September 30, 2016

September Roundup

September was such a good month! The weather was beautiful and we were able to do lots of fun things - be prepared for a ton of photos! My work is finally starting to settle down a bit now that school has been in session for about 6 weeks, Dave is preparing for his first interview and will fly out to visit a campus in Texas in a couple weeks, and the kids are as busy as ever. Our house frequently looks like it was hit by a tornado at the end of the day. I'm starting to understand why I always feel so tired....

We were at my aunt's house at the beginning of the month and were able to swim in her pool  - so fun!

We had some friends join us who were visiting from Texas for a wedding. Davey got to hang out with Jada and was able to show off his muffin top for her. 

We stopped at the farm on the way home from work one Friday

One of Dave's childhood friends was married at the Provo City Center temple on a beautiful day in September. Derek and Faye watched the kids while we attended the sealing. 

These boys have been friends since elementary school

One morning I found Davey sitting up in the bouncy seat - he was really determined to get that elephant! This is now his new favorite way to sit.

On one of my days off we stopped to see a friend's sweet, new baby girl and had lunch at Chick-fil-A, Sophie's favorite place to eat. 

On national Talk Like a Pirate Day you can receive a free dozen donuts at Krsipy Kreme if you dress up. I took both kids to wait in a hugely long line, but after an hour we got our treat :)

Enjoying the beautiful weather on a Sunday afternoon

Sophie is obsessed with these read along books. We checked out pretty much every book our library had and it's her new favorite thing to listen to in the car on our drives back and forth from Orem every day. 

We are trying to put in as much time at the park as possible while the weather is still nice. One of our favorites is Cranberry Park, which is just a short drive from our house. They have a big sand area with diggers, swings, and a play structure. Davey went on the swings for the first time and LOVED it!

We had a spirit day at school last Friday. The theme was "Royal Day" and since I don't own any gowns or other regal attire, I made myself into the "Popcorn Queen".

After I took Davey's 6 month photos, Sophie wanted me to take her picture too :)

Another day, another park. This is the one by the library. 

Davey had his 6 month well child check. He is 98% for length and 70% for weight. He also had to get four shots, which always make him feel a bit icky afterward, but he still tries to put on a happy face. 

Sophie is a master of pretend play these days and I love it!

It's always fun when daddy comes home!

We had a power outage that lasted about 6 hours last week. Luckily the lights finally came back on just as daylight started to fade, and we were starting the bedtime routine.

My Spider Soph climbing the big web at the Curiosity Museum

I was cutting a peach and Sophie saw the pit in the middle and said "Oh! A big chocolate!"

I told Sophie we were going to feed Davey some oatmeal that night. Clearly she is a little confused about how nursing works because she asked if I was going to take the milk out of my tummy and put in oatmeal instead :)

After a big rainstorm there were a bunch of stranded worms in our parking lot that soon shriveled up and died. Sophie saw them and said "those wormies didn't listen to their mommies and daddies. They just came out of the dirt when they weren't supposed to and got dead." I hope this is a sign that she is starting to absorb some of the lessons we are trying to teach her like look both ways to cross the street and stop at the corner of the sidewalk and wait for us.... or you might get dead.

September 20, 2016

Davey at 6 Months

Our baby boy is 6 months old! He is a little chunk and oh so squishable. I give him at least 100 kisses a day. He is a happy, cheerful little guy that is pretty easy going unless he is hungry or tired, and then he demands your attention. I am really trying to savor these baby days because in the next few months he is going to starting crawling, and pulling up on stuff, and then standing and walking and I'm just not quite ready for it - ahhh!

Davey at 6 Months
  • By my measurements, weighs 20 pounds and is 28 inches long. We have a well child visit next week and I'm sure they'll find he's growing just fine. 
  • Wears size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothing. Now that we are starting to have some cooler weather, I'm finding that he needs bigger sizes for length and chub, but his arms must be short because long sleeves are always a bit too long. 
  • Had his first taste of real food this last week. Oatmeal was rejected, but he seemed to like the sweet potatoes we gave him today. 
  • Is a full time sitter and does fine without support. It is both weird and wonderful to be able to just plop him down on the ground and scatter some toys to keep him entertained. 
  • Has become attached to a blanket we are calling "Yellow" (you know, to go with Pink and Purple). As soon as you hand it to him he grabs in and buries his face in it. 
  • We are starting to wonder if he is able to roll from his tummy to his back. He flips onto his stomach super easy, but we haven't seen him go the other way in a long time. I think he forgot how... 
  • Sleep is still a work in progress. He takes great naps, but still wakes 2-4 times at night. Sometimes it's because he is truly hungry, but other times it's a more of a social visit so I think we are ready to start sleep training. Now that he can roll, he also sleeps on his stomach most of the time. 
  • Still no teeth. I have mixed feelings on this. I like that he can't bite me yet, and can gnaw on things without ruining them, but these little teeth have been taking forever!! 
  • He always has something to say, normally in loud, sort of angry voice. This month he also starting making the "ma" sound and loves to say it over and over.
  • Favorites include shredding the mail, playing with cords, pulling hair, looking in the mirror, watching Sophie and having people smile at him. 
Hello handsome

Taking a nap with Yellow

Still loves the jumper

Is slowing coming along in the hair department. The top has grown longer and thicker, but the sides really haven't changed much since he was a newborn. At least it doesn't take much maintenance!

September 3, 2016

August Roundup

Oh August... I'm relieved that you are over. August was a fun, busy, crazy month for us. It's still summer so there are so many activities going on, but it's also when I start back at work, and the kids start back at the babysitters, and Dave starts back at school and our schedule is just so FULL. Now that September has arrived, I feel like we've managed to settle into a good routine and are breathing just a bit easier. 

Now for some moments from the last month:

The big hail storm we had knocked a bunch of leaves off the tree in our backyard. Sophie helped me rake them up, and then enjoyed jumping in the pile. 

One day while getting the mail with Sophie, I dropped our keys down the storm drain right by the mail box. I saw them drop, and tried to grab them, but they slipped right through the grate and fell down into some dark water. Later that day I was able to fish them out with a magnet on a long string - go me!!

My goober girl

During the Olympics Cafe Rio had a promotion to save $2 off each meal if you ordered online. On one of our orders we also got a coupon for a free dessert and Sophie had her first taste of Tres Leches. I wish she was always this eager to try new foods!

The kids in their "America" clothes on the day of the closing ceremonies

Dave started his 23rd year of school this August - crazy!! I had to double check my math because I seriously can't believe it's been that long. After graduating from 12th grade, he spent 4 years as an undergrad, 2 more on his MBA, and is now in his 5th year of PhD. 

I took the kids to a new park in Pleasant Grove called Manila Creek Pond. It was so fun! I wish we had known about it earlier. There is great little swimming/sand area and Sophie played happily for a few hours while Davey and I watched from the shade. 

Every Friday I get off work an hour earlier than normal so we normally stop by Thanksgiving Point on our way home. Davey is now big enough to sit at the water table at the Curiosity Museum and loved it!!

My big boy looking handsome for church. Seriously though, he's square shaped, and I love it!

The nights are starting to cool off  (hooray!), but the days are still warm enough for swimming.  It was so fun to use my aunt's pool while we were staying down in Provo. Davey is strong enough to hold himself up in a float now, and Sophie was a daredevil on the slide and diving board. 

Video: Sophie going down the slide

My parents came for a quick visit at the very end of the month. While they were in town we went to the aquarium, and also invited my grandma to join us. 

The reason for my parents trip, other than seeing us, was the Coldplay concert!! I had seen them twice before in 2005 and 2008, and it was amazing to see them again. We were 10 rows from the top, but it was still a fantastic show!

And I finally remembered to take a picture of the kids with their grandparents! I forgot during both our summer visits, but got this one right before they had to leave. 

"Do you know why naked feet are called bare feet? It's because bears don't wear shoes."

"I can take care of myself, all by myself"  - a fitting description of a 3-year old, if I ever heard one.

Sophie always tells me she needs to go potty during check out at the grocery store. After asking her why she never tells me earlier, she explained, "I just don't need to go, but then at the check out my potty just wakes up." Sigh.