June 26, 2016

Family Swim Night

The kids are both napping right now (a rare treat!) and we are leaving town in two days, but looking at pictures is more fun than packing or cleaning.... so here goes a blog post so this time can be classified as "productive" instead of "lazy".

Last night we all went down to the neighborhood pool after dinner. We've been swimming a lot in the last couple weeks, because that's pretty much all you can do when it's 100 degrees out, but this was the first time we could all go together. It was so nice to have two adults so one of us could swim with Sophie, and one of us could take care of Davey. We had also bought some pool toys at the dollar store (so bath toys could stop pulling double duty) and Sophie was excited to try them out. The best part was we were the only ones there! On a warm Saturday night! That's pretty much a miracle :)

My little fish

This was Davey's first time in the pool. He is too little to wear sunscreen so he normally watches from the shade on the side, but since we went in the evening this time he was able to get in. He was happy for about 5 minutes and then decided he was done. 

Feeling better now that he's warm and dry - look at that belly!

Video: At the end we had Sophie race Dave a few times to wear her out before bed. At the very end of the video, right before I cut it off, she says "Daddy, I have a wedge" :)

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