May 5, 2019

Weekend Fun in Amarillo

There have been a lot of community events happening around Amarillo lately with the warmer weather, and our family has gone out to a couple of them.

The first was the grand opening of the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The fundraiser where we purchased the Scales & Tails birthday party for Sophie at a silent auction a few years back was for this operation. The kids love animals and so it was fun to tour the new facility, meet some critters, and we even got free burgers for lunch, catered by Outback!

They really enjoyed this skunk and raccoon cookies

Eating lunch with an owl!

Peeking through the window at an orphaned raccoon pup

The next Saturday we went to Family Fun Fest at a park closer to downtown. There was lots to do, but we didn't stay long because the boys both fell asleep on the way there. Dave took Sophie around to meet animals and run through the inflatable obstacle course, while I hung out in the van with the nappers. 

Sophie loooves reptiles and would be so happy to get one as a pet someday

Charlie woke up towards the end, but Davey kept on sleeping until we got home and never knew what he missed...

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