
  • Did not want to go to class and tried to camp out in the office because they were "injured"
  • Were sad because of a lost butterfly hair clip with pink sparkles
  • Got checked out early for one of the illnesses listed above, but mom did not tell dad, and dad flew off the handle because he could not find his daughter after school and thought we had lost her
You get the idea...

And then while I was out handling one of the problems, one of our student's left this sweet note at my desk:

It reminded me that I am lucky to work at such an amazing school, and that I do love my job, and the kids, and most of the parents (there are some people in this world that still need to learn how to be a grown up).

September 29, 2012

Orienteering at Brighton

It's been awhile since the last update (oops), and it's not because we haven't been up to anything. We've actually done a lot of fun stuff over the past two weeks, but all our spare time has been spent watching seasons 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey. Who knew life in World War I era England could be engrossing?? Oh the drama. Dave and I are now eagerly waiting for January and the start of season 3.

Now that I am playing blogging catch-up, there should be a post everyday for the next seven days! First up is orienteering at Brighton a couple weekends ago. We've been orienteering several times now - it's a geeky hobby of ours :) This time was different, however, because it was at a ski resort instead of a park, which added a lot more elevation, rocks, trees, brush, and leg scratches. It was pretty much like speed hiking without a trail, and by the time we finished I was seriously regretting not wearing long socks.

We completed the course in about 50 minutes, which was 4th place for the day - not too bad!!

Hooray for orienteering!

September 9, 2012

Antelope Island

So I started this post last weekend, and then never actually posted... I'd blame it on being busy, but we really haven't been up to much this past week other than watching past seasons of Amazing Race that we got from the library. We really love that show :) Anyway, on to the post:

Last weekend we went to Antelope Island with my sister Amy and her family, and my sister Natalie and Brodie. There wasn't anything super awesome about Antelope Island, but we filled the day with lots of little fun things and had a great time! There were dark clouds and thunder in the distance almost the whole time we were there, but the rain held off until right as we were packing to go home.

Buffalo Roaming (there are herds on the island)

Buffalo on a Burger (sad to think this buffalo used to be roaming, but Dave said it was delicious)

There was a little festival going on while we were there and we each chipped in a few bucks to have my sister Natalie ride the mechanical bull. She did great! The teenage boy that went after her only stayed on for about 10 seconds. Go Nat!

Wading in the Great Salt Lake (5x saltier than the ocean) - they say you can float really good in the Salt Lake, but none of us felt like lying down in this water

With our niece Anne. Dave was her person of choice for wading and throwing rocks in the water - he stayed out with her for a long time. I went back to shore and played frisbee and bocce ball with the others on the beach.