February 16, 2012

My New Digs

A couple weeks ago my boss decided to have me take on more projects. The extra work and the front desk, however, would be too much for one person to handle. I am still working the front desk in the afternoons, but in the mornings I have been moved to my own office ...formerly known as the water heater room!

In addition to the water heater, my closet (as I call it) also has a filing cabinet and a small desk. I need to remember to bring a few picture frames and other trinkets from home to give it a bit more personality.

It really is as tiny as it looks - I wedged myself in the corner for this picture and still couldn't get a very good shot. The desk only extends about another foot to the left, and just beyond the desk is the door. Sometimes I feel like Harry Potter in my 'cupboard under the stairs', but thankfully there are no spiders in there! I'm not complaining though - it's cozy, warm, quiet, and I've been very productive.


Plus, I am the only person in the school that has a "skylight"! (I really have no idea what this long tube that runs up to the ceiling is for, but it does let in a good amount of natural light.)


February 14, 2012

In for the long haul...

Dave will graduate from BYU's MBA program in just a few months. We can't believe how fast two years went by!! A graduate degree, however, will not be the end of school for us. Dave has decided to pursue a PhD, in preparation to eventually to do research and teach in conjunction with a business school.  A few months ago he applied to 11 different schools - Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Northwestern, NYU, Cornell, Duke, ASU, Texas, Washington, Utah, and UC-Berkely.

Right now we are in that wonderful period of waiting and wondering where we will spend the next five years of our life. As you can see, half the schools would take us out east, but we could also end up in Chicago, Texas, Arizona, California, Washington, or stay right here in Utah.

Dave has already been accepted to one school - HOORAY!! It is a huge huge relief to know that we will at least be going somewhere. We should start hearing back from the other schools (either yes or no) in the next six weeks. I can hardly wait!