July 30, 2012

Six Years

Another year's gone by, and just like all the rest, it was a good one! Last year we took an anniversary trip to Snowbird, and had so much fun that we decided to come back again.  Since our actual anniversary was on a Sunday, we spent the night in eating good food and watching the Olympics. On Monday, the first day of our 7th year of marriage, we took a hike in the beautiful mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We rode the tram to the top of Hidden Peak (the little tower and hut on the left), and then hiked all the way along the ridge and down into the valley.

Dave at the end of the ridge

After hiking down off the ridge into the valley, we followed a trail back up to the mountain to the top a chairlift. It turned out to be a pretty intense  hike for us out of shape people, so we really enjoyed riding the chairlift back down to the bottom. Phew! Our legs will be burning tomorrow.

Yay for six years - we're looking forward to many more!

July 21, 2012

Summer in Sammamish

We've spent the last week in Sammamish visiting my family. It's been super fun because my sister Amy was also here with her two kids, and my sister Natalie was here with her friend Brodie. We leave to go back home to Utah in a few days and I'm sad to see our vacation come to an end, but I'm also feeling anxious to get back to our apartment that we left only two days after moving in.

Picking raspberries with the family - our buckets are empty for this picture, but we went home with 16 pounds of berries - yummy! We've been eating raspberries like crazy for the past couple days, and I made a bunch of freezer jam that will hopefully last us for a year.

Fun on the Lake - we've been down at the lake pretty much every other day while we've been here either boating, riding the wave runner, or just swimming around. I LOVE Lake Sammamish!!

Dave's flying dismount from the wake surf

I tried out the new paddle board and had a great time!

Orienteering with Jobe, Nat, & Brodie - we participated in a summer orienteering meet during our visit. Dave and I were racing Nat and Brodie and we beat them by 1 minute 40 seconds! They are in way better shape than us, but our map reading skills prevailed. After the course there was a BBQ in someones backyard and we met a guy that ran the entire thing (through the woods with brambles and blackberries) barefoot. We asked him about it and apparently he never wears shoes. Strange...

Day of Work. - During our visits we normally help with a few projects at my parent's house. Last year Dave helped to build a balcony, and this year he helped my dad take down a tree in the front yard. My dad did all the chainsaw work and Dave got to carry the rubble to the trailer. Lucky guy - it was a big tree. I don't think the girls were just sitting around while the boys were slaving away - my mom and I  organized the pantry and a couple closets, all of which are now sparkly clean!

July 16, 2012

Backyard Black Bear

My sister and I were sitting in the kitchen today when Jobe (who was out on the balcony) suddenly started barking like crazy. We ran outside and saw a BEAR wandering through our backyard. I ran upstairs to get my camera and when I came back out the bear had moved into the street and was headed toward the neighbor's yard. CRAZY!

Jobe, the vigilant sentinel


Dave was walking in the exact same place the night before with Jobe and our niece  - YIKES!!

July 15, 2012


Jack - if you're wondering what happened to your five dollar bill, Dave put it in a safe place for you before we left.


Before we left Texas, we had a steak-off in which the boys were each responsible for grilling one pound of steak. I am a meat lover so I always look forward to this event!! The entries were judged by the family, and could earn points in four different categories: presentation, tenderness, flavor, and funny.

Surf n' Turf: Dave's dad served up marinated steaks on a bed of goldfish crackers (yes you read that right). It scored high in the "funny" category, but the cheddar fishies weren't enough to get a win this year.

Sneezed on a Plate: Greg topped each of his steak bites with a dollop of guacamole. The overall consensus was appealing to the stomach, but not to the eye.

Blood n' Bananas: Tim got creative with the produce and served up steak with a lovely banana garnish. And even though it was the exact same cut of meat as Greg's steak, it out scored Sneezed on a Plate by 19 points in the tenderness category - there was some bitterness.

Steak a la Coleman: Dave used a garlic marinade for his steak, and served it by lantern light with sauteed onions. This was my personal favorite (I am biased), but the rest of the family seemed to enjoy it also and Dave took first place this year!

July 14, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

We spent the last week in Texas with the Howe family. We played disc golf, saw Spiderman, went to Top Golf, played tons of games, swan with our niece and nephews, hung out with friends, and ate at least once a day. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out for any of this so no pictures :(

On Friday I finally remembered my camera for our outing to the Dallas World Aquarium, which is sort of an aquarium combined with a zoo. One of the selling points for the place? The entire thing is indoors and air conditioned!

Apparently there is a tropical island out there with our name on it! I think I know where we need to go on our next vacation...

The Howe women are known for their strength (I never knew manatees were so big!)

Dave has always wanted to be a fish

Happy times in Texas!

July 9, 2012

On the Lake (4th of July and the Morning After)

So this blog has been neglected for a month.... but I do have an excuse! In the past few weeks we've had company in town (my mom & sister), almost bought a car and then didn't, sold the contract on our Provo apartment, moved out, set up our new life in Sandy, packed our suitcases, flew to Seattle, which brings us to:

4th of July on Lake Sammamish with Grandma & Grandpa Lambert

In Sammamish, the best fireworks are out on the lake! About an hour before the show we bundled up (because while the rest of the country is baking, Seattle is still nice and cool) and headed out on the boat. They launch the fireworks from a barge in the middle and tons of boats gather around for the show. It is always spectacular!!

The next morning (while everyone was still sleeping) we took the boat out again for a water ski trip. When we started, we were the only boat out there and were able to enjoy some chilly, smooth water.

Dave on the Wake Surf

Since my brother is now on a mission, the privilege of driving the boat while my dad skis is now mine. Hoo-ray.

Over the hill and still skiing like a pro - go dad!

Here's me skiing for my first time this year. I made it up on my first try and went for almost three minutes! My arms and shoulders were so, so sore the next day - I guess I'm not as young as I used to be :)