August 8, 2015

Hooray for the kindness of strangers!

On Friday morning I put Sophie in the car and we started our drive down to Orem for work. We entered the construction zone at the point of the mountain, and as we drove up the hill, I suddenly saw an object about the size of a large can bouncing around in the road.  I was headed straight for us, but I had cars to my right, left, and right behind me so braking or swerving to avoid it was not an option. We made impact and my dashboard immediately started blinking a tire pressure warning.

I looked for a place to pull over, but there is no shoulder throughout the construction zone so we had to keep going. There are a few emergency pull over spaces, but every one we passed already had a car in it (other victims?) so I was just praying we could make it to the exit. We were able to exit and I pulled over on a side street to inspect the damage.

Completely flat - no bueno

I called Dave, who was out of town, to see if he could find me some help but we couldn't think of anyone who could change a tire and would be available in the middle of the day. I got the spare tire and the jack out of the trunk and was sitting on the side of the road, when someone pulled over to help. He was on his way into work, and got down on the wet ground in his uniform and put on the spare for us. I was so grateful for his help and don't know what we would have done otherwise! I tried to pay him, but he wouldn't accept my money and said that was how his mom had raised him. 

My lifesaver!

We drove on our spare to the Costco tire center and got there right as they were opening. The mechanic said the side wall of our tire was damaged beyond repair, and that we would need a replacement. The entire process took a couple hours, but there are worse places to be stuck than Costco. Sophie and I did lots of walking around and enjoyed a frozen yogurt while we waited. Once the car was fixed, I called work to tell them we were on our way again and they told me to go home (thank you Kris!) and I was more than happy to comply. What a way to start a weekend!

August 7, 2015

Sammamish Summer 2015 - Part Two

Our time here always seems to go by so quickly. We were able to do so much fun stuff, but are now regretting that we didn't make it down to the lake or up to the cabin a little more often. Next year I guess....

A dishwasher mishap turned into a fun bubble surprise for Sophie and her princesses!

While we were there my brother got the home theater set up. He spend all week working on the projector and speakers to get it ready for a premiere while we were there. I see us and the grandkids having lots of fun in here over the years!

The new house has no grass, but there are TONS of trees and bushes that were growing a little out of control. The boys spent a good portion of the week taking out trees, trimming, and hauling. 

Sophie learned to ride this little scooter while we were there. She won't win any speed records at this point, but she can do it!

Dave always loves riding the wave runner and Sophie was always first in line to go along for a ride. 

My mom and I went for an evening bike ride - it's nice to have neighbors with fun toys!

Sophie went on a kayak ride with Uncle Derek and as they were pulling away from the dock Jobe jumped on board for a ride

We took the boat out one afternoon for some water skiing and wake boarding. I'm always nervous that I will have forgotten how to get up, but somehow it always comes back to me!

Sophie going for a swim with Uncle Derek

The secret to keeping a toddler happy

Dave went wake boarding a few times while we were there, but the time I went along too with my camera he only had two spectacular falls. 

On our last night we went to the Country Club. We didn't have any golf clubs for putting or the driving range, but we did enjoy a great dinner and a beautiful evening. 

August 4, 2015

Sammamish Summer 2015 - Part One

The day after we returned home from North Carolina we packed our bags again and started the drive up to Washington. I was a little worried about how Sophie would handle the drive since we had endured a 3 hour drive and a 5 hour flight the day before, but she did fine. She took some killer naps, and we only had to break out the iPad a couple times.

My parents had moved since our last trip at Christmas. This was our first time seeing their new house in Bellevue, on the other side of Lake Sammamish. The new house was much bigger, which was nice because my sister Amy and her kids, my sister Natalie and her husband Brodie, and Derek were also there visiting!

Sophie on the balcony looking out at the lake

Sophie's favorite part of the new house was the Roomba vacuum. She would follow it around and laugh hysterically every time it would turn and start coming in her direction. 

Our first day there we went raspberry picking. There were baskets for the adults, but they had these cute buckets for kids. Sophie ate almost everything she picked and her bucket only had a few berries by the end. I made 8 batches of freezer jam with the berries we picked and we each got to take some home with us - yum!!

We also tried a splash park that is right near the new house. Sophie will drink any liquid she can find (including ocean water) so I was not surprised to find her like this. How do I teach her that this is gross?!

Grandmari had two little friends who were very willing to help her finish her popsicle

And of course we went boating a few times during our visit!

With my girlie :)

One night we took the three bigger kids out tubing. We tried putting them all in the tube together at first, but poor Sophie got complete squashed under her cousins. Instead we let Anne and Will go out together, and then I took Sophie out for her own turn. 

Sophie LOVED riding in the tube. She liked when it was bumpy and when we went fast. She really wanted to go out again, but unfortunately we never found a time to take her a second time. 

The day before Amy and her kids had to leave, we went to Kelsey Creek farm. We were only there for about 20 minutes before it started raining. Although our day was cut short, we did get to see a giant 700+ pound pig eat a watermelon, some bunnies, chickens, and goats before going home.