December 31, 2019

Dallas December Fun

The first half of our Dallas trip was spent mostly with family. Tim's crew came down from Idaho and we had four fun days to spend with them before they had to go home. While they were in town we went to Crayola Experience, the trampoline park and swimming at Greg's. We also did a morning of service together, played lots of games, and enjoyed a pre-Christmas big family dinner.

After the Christmas we got together with friends a few times for games, food and to let the kids all play together. Our biggest event was the New Year's Eve party that is always so much fun .

We bought an annual pass to Crayola last time we were in Dallas, so this was our second time back. The kids had fun doing all their favorite activities from last time, and discovering new areas, like the melt-it-down wax coloring station.

Our service project was assembling meal kits for Feed My Starving Children. Volunteers have to be over 5, so Dave and Tim stayed home with the little while the rest of us put on our hairnets and got to work!

Sophie worked hard for 1.5 hours at the scooping station loading vitamins and veggies, and at the bagging station with Liam loading and weighing the completed kits. 

Greg's family was nice enough to warm up their pool for a cousin swim party. It barely got to 70 degrees, which was warm enough for the kids, but not the adults. The dads got to be on kid duty in the pool while the moms watched from the side.  

On Christmas Eve we took the kids to the Heard Wildlife Center. It was a beautiful day and nice to spend some time outside. Grandpa didn't work that day so he was able to join us!

Sophie got this fun pet shop puzzle from Grandma for Christmas.  

We also spent a morning at the Frisco Discovery Center. It's not on our museum pass, but since admission was cheap we decided to pay and go anyway. The kids had a great time, especially once we discovered the giant bubble station! It was in a back room and we almost missed it completely!

Davey loved the take apart toy building station 

This arch took us a few tries to build thanks to our little boy wrecking crew

Sophie inside a bubble!

Dave was the master of big bubbles, but Sophie started to get the hang of it too towards the end

I got this donut puzzle for Christmas. It was so fun, but it also made me sooo hungry!

Grandma found this fun mermaid jello kit and Sophie had a great time making these with her

All the fun wore these two boys out

The kids celebrated New Year's Eve around 8:30 and then we put them to bed so the adults could play

Watching a countdown on Netflix

Each year it gets a little harder to make it to midnight, but we made it - Happy New Year!

Our awesome group of friends + a few babies who decided they wanted to party too :)

December 28, 2019

2019 Howe Family Christmas Card

This was the Christmas card that we sent out to family and friends this year. The picture was taken this summer by my sister Amy at my parent's house and then I made an infographic update again to go on the back. We had an amazing year that was full of so many fun family adventures!! 

The 2019 Howes: Dave (35), Mel (33), Sophie (6), Davey (3) and Charlie (1)

December 25, 2019

Christmas Day in Dallas

We were in Dallas for Christmas this year visiting Grandma and Grandpa Howe. This marks our 14th consecutive Christmas that we have traveled, and while it gets a little more chaotic to pack up our family with each passing year, we love being able to spend the holidays with family!!
This year we left Amarillo a week before Christmas and came home the day after New Year's. We had a lot of fun with cousins and friends during our stay (separate post), but the highlight of our trip was definitely Christmas day. The kids are at such fun ages right now, and look forward to this day so much and it was so fun to see their excitement as dreams came true. 

All dressed up for Christmas Sunday

I always regret that we never remember to take a picture of the kids with their grandparents after visiting, but this time we did!!

And one of Charlie because he was just too cute in his Christmas sweater

Davey faithfully watched this Santa tracker for a few hours. He was so excited even though it said Santa was still 9 hours away from Texas

We didn't have a Christmas plate for Santa's cookies so Sophie made one herself

All ready with their stocking and Christmas pajamas!

Santa came and brought way too much stuff. I guess they were extra good this year.

The kids were in a downstairs bedroom right off the family room, while the rest of us were sleeping upstairs. I thought they might be tempted to sneak out and peek, so I put up a reminder barrier on the door. It did no good, haha. Davey broke right through and I found the both out looking at presents at 5:30 am. After chasing them back into their rooms, I heard Davey behind the door chanting "I got a Batman! I got a Batman!"

Davey and his Remote Control Batmobile

Sophie with her new camera and jump rope

Charlie with a choo choo track

I bought this Hotwheels "pinewood derby" track back in spring for Davey during a sale at Target because I thought he would love it and he did!

More choo choos for Charlie

Passed out after a busy Christmas