October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Carving and Trick-or-Treating

This year we let Sophie help with pumpkin carving. She has been wondering all week by why the pumpkins on people's doorsteps had their tops cut off, so we cut the top off our pumpkins to show her what was inside. In retrospect we probably should have done bath after pumpkins, but she really didn't get that messy so it worked out ok. 

This picture makes it look she was a big helper, but she really didn't like it that much. It probably didn't help that I told her she had to get the "gross" stuff out. That made her really hesitant to touch things. Instead she just scooped out a couple seeds with a spoon and then decided she was done. 

My pumpkin, which had incredibly thick walls. They were still at least an inch thick even after I scraped the inside until I thought my arm would fall off. I wasn't able to get too detailed, but it still turned out well. We find out gender on Thursday so our little one won't be as much of a mystery anymore. 

 On Halloween we went trick-or-treating with some friends from our neighborhood. First we all met for a potluck dinner, and then took the kids out to get some candy. At the truck-or-treat, Sophie went straight for the lollipops, taffy, and licorice (not my favorite) so this time around I trained her a little better and she picked out a lot more chocolate :)

Sophie and a couple of the other kids took off immediately on their own while the rest of the group was still getting ready - who needs adult supervision anyway??  

These kids were very persistent door knockers. A lot of places didn't have anyone home, but they would still knock for a good 30 seconds straight just to make sure. 

Sophie with her friend Paisley (who she also thinks is her cousin). The pumpkin by Paisley is the one that Sophie designed. She told me where to draw the eyes and requested a happy smile with lots of teeth.

October 30, 2015

Ward Halloween Party and the Fish Costume

This week was our ward Halloween party. It was supposed to be a trunk-or-treat, but rain moved the activity indoors. Families each claimed a small space of the gym and the kids walked around to gather candy. Since Sophie is now old enough to understand Halloween, I let her choose her own costume (she finally settled on a fish), and then Dave and I were a fishing pole and fisherman to match.

And the big surprise this year is that I made Sophie's costume! When I started looking for a fish costume online all I could find was Nemo from the Disney store (not that cute for the price) and one from Pottery Barn (very cute, but also ridiculously expensive), so I decided to make one. I found some pictures online for inspiration and got to work. 

My original plan was to just glue things together, but I have a sewing machine from my grandma that she gave me and thought, how hard could it be?! Let just say I saved a lot of money (total cost for this costume was $5), but it took me probably 15-20 hours to finish. I know nothing about sewing.... one time it took me two hours of bunched thread and jammed fabric because I didn't realize the needle was in backwards. Definitely a learning experience, but I'm proud of how it turned out!

My cute little fish

Her costume from the back - she really loved her fin and tail

Dave got some gummy worms to go with his costume. They weren't supposed to be for eating, but Sophie really wanted one and Dave decided to let her try to bite it off the hook. She was successful and the other kids at the party noticed... they started calling him "worm guy" and followed him around hoping for a tasty treat .

October 25, 2015

19 Weeks

This is going to be a longer post, because the story of this baby goes back to January and that's a lot of time to cover! For all the details, read down below. For a quick update, know that all was well at my 19 week appointment last Wednesday, and we will go back in a couple weeks at the beginning of November for the anatomy scan. We think we know the gender, and will hopefully find out if we're right real soon!

After our miscarriage in January I knew that I wanted to start trying again right away. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor as soon as I thought my body had had enough time to recover to talk about our options. We got pregnant on our our own with the baby we lost, but it took years for Sophie and knowing my body and our history, I didn't feel comfortable leaving things up to chance. 

I started a round of birth control to regulate my cycle, and then Clomid to help induce ovulation. We never had success with Clomid when we were trying for Sophie, but felt it was a good place to start this time and might just give my body the extra nudge it needed. Our plan was to try 4 rounds, and then discuss moving to the next level if we didn't see results. 

The third round was the charm. We got a positive test in mid-July, on the last day of our beach vacation with the Howe family. Normally I wouldn't share the news so early, but we thought it would be fun to tell family in person so we announced to Dave's family right away, and then to my family a few days later when we were all together in Washington. 

I was so excited, but also nervous. I went through my entire pregnancy with Sophie without worry, but the miscarriage stole my "innocence is bliss" and as hard as I tried to be positive, the back of my mind was always filled with worry about what could happen. Morning sickness hit with full force around 6 weeks, my first appointment came and went, and yet I still couldn't shake the anxious feelings. 

Around 13 weeks, as the point of my miscarriage neared, I really struggled to stay positive. Memories of what happened before were ever present, and I got hit with reoccurring headaches, the only symptom I had of something being wrong last time. I'm sure most of it was my own brain making me feel this way, but it was still unsettling. I prayed over and over again for this baby to be ok, and then when I still felt troubled, I started praying for peace. I asked Heavenly Father to ease my mind, for courage to accept his plan for me and move forward with faith. I still prayed for the health of the baby, but also for strength, understanding, and comfort if things went wrong. 

And then that night I felt flutters. I dismissed it at first, but it happened again the next night, and the two nights after that and suddenly I knew everything was ok. I didn't feel Sophie move until was I was 21 or 22 weeks, so to feel the baby this early was almost unbelievable to me, but also the best feeling I'd ever had. 

I went in for an appointment a few days later and for a just a moment I faltered. This was the appointment that went so wrong last time, and my mind started racing to the worst case scenario again. We went back to the exam room and just like last time, the doctor could not find a heartbeat. He searched all over my belly and found nothing. And so like before, we moved across the hall for an ultrasound, but this time, to my relief, we saw a sweet little baby dancing wildly across the screen. Heartbeat was perfect, and the baby actually measured big so my doctor moved my due date up a week from March 26th, to March 19th, Sophie's birthday. 

Even now this baby continues to be active. I feel movement every night around 9:00 pm, a sweet reassurance at the end of the day that baby is in there and growing. I have come to have greater faith in my Heavenly Father and his plan for me, even though the timing may be different from what I want it to be. I'm not always one for inspirational quotes, but I enjoy this one that I've seen floating around Facebook lately. I know that illness, injury or other tragedy can happen at any time, but it does no good to worry. Right now life is good and we are enjoying the moment. 

October 17, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015 - Petersen Family Farm

We've been enjoying 80 degree weather for the past couple weeks, but rain is headed our way this weekend so I thought it would be a good idea to make our annual pumpkin patch visit before everything got soggy. We went on Friday evening so things were a little crazy, but also really fun!

This was the same farm we went to last year, but they had added lots of fun things! You still only pay for pumpkins, and the rest of the activities (minus the hay ride) are free. We played in the corn pit, found some great pumpkins, went in the corn maze, saw some animals, went on the hay tower slide, got a balloon, some cider, a sticker, and some delicious donuts from a food truck. It was a perfect day!

My cute pumpkin

Last year they had this hay bale pyramid for climbing, but this year they added some slides off the sides and tunnel underneath. She needed Dave's help to climb to the top, but loved the slide to get back down. 

You're not supposed to throw the hay, but this girl just couldn't help herself :)

My two favorites

We got three pumpkins this year. One for my pumpkin creation that had an awesome stem....

One for Dave so he can carve a traditional Jack-o-Lantern for Sophie...

And a little tiny one that she said was "special to her" 

They were handing out balloons and I tied Sophie's to her pants so it wouldn't fly away. Two minutes later she "had to go potty!" so I ran with her to the outhouse and the balloon, Sophie, and I all squished in there together for memorable bathroom trip. Better than an accident I suppose... After that we got to enjoy our donuts - yum!

On our way out we stopped at the corn pit, a giant box filled with corn kernels instead of sand. She had a pretty great time playing in here. 

When we got home she was covered in corn dust (I wonder why) and it was straight to the shower for her. 

October 8, 2015

September Roundup

Another post for another month... September was slightly better documented than August, but still photo light. I was right in the thick of the first trimester and used up my energy on Sophie and work. Our poor house only saw a vacuum a few times all month and Dave pretty much took over all dinner prep and clean up for the entire month - what a man!

One really windy day I told Sophie we could fly a kite... only we didn't own a kite. We went to Walmart and luckily they still have a few kites left, all on clearance! We took our kite over to the field at the high school and she had a fabulous time watching it fly. 

We also made a trip to the farm. The horses are always one of her favorite animals to visit, although lately she has also been loving the chickens. I love the all the animals there are so gentle with these curious little ones. 

One perk of being forever students is we still get to participate in the BYU Gifts of the Heart Exchange, a baby/kid clothing swap for student families. Their first event was in mid September. This isn't the best picture, but you can see how much stuff there is, all free for the taking! Most of the clothes are stained, have holes, or have been worn to death, but I always manage to find a few good things. This time I got Sophie some pants, pajamas, some summer stuff for next year, and a couple dresses. 

We had some really good rain storms one week that made some giant puddles. Sophie loves to go out in the rain, so one day I let her loose and she had a great time (and got soaking wet). 

At the end of the month Dave took a weekend trip to Detroit to go to the BYU vs. Michigan game with his dad and brothers. They had amazing front row seats to watch BYU get embarrassed by Michigan. It was very sad :(

They also played a few rounds of frisbee golf, ate a lot of good local food, and enjoyed seeing the city so the trip wasn't a complete flop. 

October 7, 2015

August Roundup

I realize it's October now, so I'm a bit behind, but hope to finally get caught up now that I'm throwing up every few days, instead of a few times every day.

August was a very busy month for us... I went back to work after summer break, Dave traveled for a conference and began preparing to teach fall semester, and Sophie started going to a new babysitter after our old one went back to school. All this resulted in almost no pictures for the entire month, This is literally all of them:

Dave had a management conference in Vancouver for 6 days, so Sophie and I had a week alone together. It was a good week, but we were both very happy when daddy came home. I had a hard time finding the motivation to cook meals for just the two of us while Dave was gone since I was feeling sick, and Sophie doesn't eat much anyway. We ended up having a lot of cereal, macaroni, grilled cheese, and went out a few times. 

Sophie and I managed a few outings to some of our usual places. Thanksgiving Point put together some amazing balloon creations of the "Wonders of the World" over the summer. The exhibits changed weekly and it was always fun to see the new project on display. 

We had our first of a string of power outages. The power went out just after I had put her in the bath, so we finished up by candlelight. After bath, we took a walk, and since the power was still out when we got back, we did the bedtime routine by flashlight. 

This semester Dave is teaching an Organizational Behavior course for the University of Utah business program. They pretty much gave him the book, 65 students, and said here you go! So far things are going well - he's a natural teacher.