June 8, 2016

Sophie at Three

Sophie turned three in March (I'm a little behind) and oh, how we love this girl! She tries our patience on a daily basis, but is also so full of light, love and happiness. She is curious about the world, loves to run errands with me, dances anytime a song comes on, and will eat anything if it comes with a side of cheese. She loves ninja turtles just as much as princesses, would love to someday have a pet snake, lizard and dog, and can spin in twirly dresses forever without getting dizzy. She is one of the slowest eaters I know and it takes her literally forever to finish a meal. One of her greatest struggles is balancing her emotions, and everything is either very happy or very sad. She has a tender heart and we love her sweet, and sometimes crazy personality.

Her well child check up was at the end of May and she is thriving! At her appointment she was 39.5 inches tall and 35.5 pounds. She continues to ride the 90th percentile curve and the doctors estimate she'll end up between 5'8" and 5'10", meaning she will probably pass me up by the time she's done with elementary school. We were working with her on the alphabet before the baby came along and she can recognize about a third of the letters and sings her own version of the ABC song. Preschool is probably going to be another year out for her, but she is very social and we know she will LOVE it when she finally gets to go. She can't wait for Davey to grow bigger so they can play together and is so excited for him to move into the crib in her room so they can have a sleepover every night. We know she will be an amazing sister!

Sophie at Three
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Favorite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesy noodles, and yogurt
  • Her best friends are Sydney and Hudson (my former coworkers twins), Paisley, and Ellia (neighbors)
  • Her favorite princesses are Rapunzel and Ariel, but for some reason she hates Belle
  • Watches pretty much any show on Disney Jr and Nick Jr, but her favorites are Lion Guard, Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Bubble Guppies, and Paw Patrol
  • Loves to go to the library, grocery store, Thanksgiving Point, aquarium, and playground
  • Her dream vacation is either to Disneyland or the beach
  • At night she always asks me to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Dave gets to sing "A Child's Prayer"
  • When she grows up she wants to be able to stand on her head


AmyH said...

She's so cute and growing so fast! I remember when Anne was 3 she was 30 pounds and 3 foot even. Pretty soon Sophie will be passing her clothes down to Anne ;) We can't wait for you guys to come visit!

Angela said...

What a great idea to write details about your child around her birthday each year so you can remember what she was like at that age.