July 2, 2019

Summer Library Fun

We LOVE the library and visit weekly for book check out and music time, but right now we are also enjoying all the free summer programs they are offering. And even better, we live between the Amarillo and Canyon libraries so we get to take advantage of two locations! 

BALLOON MAGIC SHOW - This show was so fun! It was Star Wars themed and he made all sorts of amazing balloon creations - Darth Vader's helmet, an X-wing, Yoda, light sabers, etc... to go along with his magic tricks. The kids were engaged and laughing the whole time. At the end of the show he blew up a huge balloon with a leaf blower, climbed inside, and then made it burst - they loved it! 

PLANT ACTIVITY - at this event we learned all about plants and then the kids got to transfer seedlings into little pots of dirt to take home. So far all three are still alive! We brought some friends along with us for this activity and then stopped at Sweet Sipz for a treat on the way home. 

HOT AIR BALLOON PRESENTATION - a hot air balloon pilot came and gave a presentation about his balloon and flying. It was actually very interesting for adults, but not so much for kids.... There was lot of talking accompanied by an hour long power point presentation. You can see how Charlie felt about it - zzzzzz. I was actually very impressed with how well the kids were behaved since I didn't bring any snacks or toys along to entertain them. At the end he did take outside and fired the burners for his balloon and they were amazing hot!

After the balloon presentation we stopped by WT to say hello to Dave on our way back home. The kids mostly associate trips to his office with receiving candy, and they were not disappointed on this visit. The dean's secretary gave them each a treat!

SPACE GAMES - the theme for the summer reading program this year is "A Universe of Stories" so the library put together a little carnival of space-related games for the kids to enjoy. We played land on the moon (throw a ball at a target), had relay race with robot claws, tossed "Saturn's" rings around a beach ball, made Fizzy Jupiters (baking soda balls with vinegar), and tried to assemble things with "astronaut" gloves on. Sophie also won three tickets to Wonderland, the little amusement park, in the raffle!! 

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