May 13, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

This morning I was thinking to myself that it had been awhile since I posted anything on the blog. But nothing that eventful has happened to either of us in the past few weeks...

We've worked, we've played. We've been to a couple Mariner games. I've been cleaning out our house, and Dave has been jogging. We watched it hail like the world was ending one day, and then basked in the sun the next. We're catching up on the final season of Lost (hooray for Hulu). We saw the new Iron Man movie and now I want one of these. They are mesmerizing.

Nothing was really worthy of its own post though... until today when something eventful did happen.

Our car died on 405 while Dave was driving to a customer meeting (so glad it was Dave driving and not me). Luckily he was able to coast to the side of the freeway and then get the car to work long enough to reach an off ramp. He then enlisted the help of a bystander to push it somewhere safe. As of the latest update, he was riding in a tow truck en route to the dealership. I am really hoping this is a quick, cheap fix instead of a $$$$ repair.

So much for exciting - I'm ready to go back to our boring life :)