May 29, 2012

I'm Katniss!

Tuesday night Dave and I used a LivingSocial deal we bought forever ago, and after an hour at a local archery range we are now ready for the big leagues.

Call me Katniss - I look like I could bring down a deer, don't you think?

And Dave in a leather vest with a little gel in his hair = the next member of the Avengers!

Last time I did archery was in 8th grade PE. Apparently it helped give me an edge. We had two contests tonight - closest to the bulls eye and top score after 9 shots - and I won both! Closest to the bulls eye was my second shot of the night and complete luck. Our 9-shot games took more skill. We were pretty evenly matched but I came out on top with 3 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie.

And then to preserve Dave's manhood, we played one last round of best shot before going home, which Dave won, so everyone went home happy.

May 18, 2012

We are now back on the mainland after a week long trip to Maui with my family. I always hate it when vacations end :( If I had a magic power, it would be the ability to apparate (like Harry Potter), and I would come here at least once a week. It was paradise!!

In no particular order, here are some highlights of our trip!

A beautiful Hawaii sunset

At Black Rock beach before our morning snorkel

Dave with an itty bitty hermit crab he found in a tide pool

Lovely close up of my face... I do not tan, but I sure do freckle and after a week in the sun the freckles were out in full force!

Skyping with my brother who is on a mission in Brazil

Spending Mother's Day with my mom!

Dave jumping into the largest of the Olivine Pools

Don't worry - we're not dead, we're sleeping :)

Riding the foam like a pro - the waves were pretty small this year, but still big enough to boogie board

Having an awesome time at the beach!!

May 12, 2012

Put on Your Tiki Face

Aloha! Yesterday my parents, my sister, Dave, and I arrived in Maui!! I've been looking forward to this trip for a loooong time and am so excited to be here. It's going to be a nice post-graduation, pre-PhD program treat, and we plan to enjoy every minute of it. I'm going to read 2 books, attempt to surf, play 100+ games of boggle on Dave's smart phone, go to bed at 9:00 and wake up at 5:00 because I don't adjust well to time changes, build something in the sand, eat a pineapple, not worry about how the ocean makes my hair crazy, and do my best to stay sunburn free!

May 5, 2012

BYU Creamery

At one point it seemed like we would be in Provo forever, but now we only have a couple months left here before we move! Although we're really not moving that far away, we thought it would be fun to take advantage of all that Utah Valley has to offer before we head north.

Yesterday I drove to the Tanner Building to pick Dave up, and when he got in the car, I said, "Drop your stuff and get back out. We're walking over to the Creamery for dinner!"

Did you know they offer the best kid's meal ever?? For $3.50 you can get a made-to-order hamburger on a big fresh bun, fries (I get cracked pepper, and Dave gets spicy), a refillable drink...

And ice cream for dessert!