July 10, 2019

Amarillo Summer Adventures

HIKING TO THE COWBOY DUGOUT IN PALO DURO - I took the kids hiking early one morning in June. Even though we got an early start, it was still very hot, but the kids were troopers! We braved the sun, mosquitoes, and wrong trails to eventually find the historic Cowboy Dugout. 

Having a snack break to get our stamina and happiness back

Climbing up on the roof

Stick 'em up!

We took an "alternate" trail to the dugout that involved some offroading. Sophie saved this little caterpillar from the trail so he wouldn't get stepped on. 

KIDS BOWL FREE - We live near a bowling alley that participates in the amazing Kids Bowl Free program. All kids 15 and under can bowl two games each day for free all summer long! We went a handful of times and Sophie even bowled her first game over 100!

The kids showing off their new bowling shoes I found. Sophie's were an amazing shade of pink!

Most times we were also able to meet up with or bring friends along to make it more fun

AMARILLO ZOO - Sophie doesn't get to join our zoo trips anymore because she's in school, so we were sure to plan one day there during the summer. It's a small zoo that doesn't take much time to see, but there is a fun sand pit that they always enjoy playing and jumping in. 

HIKING AT WILDCAT BLUFF - for YW one night we hiked to the windmill at Wildcat Bluff. During the summer our numbers are always light, and this time we only had one girl, which was too bad because it was actually a really pretty night for a hike. The plains were still green from all the rain and the clouds kept it from being too hot. 

SOD POODLES GAME - Amarillo got a new minor league baseball team - the Sod Poodles! This was their inaugural season in a brand new stadium downtown. I decided to meet a friend for a day game one afternoon, which was fun, but also crazy to attempt with all the kids by myself. 

I bought an ice cream because it was so hot, that of course ended up causing more problems than it solved. Lots of crying about sharing and so much sticky mess to clean up. 

The kids found a puddle and desperately wanted to play in it, and the moms were past caring at this point and said jump in!

FIRST FRIDAY @ DHDC - We went to the kids program in July and discovered the most amazing water coloring pages! They were so fun and so much prettier than any other kind I had ever seen before. I came home and ordered some for our family from Usborne because we loved them so much. 

The kids also had fun building tall towers 

COW APPRECIATION DAY @ CHICK FIL A - Free Chick Fil A day fell on the same day the boys and I were flying up to Seattle, but we still made it in for a quick lunch. I didn't have a lot of time to make costumes, so this year they wore cow necklaces made from little plastic toys and yard. Quick and easy!

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