June 2, 2019

Potter County 4-H Pet Expo - Diamond wins a ribbon!

On the first Saturday in June the Potter County 4-H Club held a Pet Expo at the fairgrounds for elementary age kids. Sophie had brought home a flyer for the event a few weeks ago when she was still in school, and asked if we could go with her Betta fish. I told her we could bring Diamond, but didn't mention thing about judges or ribbons, because Diamond is not the most exciting of pets and I didn't want her to have lofty expectations...

The Expo was fun, but not well attended. I felt a little bad because they were prepared for a big crowd and ended up with only about 20 participants. I think holding it a week after school was out didn't help attendance. It worked well for us though, because Diamond was the only fish entered that day, which meant we got the blue ribbon! Sophie was so proud!!

It was so fun to meet all the other pets and their proud owners. Davey's favorite was this little turtle and he talked to it's owner for a loooong time. 

Charlie loved the dogs and followed this Great Dane all over the place

Of course Sophie loved the reptiles 

Talking to the judges about how she cares for Diamond

So proud of her ribbons!

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