June 8, 2019

Coors Cowboy Club Rodeo

Rodeos come through Amarillo a few times a year. For the Coors rodeo there is a downtown cattle drive to kick off the event, and then two nights of rodeo follow. I wasn't planning on getting tickets because they're a little pricey and it's a late night, but when I read that age 6 and under were free, I decided this was the year to go because we wouldn't have to pay for any of our kids! On Friday night we put on our western shirts and cowboy hats and went out for a great time. We had a yummy dinner beforehand, front row seats, and the kids absolutely loved it! (And for being sponsored by Coors, we didn't have any problems with drunk people, despite the open bar at dinner).

Checking out the longhorns

Cute cowboys riding double in a single stroller

Our tickets came with a chuck wagon dinner buffet. We forced the kids to eat a little food before they went crazy on the unlimited supply of cookies. 

Sophie rode the mechanical bull!

Davey talked a big game, but when he sat on the bull decided it was not for him and wanted off. 

The rodeo was held at the fairgrounds expo center which meant real seats in an air conditioned building

The kids loved this stock yard playset. Too bad it cost $200 - yikes!

Ready for the show to start! Friday night has much lighter crowds than Saturday so we were able to get front row seats. 

Two tough guys

And one cute cowgirl

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