July 5, 2019

Happy Fourth of July 2019!

We had a fun-filled Fourth this year!! Our morning started with a parade down in Canyon, then I took the kids swimming to get them tired so they would take naps. The plan worked perfectly and everyone rested for most of the afternoon. For dinner we went to our neighborhood Independence Day BBQ, which was great! Last year we skipped it because there was a ward potluck, but the neighborhood event was much better - sorry Tascosa ward. 

After the party we let the kids watch a movie and then we drove back down to Canyon for the fireworks show. Dave and I were both braced for this part, because although the show is good, last year we got caught in horrible traffic on the way home and we didn't get back until 11:30. Ugh. Fortunately things went much better! The show started early thanks to cloud cover and no moon, and then we took a back way home and beat the hundreds of cars back to Amarillo. We actually made it home at the same time the show ended last year - success!!

Picture of the kiddos in front of the flag

Waiting for the parade to start

Charlie hung back with us while Sophie and Davey stood in the street to see better and collect candy

It's really not a very exciting parade - just a bunch of different vehicles rolling through. Most don't have music or even much decoration, but the kids still had a great time. 

Davey struggled to beat the big kids to the candy most times and this nice boy gave him his entire haul. Now we have enough candy to just skip Halloween. 

He was so thrilled that one of the trucks had water guns

Our picnic had a catered dinner of BBQ sandwiches and a Sno Cone truck!! I may have had three :) There was also face painting, a craft, games, and inflatables for the kids. 

Charlie hanging out while the big kids were in the bounce house

Waiting for it to get dark

Happy Fourth of July!!

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