May 29, 2016

Bridal Veil Falls

We've been staying in Provo at my aunt's house while she's off on other adventures, and while we were near the canyon we thought it would be fun to visit Bridal Veil Falls. It's only about 10 minutes from her house, and a short walk that's easily accessible for a stroller. It was a bit crowded because of the holiday weekend and the beautiful weather, but Sophie found her own area of water off to the side where she could explore and throw rocks without hitting anyone. We also brought a picnic lunch to eat. It was a fun thing to do!

The water was a bit cold for wading, but Sophie had a great time walking around the rocks

Davey loves being outside and was happy to watch from the stroller for about 40 minutes before he wanted to move on to the next activity

View of the falls

Across the river we saw a snow cone stand (one of my weaknesses in life) and I walked over to check it out. They said they took credit, but after making my order they couldn't find the phone to run my card so we ended up getting it for free. Davey was obviously a bit jealous he couldn't have any.... look at that drool!

May 22, 2016

Derek's Wedding

Last week we flew to Portland for my brother's wedding. It was our first trip with two kids and it it went well, but was definitely a little more challenging than before! Luckily every one took pity on us at the airport and they let us go in the priority lane, someone held Davey during security, we had help getting our bags from the gate to the plane, and then from our seats back to the gate.

After landing we went to my parents hotel where Sophie was able to swim with her cousins

The wedding was at the Portland temple. Sophie and Davey waited in the atrium with their cousins while we went up for the sealing. Part of being the oldest meant that none of my siblings were able to attend my sealing because they weren't endowed yet, but now I have been able to attend all of theirs which is a fair trade off :) After the sealing I gave my congratulations and then hurried down so I could feed Davey before the newlyweds came out and we started taking pictures. It was a grey, rainy day, but so great to be with family and see my brother so happy with his new bride!

The flower girls

Derek and Faye

Sophie made sure she was the second one to kiss the groom

It was a hard weekend for Sophie - she missed nap three days in a row and stayed up two to three hours past bedtime each night. It took her a few days to recover after we got back. 

After the ceremony there was a family luncheon at the Spaghetti Factory, and then we went over to a chapel for a reception. Sophie had been looking forward to dancing and cake so she was really excited for this part. The food was delicious, the decorations were beautiful, and we had a great time celebrating the happy couple. 

Great Grandma Lambert snatched Davey whenever she could :)

Four generations - my grandma Mimi, my mom, myself, and Sophie

Dancing with daddy

On the way back to Utah our flight was unfortunately delayed three hours, and then the shuttle that came to pick us up took an hour instead of 10 minutes so we arrived home much later than planned. Both kids were troopers and even fit in a nap at the gate while we were waiting for our flight. We are so glad we were able to make the trip though - it was a great weekend and so exciting to welcome Faye into our family!

We didn't want to pay to check bags so we were quite the circus caravan - two adults, two kids, three suitcases, three backpacks, two car seats, two strollers (one of which was accidentally left in Portland) a diaper bag, and a travel bassinet. 

May 21, 2016

Davey at 2 Months

Davey reached the 2 month mark on Wednesday. He is growing like crazy and really is an awesome baby. His check up isn't scheduled for another couple weeks, so I don't know exactly how big he is, but I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 pounds and 24 inches. I'm starting to think the size 12 month Christmas sweater I found for him is going to fit in July instead of December :)

- Davey at 2 Months - 
  • I don't want to jinx anything, but he's slept for a 7 hour stretch for the last four nights. He wakes up to eat around 5:00 am, and then I bring him to bed with us where he spends an hour punching me in the face before falling back asleep again. 
  • Has started smiling and gives the best grins just after he's eaten. We've also heard some little laughs, and he likes to babble when he's feeling content. 
  • Is warming up to the binky and only rejects it half the time now
  • Loves bath as long as the water is really, really warm. Sophie is super heat sensitive, but he likes his bath like a little spa - that's my boy!
  • He's getting really good at supporting his own head, but still dive bombs from time to time so we have to be careful. He also loves to be held standing so he can push off with his legs, but still has some newborn floppiness. He's like those dancing inflatable things you see at car sales lots :)
  • Wears 6 month clothing, but is ready for pajamas in the next size up. 
  • The drool is starting to appear and I think it will be time to break out the bibs soon. Sophie got her first teeth around 4 months and it looks like he may be on the same timeline. 
  • Had a relatively healthy month. After fighting colds/congestion for several weeks, he has finally cleared up and is feeling good. 

He is capable of smiling, but we also see a lot of this serious face...

Or his wide-eyes, wide-mouth expression. Hello world!

Davey is also starting to enjoy nakedness, just like his sister.

He has always been good a tummy time and is happy to look around for awhile before starting to fuss. When he was a little baby he was able to roll from tummy to back, but then he got fat, and we haven't seen him do it for awhile. Now that his strength is starting to catch up to his size, rolling might not be too far off! 

May 12, 2016

Mother's Day

I had a good Mother's Day this year. I was able to sleep in as much as a person with 9 am church, a hungry baby, and an excited three year old can. Dave helped Sophie write a card and she brought it to me along with a balloon and some cinnamon rolls. After church we had a relaxing afternoon and Dave cooked up some steaks for dinner. I am so grateful for these little ones that made me a mother, even if they also make me crazy sometimes. 

It was a grey, rainy day, but I really wanted a picture with the kids so we took one inside by the closet

Then Sophie was jealous that I was holding the baby instead of her, so we took one with her as the "baby"

I also tried to take a picture of the two of them while we were at it since I don't have one yet, and was only semi-successful. Out of over 100 shots, this was the best. 

My big boy - notice that his top two buttons are undone. He has quite the tummy and I couldn't get them all fastened up :)

Later that evening Davey was sleeping on my chest and then Sophie came over for a snuggle - perfect way to end Mother's Day!

May 4, 2016

Painting the Fence

For some reason Crayola paints were on sale for earth day (I don't really understand the connection, but nice for us!), so I bought Sophie the 10 pack. On Saturday I diluted them with water, gave her sponge brush, and let her paint our vinyl fence! I have never let her do anything with paints so she LOVED it. It was a great activity until she got upset about me mixing orange wrong, which led to some paint dumping, and a ticket inside for her. Oh the emotions of a three year old...

The only downside was the clean up didn't go quite as smooth as I had hoped.  Almost all of the paint sprayed right off with the hose, but I didn't dilute the blue enough and it didn't come off as easy. I had to get out the gloves, brush, and put in some elbow grease to get the fence back to white. Now I know for next time!

She asked me to paint a "Sophie"

My artist with her mural

Back to white again!

May 3, 2016

April Roundup

April has come to an end and we are so excited that summer is just around the corner! We had a few glimpses of it mixed in with the rainy days and it's given Sophie summer fever. She can't wait for the pool to open in a few weeks. Davey continues to grow and is turning into quite the chunker. He has been smiling for a few days now, but it's been tough to catch on camera. I am back at work at the school, which only has a short 3.5 weeks left until summer break - hooray! And Dave is still plugging away at his PhD. He earned the student teaching award for his department this year, and is getting ready to defend his dissertation next week. The end is near!

And now a TON of photos, especially of Davey. It's been so fun having him around and he doesn't run away when I get out the camera :)

Dave took Sophie to her first ever kids workshop at Home Depot. She got to build and paint a butterfly house, which is currently being used to store her necklaces. 

Playing doctor with daddy

Getting acquainted with the Disney princesses

Tough Guy

Helping mom make dinner

Afternoon naps are the best

One rainy/hailing day we went to the mall for an indoor picnic

 My little chunker

Playing xbox with dad

Late one night I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. It scared me to death, and when I opened the blinds in turned out to be a cat. Our yard is surrounded by other yards and has no outside access, so I called Dave down and he picked it up and threw it out the front door. Then 20 minutes later it came back and he moved it out again. In the morning it had returned once more. It hung out all day before finally deciding our yard was no fun.

Sophie drew her first "real" picture. This is a rainbow, with a sun, and some clouds. 

Snuggling my little buddy

Sleep smiles

Playing go "night night" together

Big yawns

Enjoying a brief stretch 80 degree weather

My muscle man

I have no idea what he's looking at in this picture...

Almost a real smile

My handsome chunk

His favorite past time is looking at the ceiling fan; Second favorite is spitting/peeing on our sheets.