August 26, 2012

First Day of School

Dave is officially a Ute! He started his business PhD program at the University of Utah this week and so far everything is going great. For the first year of his program he will be doing coursework, assisting a couple different professors with research projects, and T.A.-ing a class. He was also excited to find out that all first year PhD students will be receiving iPads from the university!

Dave has been taking trax to campus from a park-n-ride near our house, which has worked out really well so far. This Saturday I went down to campus with him to deliver a mini fridge and a microwave to his office that he shares with one other student. We walked around campus a bit and he showed me where some of his classes are. I have to say that after BYU, everything was a little red for my taste...

August 24, 2012


Last weekend our niece Anne came to stay with us for two nights while my sister moved back into her Provo apartment after being gone for the summer. Anne is always thrilled to see Dave, and it's not hard to see why - he just makes everything fun. One of the highlights of her stay was a trip down to the "tiny pool" at our complex for a little swimming.

Swimming round and round

Playing "Save Dave" - she would repeatedly push his head under the water and then pull him up for a breath by his hair

Still smiling even after accidentally going all the way under