November 30, 2015

November Roundup

And here we are in December! Dave and Sophie leave for Texas two weeks from today, and I'll be just a few days behind them. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!

November was a great month for us. In the last two weeks I celebrated my 30th birthday (ahhh!!), we went to my cousin's mission homecoming, my grandparents, parents, and sister's family all came to visit, we celebrated Thanksgiving......and I didn't get my camera out once. Ooops.

For the record, though, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend. Sophie spent lots of time with her cousins, and for the first time ever the kids went off to play together and needed little to no adult supervision. It was so nice!! We also went out to eat lots of times (thanks mom & dad), Dave went skiing with my brother and dad, we saw the Hunger Games movie, took the kids to the Curiosity Museum, played lots of games, and ate some delicious food. Sophie's entire Thanksgiving dinner consisted of two different types of jello and pie. Who needs turkey anyway??

Below are some of the other things we did this month (that I remembered to take pictures of):

We went to the aquarium (again) and Sophie asked me to take her picture on this frog. She's entered a new phase where she wants to have her picture taken and then likes to look at them on my phone or camera afterwards. It's nice to finally have a semi-cooperative subject!

Sophie sat down at Dave's computer one day to do some "work." I'd say she did a pretty good job imitating daddy :)

A few days before my birthday I had my follow up scan to check the cyst in baby boy's brain. To our relief, it had resolved and everything else looked great! The scan took a full hour and it was nice to see our little guy again. Next time we look at him will be in person!

Sophie got invited to a cute tea party at the Curiosity Museum for her friend Cora. She got to paint a flower pot and made sure every surface was covered. It's a miracle the paint on that thing dried before we had to go home. 

Sophie decorated our tree this year, and since it's so little, she was able to do the whole thing by herself. She loves Christmas and makes sure we turn on the tree lights as soon as we come downstairs each morning. 

Sophie has been doing so well in panties, but had an accident one night last week. Purple didn't get dirty, but Pink did and she had to sleep without her for the night. In the morning she helped me with the wash and parked herself right in front of the dryer to wait for Pink to be clean. 

We got our Christmas cards sent out! We took the picture (coming soon!) on a Friday, sent the cards in for print to Costco that night, picked them up Saturday, and then Sophie and I stuffed them and put on stamps. I'm feeling so accomplished right now. 

November 15, 2015

Sophie at 31 Months

Sophie is featured on the blog all the time, but it's been awhile (over a year) since I've posted an official update on her. She has changed so much since I last wrote about her at 18 months and is, as she often tells us, "almost getting bigger!" Because she is tall and speaks well, people often guess that she is 3 or 4, and are surprised to learn that she is still only 2. She loves to play with older kids and will be sad when the new year comes and her nursery friends move up to Sunbeams and she is left behind.

Sophie loves to be a helper and has learned to climb the kitchen drawers to get up on the counter while we prepare meals. She is really interested in everything and often asks "why" if she doesn't understand something. Every morning we talk about our plan for the entire day and if you give her a pencil and some paper she will make a "schedule". She knows all her colors, counts to 14, and can tell you the plot of almost any Disney movie. She is just starting to show an interest in letters and can identify M (for mommy), D (for daddy), S (for Sophie and snake), F (for frog), and X (that marks the spot).

We are working on how to understand and work through feelings and she has been slowing learning when to be crazy, when to be quiet, how to say sorry, and that it's ok to be sad, mad, or frustrated sometimes. She is extremely loving and never lets a person leave without giving them a hug and a "miss" (kiss). She is very easy to please and often tells us that something is her favorite or "was fun to her." We are often amazed at her patience. If you give her a candy she will savor it in her mouth forever and can stay quiet in a hiding spot for a few minutes when we play hide-and-seek. I can't even begin to describe how much I love her!!

Sophie at 31 Months
  • 39 inches tall (95%) and and weighs almost 34 pounds (75%). 
  • We still have not cut her hair. I told myself I would cut it when she turns three, but I love it so much we might let it just keep growing....
  • Favorite color is green
  • Favorite animals are frogs, snakes, crabs, alligators, turtles, and octopuses. I think our aquarium membership has had an influence on her and has led to a love all things related to the water. 
  • Favorite shows are Jake and Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daniel Tiger, and Winnie the Pooh, and all Disney movies. 
  • Her favorite breakfast is cheesy eggs with yogurt, her favorite lunch is cheesy noodles, and her favorite dinner is anything that involves cheese. She also likes to eat carrots with dip, apples, soup, oatmeal, pancakes, and rice. Her favorites treats are milkshakes, donuts, popcorn and chocolate milk. She still is not a fan of chicken or most veggies, but has been making some progress. 
  • She sleeps very well - 11 hours at night and a 2 hour nap in the day. We still haven't moved her out of a crib and will probably wait until just before or even after the baby is born. Purple and Pink (her blankets) are her "loves" and she snuggles with them every night. 
  • She is a huge fan of Spiderman, even though she really has no idea who he is. Dave recently got some little Spiderman books at the library so she has been learning more about his webs, bad guys, and what makes a good superhero. 
  • Loves to play doctor, cooking, blocks, play-doh, coloring, hide-and-seek, tag, go to sleep, and hide from the scary monster. 
  • Is pretty much potty trained. She still has tiny accidents, that don't even get her pants wet, but is otherwise good. She has been wearing panties to bed at night for the last month and has only had two accidents. We are 100% diaper free!!
  • Her favorite song to listen to is the "Ghosty Song" - Grim Grinning Ghosts from the Disneyland haunted mansion. Her favorite song to sing right now is "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the Lion King. 
  • She is very excited for her birthday, which is still over 4 months away. We probably won't do a party since I am due with this baby on her birthday, but she is still looking forward to having a cake with candles and presents. I also told her that when she turns 3 she can ride the train at the mall, which hopefully turns out to be as much fun as she thinks it will be.  
  • Is ready to be a sister. We have been sorting through baby stuff to get ready, and talking about when she was a baby, and I think she is starting to get excited for her brother to arrive. She tells us often that she will feed him a bottle and tiny food, take a bath with him, play tag (that one will have to wait a few years), and have sleepovers. I'm glad she's looking forward to the "sleepovers" because we only have two bedrooms and they will be sharing for at least a year or more until Dave is done with school.  

November 10, 2015

Fall Leaves & First Flakes

A couple years ago we didn't rake the leaves up in our backyard and then it snowed and all the grass underneath the leaves died. Hearing that bad weather was on the way, I decided I should probably take care of the yard just in case it snowed. Our yard is small and more than half the leaves are still on the tree, but I did manage to scrape together a pile just big enough for Sophie to jump in. She had a fabulous time!

When we woke up in the morning the ground was clear and dry. Before I left for work, however, some flakes started to fall. I showed Sophie and she said "it's so pretty for me!!" She really wanted to go outside and play, even though it was just a dusting, but we had to leave the snow untouched to go down to Orem. When we got home it was lightly raining and the snow on the ground was starting to disappear. She hurried outside and Dave helped her build this tiny snowman, which made her day. I love how much happiness she gets out of the little things!

November 5, 2015

We're having a.....

Today we had our anatomy scan and found out we are having a....


This wan't a big surprise because at my 14 week appointment my doctor told me it looked like a boy, but that it was early and things could change so we shouldn't go out and buy little blue outfits just yet. Now we know for sure!

I would have been happy to have a girl so I could use all of Sophie's clothes and blankets we have in storage, but am very excited about a boy as well! (I may even have a box of little boy stuff in the closet I have been keeping just in case!) We told Sophie she was going to get a brother and asked her what his name should be, and without even a seconds pause she responded "Dragon." We have a different name picked out for him, but haven't broken the news to her yet :)

Little Dragon's ultrasound went well, although the doctor did find a choroid plexus cyst that we'll have checked out in a couple weeks. Cysts like this can be a sign of a chromosomal disorder if other abnormalities are present, but everything else looked normal. We were told not to worry and that there are high chances it will resolve on it's own in the next few weeks. I am not too nervous and am hopeful the follow-up ultrasound will be clear and put all worries to rest.

Profile of our little man