May 26, 2013

Sophie at 2 Months

Last week Sophie turned 2 months old and I went back to work. So far we are all adjusting to the change quite well. Sophie has enjoyed spending so much time with daddy, and Dave now understands how it is possible to stay home, get nothing done, and still be exhausted at the end of the day. Her big accomplishments this past month were learning to smile and discovering that it's better to sleep and night and be awake in the day - hallelujah!

~ Sophie at 2 Months ~
  • 22.5 inches long (50th percentile) and 10 pounds 9 ounces (50th percentile)
  • Is wearing size 3 month clothing, which fit great except for pajamas that all seem to be too short
  • Goes to bed around 10:30 pm, wakes up for a feeding around 3:30 am and then goes back down until 6:30 am when I feed her again before leaving for work
  • Is a very happy baby unless food is involved - if she is hungry her patience lasts about 5 seconds before she starts shrieking
  • Tries to put anything within reach into her mouth - binky, fingers, toys, blankets, etc...
  • Is learning to hold onto toys and wave them around, although she frequently hits herself in the face when she gets really excited
  • Is very vocal and "talks" to us all day long
  • Smiles all the time!

Dave also took Sophie in for her 2 month check-up and she got 5 shots - poor girl. She had a sad look on her face all night, even when she was sleeping :(

May 15, 2013


Sophie has been smiling (for real) for a few weeks now, but I've had the hardest time getting a picture of her.  Her favorite place to smile is on the changing table, but diaper change is really not the best time for pictures. All the other times the camera is either on the other side of the room, she stops as soon as I turn it on, or she's moving around like crazy so the picture is a complete blur. Today, however, I finally caught it on camera!

I took Sophie outside in the late afternoon to lie on the grass, and by this face I would say she liked it :)

She seemed fascinated by the sky and was happy staring up at the blue for almost an hour - I think this will have to be part of our daily routine. Don't you just love her long eyelashes?!

May 13, 2013

Wide Awake!

Good morning! We are wide awake at our house today. Something clicked in Sophie when she turned seven weeks old and nights, and in turn the days, have been so much better! She still loves to stay up late and seems incapable of feeling tired before 11 pm, but once she finally goes down, she will reliably sleep for a 3-5 hour stretch, wake up to eat, and then sleep again until about 7 am. I am really loving this new schedule and hope it sticks!

May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

It was very exciting to celebrate this Mother's Day as a mother! It took several years to get to this point, but looking back over our journey, Dave and I both agree that we would not change a thing. During those years of waiting Dave and I were able to enjoy the blessings of a great marriage, good jobs, gaining more education, and many fun adventures both as a couple and with family. We grew together and learned a lot about trust, patience, gratitude, and love.

We, of course, are now very excited to be parents and have Sophie as part of our family. She has brought so much joy to our lives!! Being a mother has been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done. I've only been on the job for about 50 days so far and have already learned so much. I have a new respect for all you mothers!

I have been thinking about how becoming a mother has changed me, and I have decided that it hasn't changed me, so much as amplified everything about me. I have become "more" - more patient, more flexible,  more accepting of things that aren't "perfect", more tired, more crazy, more reliant on the internet to answer life's questions, more efficient, more careful, more caring, more reflective, more appreciative of the little things, more humble, more loving, and more full of love. It is great to be a mother. 

Four Generations - I am so grateful for the women who came before me, and now for this new little girl and all that will come because of her!

May 11, 2013

Orienteering with Sophie

Today we went orienteering with Sophie. We chose to run the beginner course this time since it was stroller friendly. It was an easy course that was probably only a mile long and had all the flags located in plain sight only a few feet off the paved path. We were racing against Nat and Brodie who ran the 3 mile course through brush land and what my sister called "mini cactuses" (she now understands why long pants were recommended). Can you guess who won?

Pre-orienteering nap with mommy and daddy

Continuation of the pre-orienteering nap - she slept through the entire thing

Dave at one of the flags

Chilling with daddy in the shade while we were waiting for Nat & Brodie to finish

May 6, 2013

Diaper Change is More Fun with Daddy

Daddy-daughter bonding time - music by the sound machine, lyrics by Dave