July 1, 2019

Double Dallas Trips for Friends & Family

We made two trips to Dallas in June - one for a friend reunion, and one for Liz to go through the temple. It made for a lot of driving just a few weeks apart, but we wouldn't have missed either one!

FRIEND REUNION: Most everyone lives around the Dallas area except for us (Amarillo), Todd & Tiff (Utah), and Donny & Whitney (Colorado). We were able to find a week in June, however, where we could all meet up for kids to play and adults to party. It was especially fun because 4 new babies had been added to the crew since we had last seen people at Christmas time, bringing the total number of kids between us to 17.

We had less than 48 hours so we had to make the most of our time and filled it with swimming, games, eating out, whirlyball, and a girl's dessert run. Fun times!!

LIZ GOES THROUGH THE TEMPLE: At the end of June Liz went through the Dallas temple to take out her endowments. Our family drove over from Amarillo and Tim's family was able to fly down from Idaho. We also celebrated Greg's graduation from MBA school awhile back. It was fun to be together for a few days!

At the Dallas Temple

Toy Story 4 with cousins

Sophie helped make these graduation cupcakes

Celebration ice cream bar

The 10 Howe cousins

Take a short rest break on the drive home - the kids were champs!

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