October 23, 2016

Crazy Sundays

Sophie had some crazy energy today. Sundays are hard on kids, and parents. All I ever want to do is take a nap, and she just wants to play, play, play! After trying to rein her in at church, then fight through lunch, and then have "quiet time" while baby brother napped, she needed a release.

Dave took both kids outside, and after I cleaned up the house a bit, I brought the camera out to take some pictures. There isn't much to do in our backyard, but she ran, twirled, jumped and rolled. And since I had the camera, she also decided to do some "tricks" like jumping on one leg, kicking like a donkey, and throwing a ball as high as she could. It was fun to see her soooo happy!

She was thrilled when I showed her the picture on the right and told her that she threw the ball higher than the houses. It's all about perspective :)

Davey had all the entertainment a boy needs - some cars to scatter and a crazy sister to watch

I love it when I can get a natural smile out of her - they are rare!

I showed Sophie how to use the camera and she took this picture of us

October 20, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016 - Kuwahara Farms

Going to pick a pumpkin is one of our favorite fall activities and I was starting to feel anxious that we hadn't been able to get out to a farm yet this year. Halloween is still more than a week away, but the weather is starting to get colder, and there's rain in the forecast a few days from now, and I kept seeing pictures of everyone having fun and I decided that we needed our pumpkin NOW, so we went last night. For the past couple years we've visited a farm out in Riverton that had good pumpkins and some fun activities, but this year I saw an ad for a place that also looked fun and was only 5 minutes from us, so we decided to give it a try. It was a funny little operation, and we actually drove past it twice by accident before ending up in the right place. I wouldn't call it a pumpkin patch or a farm, but it was perfect for us and Sophie had a blast.

Instead of getting your pumpkin from the field, they just had three big greenhouse  tents with piles of pumpkins, sorted by type and size. The tents had music and decorations, so we loaded the kids in a wagon and took a little walk around. I really wanted to get a cute picture of the kids together, but Davey wasn't feeling great and after about 2 minutes, he had no smiles left. Poor baby :(

Heading out - this was his happiest moment of the night

Attempt at a cute photo. I am learning how much harder it is to get a picture with two kids smiling, compared to when it was just Sophie. I have no idea how people with three, four, or more kids ever get a decent picture. 

Entering break down mode....

Just outside the pumpkin tents were a few inflatables and a corn pit. We were the only ones there for most of time and Sophie absolutely LOVED playing in all the corn. This was her favorite activity at the other farm, and there she was always vying for space and getting pushed around by other kids. This night, however, she was was able to roll round, jump off the hay bales, have us bury her, try to bury her brother, and basically go crazy without any consequences. Luckily sitting in the corn pit also seemed to chill Davey out a bit and we didn't have to cut our night short. He didn't try and eat any of it though, so that's how I knew he was feeling crummy. 

After playing, we went and picked out a pumpkin to take home. At the check out they had some churros that smelled too delicious not to buy one, and we also let Sophie choose a honey straw to take home. Near the exit, there was a skeleton door bell that I sent Sophie over to try. A little snake pops out to scare you when you press the button. We took a video afterward, so naturally her reaction was only a fraction of the first time, but it's still cute to see her jump a little and then be excited to do it again. 

This is the pumpkin I picked out

Purchasing a pumpkin also let you go through the corn maze down the street. The Curiosity Museum has a little hedge maze that Sophie loves, so she was excited to try this "big" maze. At first it was more of a path... there weren't any forks where you had to make a choice, so we just wandered along. Eventually we came to a "T" and we let Sophie decide which way to go. She was so excited to lead us through, and after a few dead ends, we found our way out - hooray!

October 18, 2016

Fall Leaves

Our neighbor had a big tree in her yard taken out a month ago. A good portion of the tree used to hang over our yard as well, and now that it's gone we've had no leaves to rake up, but also no leaves to play in. Last Saturday was a really nice day, so after lunch I walked the kids down by our mailbox where there are some big trees and let the kids have some fun. Sophie kicked leaves all around, threw them, rolled in them, and had a fabulous time. Davey mostly scattered and tried to taste them :)

October 17, 2016

Davey at 7 Months

I feel like I was writing the 6 month update just yesterday, and now here we are at 7 months. I've said it before, but this boy is an absolute joy. He is so squishy and smiley, and I seriously want to snuggle him all day, except he normally has other ideas and likes to be free to move, explore and chew anything he can get his hands on. He is not crawling, or even really scooting yet, which is fine with me. Our house is not baby proofed at all, and Sophie leaves her little toys on the floor all the time. He does have an impressive range while sitting, though, and can fold himself completely in half to try and reach something he wants. With his motivation and strength, I fear it's only a matter of weeks before we'll have a mobile baby on our hands - ahhh!

Davey at 7 Months
  • 20.5 pounds and almost 29 inches long, which is not much of change from last month. I feel like his growth is finally slowing down a bit. This is the first month he hasn't really gone up a clothing and/or diaper size.
  • Refuses to eat anything off a spoon, which is starting to get really frustrating. I've tried everything under the sun and he wants nothing to do with it. So for now I am still just breastfeeding and he eats 6-8 times a day. 
  • Goes down for naps and night without much fuss, but still can't sleep through the night. He's been our roommate for the last month while we've worked on sleep training, but we can't seem to drop the 3 am feeding. Hopefully the next update will include him sleeping 12 hours straight in his own crib :)  
  • Takes 2-3 naps a day and one of them is usually 2+ hours.
  • Still no teeth
  • Has finally decided to let me cut his fingernails without too much of a fight, which is nice since they grow so dang fast. 
  • Loves the bath and waves his arms as soon as the faucet turns on, but after about 10 minutes will go from happy to mad in a matter of seconds to let you know he's had enough and wants out. 
  • We realized it was probably time to start reading to him and he has really enjoyed it. 
  • Sophie is all the entertainment he really needs. He doesn't seem to care when she takes his toys, or is just a little too rough - a typical younger sibling. 

Just in case you thought he was always smiley....

He will only sleep on his stomach these days. He also loves to bury his face in this yellow blanket, which makes me nervous, but somehow he seems to breathe just fine.

He always wants to have whatever we are holding at the moment. He will lunge and dive bomb until it either disappears or he gets what he wants. Luckily he doesn't know how to use a straw yet :)

It's starting to get colder on our evening walks - time for the puffy coat!

This boy loves the sand box at the Curiosity Museum. He has finally learned not to eat it, but this last time I did have to dig a bunch out of he ear. No idea how it got in there...

Loving tub time

♥ My big boy in the fall leaves 

October 8, 2016

School Carnival

The school where I work had a carnival on Friday evening. Rather than drive home and then back again with the kids, we decided to just hang around Orem until it was time to party. The play space at University Mall closed down a while ago, and a new kids area just reopened this week so we went over to check it out. Sophie loved it! There isn't really a play structure, but there are lots of fun things to climb on, around, and under. There is also an outdoor area with some water fountains, stairs, and rocks that she had fun scaling. I see us coming back here often since it's only a few blocks from the school.

Sophie was in shorts because she had a potty accident at the babysitter's house and those were the back up clothes I had in the bag. It actually was a really nice day, however, so it didn't matter she had no pants. It is time for me to start rotating out the summer clothes though!

We sat on a bench and soaked up some sun while Sophie played. Davey really wanted to eat my phone.

After playing we went back to the school and Dave met us there with some Arby's for dinner. It was a well attended event and all the kids seemed to have a great time. Sophie had fun playing the games, but the bounce houses were a little too crazy and it wasn't long before we had to take her away in tears. It was nothing a cotton candy couldn't fix though :) There was also a silent auction to help raise money for the school and we won the bid for a Chick-fil-A basket. Unfortunately we didn't realize until later that the meal vouchers are only good at the Orem location, so we're going to have to travel a bit to redeem our prize. It will be worth it to not have to cook though!

Face painting always gets the longest line so we made it our first stop. All day she had been talking about getting a snake or witch painted on her cheek, but when she sat down she decided she wanted a rainbow instead. Later she went back and got a spider on her other cheek.

I wish I had taken a video of her playing bean bag toss because she went 4/4 and won a football!

There was this awesome pirate play ship that the kids loved. Sophie is somewhere below deck in this picture. 

The highlight for her was getting to eat some cotton candy!

October 6, 2016

Another Day, Another Park

Normally we use one of our membership passes on the day I work from home, but for the last few weeks we've been attending library story time and visiting different parks around our neighborhood. I know our good weather days are numbered, so we are trying to spend as much time outside before the cold/wet forces us indoors. This time we went back to a cute little park I found driving home from Costco a few months ago. I have no idea what it's called, but I like it because there are lots of things for Sophie to climb and it's never crowded.

Davey caught a cold from Sophie and had the saddest little cough. It was nice to see the swings finally put a smile on his face after being miserable all morning. 

Sibling rivalry has already started. I took Davey's picture on the log, so of course she had to have her picture taken there too.

 And on a side note, we are still trying to figure out how to get this boy to eat some food. He will not open his mouth for a spoon, and if I ever do manage to get anything in his mouth he starts spitting. He seemed to think, however, that this apple core was awesome and gnawed on it for a good 20 minutes. I don't know what to do with this boy....

October 5, 2016

Conference Weekend

I always look forward to conference weekend, but boy is it rough with little kids. Things never go quite as planned and I seem to only catch snippets of talks here and there. I think over the course of all the sessions there was only one speaker I was really able to focus on from beginning to end. There are times and seasons for everything I suppose.... good thing we can always read it again later :)

Dave took Sophie to the Home Depot workshop before the Saturday morning session to try and fill some of her attention/activity needs. It kind of worked. 

Davey wasn't a huge fan of sitting in front of a TV for two days straight and Sophie destroyed our bedroom when we sent her up there to watch a movie during one of the afternoon sessions.

October 3, 2016

Starting Solids

We have started Davey on solids, although he really hasn't been that impressed with anything we've had to offer so far. We've had lots of head turning and backing arching in protest. This boy just loves his milk, which is fine with me, except I'm pretty sure giant babies can't survive on milk alone. I'm hoping that if we just keep offering different choices we will eventually find something he likes.

First offering was oatmeal. He thought it was gross, even with bananas mixed in.

Next was sweet potatoes. He seemed to like it the first time, but has been less and less eager with each passing day. Squash has also been met with indifference. I have some carrots we are going to try next. 

He ended up with more sweet potatoes on the outside than the inside so we put him straight in the sink for the bath. He thought it was awesome, especially once he realized he could turn the water on and off. 

Yesterday we gave him some banana in the mesh feeder. This was a success! I think he would go straight to table food if he could, but first he needs to get some teeth :)

October 2, 2016

Little Buddies

Now that Davey is sitting well, it's been fun to see these two finally start to interact more. Right now she has all the control, and he is mostly ok with it, but the balance will start to shift over the next few months as he becomes mobile and better able to compete for toys and attention. I'm already dreading trying to keep all her little treasures out of his mouth. For now though, I'm glad they like each other and are able to start having fun together!

(Although just after I posted this she told me she didn't want to him to touch any of her things or to look at her....sigh. Sounds like the sibling rivalry has also started)

Playing in the sand at the Curiosity Museum

On a walk in the double stroller - I catch Sophie turning around all the time to pet his hair

First time in the tub together - he LOVED it, she took a little longer to warm up to the idea, but is looking forward to doing it again.

Napkin Heads