March 27, 2017

Sophie at 4 Years

Time for Sophie's annual update! Our sweet girl turned four years old this March and is growing taller, faster, smarter, and more amazing every day. She often tries our patience and makes me fear for the teenage years, but she is also incredibly loving, thoughtful, and kind. She has been a great sister to Davey and loves to try to make him smile or laugh. I can often hear her talking to him in their room at night and, even though they are supposed to be sleeping, it makes my heart happy to see their relationship growing.

One part of her that has really grown this past year is her fantastic imagination. Her favorite things to pretend are restaurant, doctor, camping, shop owner/customer, and pet/trainer. If an animal is every involved in one of the games, then her go-to names are either Diamond or Jewel. With my work schedule she doesn't get a lot of time with friends, but I love it whenever she has the chance to play with someone her own age, who understands her "vision" of how these games are supposed to work. Dave and I try, but sometimes we have a hard time keeping up.

Love you Sophie girl!!

Sophie at 4 Years
  • 42.5 inches and 39 pounds. She's grown three inches since last year and continues to ride the 97% curve. She's wearing size 5/6 clothing, mostly for length. It looks like this girl is going to be able to spike a volleyball better than I ever could when she gets older.
  • Favorite foods are still anything involving cheese, although she also loves yogurt, bread with butter, strawberries, and steak. 
  • Favorite colors are purple, green, red, and gold. 
  • Her tears come on full and fast at the slightest thing, but she is learning to work through her emotions, take deep breaths, and move on. 
  • Favorite shows are anything on Disney Jr. or Nick Jr. She also loves Moana, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Ariel. 
  • Still loves her blankets "Purple" and "Pink," and her little stuffed turtle. 
  • She loves to do crafts, although has never shown much interest in coloring. She also prefers numbers to letters, but her alphabet is coming along and she is able to write her name with help.
  • Preschool will start next fall, but until then she is enjoying Primary at church and swim lessons at the rec center. 
  • She loves board games, mazes, puzzles, and I-Spy type activities. 
  • When she grows up she wants to be a doctor for people and animals. 
So full of confidence! I hope the world is ready for this girl!

She gave up regular naps months ago, but wears herself out and will often fall asleep in the car or will tuck herself into bed during quiet time.

Her primary class a few Sundays ago was about animals. She still loves cold-blooded critters and I was not at all surprised when she chose to draw a crocodile as her favorite animal.

With squeezy cheese - her new favorite "food"

One day at the store she saw this and just HAD to have it. I said "no" several times, but she wore me down and we got it as a special treat. It turned out to be disgusting and she only ate one bowl. Lesson learned that you can't always just something by the packaging :)

She LOVES helping out with everything right now - cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc... We are trying to involve her as much as we can while she has such a willing and eager attitude!

I had a decades day at work and Sophie loved my hippie glasses

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