November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving is always pretty low key because we choose not to travel. My school released early on Tuesday and after I caught up on my grocery shopping and laundry, we set up Christmas! I normally like to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but since we leave town in mid-December I decided to put things up a little early so we could enjoy them longer

Sophie helped put on all the ornaments this year. This little angel was her favorite.  

I thought Davey would love the Christmas tree, but he was not impressed. He looked at it for a few minutes and then crawled away and never came back. 

This year no one was coming to visit from out of town. so we went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We were joined by several other families and my grandma from the Parkinson side. It was a nice gathering and fun to be with relatives, some I hadn't seen for awhile. One of my cousins has kids close in age to Sophie and Davey so they had some friends to play with.

Sophie's meal resembled more of a summer picnic than Thanksgiving dinner, but last year she only ate jello, so this was an improvement! The little girls also entertained us with a dress up fashion show after they were done eating. These cute dresses were the grand finale. 

 On Friday we took Sophie to see Moana. We went to a 9:30 showing, which I thought would be perfect timing for Davey's morning nap, but the 30 minutes of previews combined with a 10 minute short meant he was awake before the movie even started. Fail. I spent a good portion of the movie sitting up in the empty front section and the hallway on the side so we wouldn't bother people too much. It wasn't my favorite, but the music was good and Sophie was entertained. 

Our last activity was going up to my grandma's in Salt Lake. We went out to lunch, and then up to her house to decorate for Christmas. Dave put up her outside lights, while Sophie and I helped with the two inside trees. 

For as long as I can remember, by grandma has always had a little jar of Swedish Fish. Sophie found them and thought they were delicious!! Mimi also let her pick a couple ornaments to take home and after lots of deliberation, she chose two sparkly stars. 

November 25, 2016

Sophie at 3.5 Years

The other morning we saw a commercial about parenting where a dad is watching his daughter grow up though series of birthday montages. At the end she is turning 27 and about to have a baby of her own, and I told Sophie, "I'm not ready for you to be that big yet Sophie girl," to which she responded, "Why? Because then I would break our house's ceiling?" Ha! Seriously though, she is growing super fast and has changed so much since her birthday in March that I thought it was time for another update of her own.

We love this girl so much. She radiates joy and excitement, and luckily her happy moments still outnumber the breakdowns by a good margin. She is super friendly and does not hesitate to strike up conversations with neighbors, store cashiers, parents of other kids, or strangers in the parking lot. If you've ever spent time with her, you've probably heard her signature phrase, "Do you know that!," said with her finger pointing up, followed by some fact. She is curious, and smart and I love her 3-year-old insights about how the world works.

She did really good when Davey entered our family, but I know our split attention has been hard on her and after several months she is starting to let it show. She is a great big sister, but the other day  told me "you know, babies really aren't that fun" and it's true. The crying baby gets the attention and because she's the "big girl", she sometimes gets pushed aside. We're trying to give her more one-on-one time, though, and she loves going to the Home Depot workshops with Dave or anytime I leave the baby home and just "the girls" do something. She sure is a special girl and I hope she's knows it!

Sophie at 3.5 Years
  • Is 42 inches tall, wears size 5 clothing, and size 10 shoes. 
  • We decided not to do preschool this year, since she still has another year before kindergarten. She would love it, but it was too complicated with my work schedule and she is getting socialization & structure from church, the babysitter, and swim lessons. 
  • Is excited to move to Sunbeams at church in a month, but will miss nursery, especially the snacks. 
  • Gave up naps in August, but we made it longer than I thought. It is nice to have her going to bed at 7:00-7:30 instead of 8:30-9:00 though. Every now and then she will sleep in, but most mornings she gets up around 6:30 am. She will turn on the lights, take herself potty, and then play quietly until we go to get her - it's the best!! 
  • Can now put on her own shoes, do her own car seat buckles, and use the restroom on her own. With the baby it's been so helpful to have her somewhat independent!
  • Is a great big sister most of the time. Her favorite thing lately is to hold Davey on her lap to go down slides at the playground. 
  • When we move to a new house, she is under the impression she will get a pet, which she would like to be a snake. 
  • Still loves cheese, chocolate, her blankets, all things Disney, reptiles and amphibians, being a helper, and anything golden, shiny, or sparkly. 
  • When she gets bigger she wants to learn to do the monkey bars. 
For her last round of swim lessons we bought her some "super secret night vision spy goggles" and they have really boosted her confidence. Next week she will be starting Level 4 and float on her stomach and back, jump in and return to the surface, and swim about 10 feet in open water. 

She loves to climb up on the counter whenever I'm in the kitchen. The other day she discovered she could still fit in the Bumbo seat, and sat there to eat her snack. 

One day we had some extra time in Orem before I could drop her at the babysitter's house so went to the new Orchard Park at the mall. The fountains were dancing to "Let it Go" and she was all smiles :)

After staring at herself in the mirror for a long time, she finally figured out how to roll her tongue and was so proud!

November 19, 2016

The cold has arrived!

We had an amazing fall, which lasted all the way to mid-November this year. It was unseasonably warm and dry, but on Thursday the temperatures finally dropped, a storm brought in some snow, and we had to dig out the coats and turn on our heat for the first time. Sophie was thrilled when she woke up and saw what had happened and wanted to go out right away. I made her eat some breakfast first, and then we bundled up and went out to play.

The first thing she did was eat a big handful of snow. It was extra light and dry and would have been great for making snow cones, but we don't have any syrups on hand right now. Bummer. I tried to make her a little snowman, but it kept falling apart and I eventually gave up. She still had fun running/rolling around though, and we'll try again next time. And true to kid form, she got tired and cold after about 10 minutes and wanted to go back inside for some cocoa :)

This storm brought about 2 inches of snow - just enough for a snow angel

Davey watched from inside

Trying to catch a flurry on her tongue

November 17, 2016

Davey at 8 Months

Davey turned 8 months today, and it snowed (post on that later). Sophie went out to play and he seemed pretty bummed to be left inside, so I brought him out for a minute to see what the fuss was all about. I put him down on a plastic lid and a blanket so he wouldn't get wet, but he just had to touch it and immediately decided snow was cold, scary, and not something he wanted to see ever again. We came back inside and he snuggled me until he was warm, and then crawled off to play. Can't believe this boy is getting so big!

Davey at 8 Months
  • About 21 pounds and 29 inches, which is not that different from last month. I've packed up his 12 month clothes and we moved him up to size 4 diapers, though, so he is still growing. 
  • His first tooth broke through and it is the slowest tooth ever. We first saw around the beginning of the month and two weeks later it's still just a little nub. No others appear to be coming soon. 
  • Is on the move! He can get up into crawling position, but then his stomach flops down so he sort of scoots/swims across the floor. It's not super speedy, but he can cover a lot of ground. He also wants to pull up on stuff, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. 
  • Is still a terrible eater. Tonight I rejoiced for getting 4 spoonfuls of oatmeal in him, the most food he's eaten in a week. He loves to eat non-food items, however, like paper and sand. 
  • Sleep training has been a complete failure. I can't even remember when we started, but it's been at least a couple months and he's still sleeping in our room and waking 1-3 times at night. We are renewing our efforts this week, though, so maybe by Christmas he'll be doing better...that would be the best present a mother could ask for :)
  • Has become a momma's boy, which is not too surprising since he's still almost exclusively nursing. We put him on the ground and then Dave, Sophie, and I stood next to each other and he crawled straight for my legs. When he get's mad he also starts shouting "Ma! Ma!" 
  • Favorites include balloons, people's shoelaces, Dave's laptop charging cord, car keys, looking at the world upside down, having people smile at him, and his yellow blanket. 

Loves swings

One day I finally got a few spoonfuls of banana in him, and then 30 minutes later he threw it all up. One step forward, one step back :(

First time playing at the dinosaur museum. I let him eat the sand, thinking he would learn his lesson, but it didn't phase him it all and he went back for another helping. He had so much sand in and around his mouth afterward. I eventually just stripped him down, gave him a mini bath in the drinking fountain. and took him home in a blanket. 

Love this chubba bubbba

Sophie got some Nutella and decided to share it with him. I put him up in the bumbo to wipe him down, and he was all grins. I guess this is one "food" he likes. 

He was supposed to model a new pattern my sister had been working on for her shop, but the day I tried to take his picture was also the day his first tooth broke through. He's not an angry teether, but he sure was curious about that little sharp thing in his mouth. I got about 100 pictures of him with his tongue out like this trying to feel that tooth. 

November 7, 2016

October Roundup

October was pretty well documented on the blog (I posted 9 times!), but there were still a bunch of random photos that never made it into a post. I think most of these were shared on Instagram, but since this is our family record, I want them posted here as well. Happy fall y'all!!

We had a ward Elder's Quorum picnic one night. It was fun to eat/play with friends and let all the kids run around in the field. Sophie was really in her element. 

A boy from her nursery class brought a plate of chips over to her and said "I got these for us." Snacks are definitely the way to this girl's heart :)

The kids found Dory!

Dave flew out for an interview at a school in Texas (more on that to come later)

It has been an amazing beautiful fall, one of the nicest in my memory. The mornings have been crisp and cool, but most days warm up to the 60s so we've been able to spend lots of time outside.

Summer temperatures, fall colors

I had extra time with the kids while my school was on Fall Break. We went to a few different parks, grocery shopping not on a Saturday, took lots of walks, and just hung around. 

Me and my crazies on a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped at the clubhouse, not to exercise, but to use the potty.

Our night walks are getting colder so we got the Sherpa suit out for Davey. He's my little marshmallow man :)

Our dishwasher was smelling funky whenever it ran, so Dave took it apart to clean out the insides. It's amazing what you can learn to do on Youtube!

First time with two kids in the shopping cart at Costco. There were mixed emotions about the new seating arrangements. 

I wasn't very good about remembering to write down Sophie quotes this month, but once I told her to be careful because it was slippery, and she told me "Don't worry, I'm holding on tight. My fingers are like grappling hooks."

November 5, 2016

A Weekend in Idaho

We drove up to Idaho for a quick trip last weekend. Dave's brother is a guest professor at BYU-Idaho right now, so his family is living near Rexburg, and Dave's mom flew in to surprise our nephew, Lincoln, for his birthday. We were glad we could join the fun!

We were supposed to head out right after I finished work on Thursday, but that morning I woke up to discover my phone had burned/melted while it was charging. Bad luck! On top of needing to get a new phone, I had also been running a fever for over a week and decided that maybe I should run to the Instacare just to make sure I wasn't bringing some disease to the rest of the family. After both situations were taken care of, we packed up the car and started out. Leaving late meant we had to do the entire drive in the dark, BUT the kids also slept the whole time - awesome!

Our first day there was rainy. We drove out to a ranch house owned by Cindy's family and enjoyed time playing games, eating yummy food, and chatting. The next day we drove to Rexburg to visit the BYU-I campus, where we walked through some gardens, had lunch and saw where Tim lectures for his art class. After our campus visit, we went back to the ranch house and were able to enjoy some cool outdoor activities, like a zip line and really huge slides, before heading home the next morning. Thanks for hosting us Tim & Cindy!

A quite moment brought to you by the iPad - technology can be a wonderful thing

Sophie picked out a Jumping Monkey game to give Lincoln for his birthday, and was very excited for him to open it so she could take a turn playing :)

It was colder than expected, so Davey wore a beanie we found in the car, Sophie took my hoodie to wear over her coat, I took Dave's hoodie to wear under my coat, and Dave's hairiness kept him warm

I always take a million pictures of the kids, but sometimes we remember to get in too!

There were a lot of cool art pieces, but these two were my favorite :)

The sun came out Saturday afternoon so we were able to enjoy some ranch house fun!

It's always fun to see grandma and cousins - I'm so glad we could make the trip!

November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was on a Monday this year - tough for kids and adults.  Today at the school we had several students absent, and one snoring 3rd grader who fell asleep in the hall. All these parties lead to a lot of late nights and I'm glad we have several weeks to rest and recover before Christmas festivities begin. 

This year we had a ward party on Wednesday the week before, we carved our pumpkin over the weekend, I dressed up for the parade at my school, I took Sophie trick-or-treating at the aquarium, and we had a dinner/trick-or-treat with neighborhood friends on Halloween night.  It was a fun series of events and I have loved seeing how much Sophie's excitement grows with each passing year. She is already talking about costumes for next Halloween and right now has her heart on Supergirl or Captain America. I'm sure Davey will be more than willing to go as her little sidekick :)

We got out Sophie's fish costume from last year for Halloween at the aquarium. She was really excited to wear it again and I was glad it still fit!

The actual event was a bit of a let down. There were only about 6 workers passing out candy so we did a lot of walking for very little reward. I think she still had fun though. 

This is a felt Jack-o-Lantern activity from my childhood that Sophie played with while I got our pumpkin ready. She assembled the type of face she wanted our pumpkin to have, and then I did my best to accommodate her design, with my own creative twist :)

Scooping out the guts - she didn't want to touch it, but this pasta server worked really well in place of hands (note to self for future years!)

Finished product carved entirely during Davey's bath

The kids ready for the big night

Our family at the party - two witches, a monster, and a vampire

Trick-or-Treating, also known as "The Best Night of Sophie's Life" and
"The Time Davey Screamed Bloody Murder because he Wanted Bed"