September 26, 2017

Davey at 18 Months

Davey reached his 18 month mark this September and it's definitely time for another update on him. I went back and read what I wrote for his 1st birthday and we have a completely different kid on our hands now. He was just starting to eat table food, still not sleeping through the night, not walking, and only said "dada." So much can change in just six months...

Davey has grown into a curious, busy boy who keeps us on our toes. He already has a tendency towards trouble and "No-no Davey" has become a common phrase in our house. He definitely has a sweet side as well, though, and loves to give kisses and will often back into your lap in want of a snuggle. We have been impressed with his language skills and how many words he has picked up lately. With Sophie dominating the conversation most of the time, we didn't know if he would just let her her do the talking, but that is not the case. He has learned how to make himself heard (sometimes by banshee screaming) and his vocab is probably up to about 75 words.

Davey at 18 Months
  • Around 31 inches and 25 pounds, which puts him in the shorter, fatter category for his age now, but the pediatrician still thinks he's on an acceptable track. Hopefully he'll start trending the other direction at some point though. 
  • Loves Batman, Minnie Mouse, dogs, dragons and any animal with big teeth that looks like it may be dangerous (he calls them "Rrrrrr!s")
  • He also loves cars and other vehicles, but refers to them all (airplanes, tractors, fire engines, etc...) as "choo-choos."
  • Dropped his morning nap once the summer ended, and now just takes one in the afternoon that lasts around 2 hours. 
  • He has gotten much better with silverware and his favorite foods are fruit, cereal, eggs, mashed potatoes, black beans, noodles, rice, go-gurts, and cookies. He hates anything other than water or milk and will actually spit out juice or soda if he even gets a little taste. 
  • We are still waiting for his fourth bottom tooth to fully emerge. His canines have also poked through, but his teeth literally take months to finish coming in and after several weeks they are still just little points. 
  • He finally has started saying a word for "Sophie." It sounds a lot like "puppy," but it has made her so happy to finally have a name. 
  • He really likes shoes and will go find his when it's time to leave somewhere. He also likes to bring other people their shoes, even guests, and is pretty good at matching the right footwear with the right person. 
  • Anytime he sees anything farm related it turns into some version of "E-I-E-I-O"
  • His first "official" weeks in nursery were a little rough, which surprised us because he actually attended several times over the summer without incident. Something about the new ward's nursery set him off and it took him awhile to settle in. 
A nap with a runny nose led to some epic crazy eyebrows

He has developed a love a swimming and one day found his puddle jumper and insisted that I put it on. He wore it around the house for almost an hour before I had to wrestle it off him because he was getting so sweaty. 

He surprised us one day by putting together a puzzle with hardly any help. We had never really worked on puzzles with him before, so he must just be a natural like his mama :)

This kid is always in to something. He can climb anything, open doors, turn on the tub, plug and unplug electronics and he continues to learn new, troublesome skills each day. Mischief from the last month includes coloring our couch with a ballpoint pen, emptying a huge bottle of baby powder all over his room, tearing all the flaps out of several different books, pulling out all the clothes from the drawers in our closet, and pushing over a box fan, which caused the motor to start burning. Luckily I found it before our carpet caught fire. 

Growing up so fast, but still my little baby boy

Major goofball

He still is super attached to his yellow blanket, but has recently added a few more friends to his inner circle: Ah-Ah (a sloth), Puppy, Batman, and Rrrrr (a dragon). Every night before bed he likes to hand them to us one by one for a kiss. Here a video of Davey telling you about each of them :)

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